The Taste Of Fashion And Simplicity Nomos Tangente Series 169 Watches

Germany is a big country in watchmaking. Because of the war, the German watchmaking industry has been hit hard. Otherwise, it may not be the Swiss watchmaking industry that has taken the top spot in the world. NOMOS is a watch brand from Germany, and its movements have been uniquely designed, developed, and manufactured in the world. NOMOS watches are hand-made mechanical watches with outstanding quality and unique design. German rigorous attitude is known all over the world. NOMOS watches also have won its quality and do not allow defective products. Today we come to appreciate this Tangente series 169 watch.
¬†The NOMOS Tangente 169 watch uses a stainless steel case. The entire case is full of modernist style. Compared to other brands’ cases, NOMOS is thinner, which also leaves more space for the dial. Following the brand’s consistent simple style and German meticulous thinking, there will be no bloated design anywhere, from its hands, time scales, lugs, movements, etc., all reflect the uniqueness of the brand DNA.
The 35 mm diameter, on the basis of the thinner case, appears to be more spacious than a normal 35 mm diameter watch. Nevertheless, 35mm is not a big size for any man, but it is actually too small for most people.

Of course, in addition to these external designs, another note of the NOMOS brand is its strap. Unlike most brands, its leather strap uses horse leather. The choice of strap is very important for watches. A good watchband needs to be carefully selected. The steel band will wear a black ring for a long time. Ordinary leather watchbands will have an odor when worn for a long time, while horse skin will make up for the shortcomings of both. It is soft and comfortable to wear for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about odor due to sweat erosion.
In addition, the biggest feature of this NOMOS watch is its eccentric design of the power reserve display at 12 o’clock, which is relatively rare for the brand, and it can also be regarded as a highlight of this watch.
NOMOS has always brought a low-key elegance with a simple style. This elegance comes from the color difference between its blue steel hands and white dial, from the delicate scale, and this low-key comes from its simple design. Because it uses the most common material. However, the combination of low-key and elegant, makes NOMOS glow with a distinctive charm. It has never had too much tilt in function, so it is difficult for its watch to have any complicated functions.
This watch is considered to have more functional elements under the brand. The calendar display at 6 o’clock, the small seconds dial under the dial center, and the power reserve display at 1 o’clock.
The calendar function is the most common function, and it is also the most practical and considered as a basic function of a mechanical structure. It rotates the calendar wheel through the rotation of the wheel train, but its calendar is not an ordinary small calendar, but A calendar dial that surrounds the entire dial, so driving it also requires more energy. In addition, it can’t recognize the size of the month. It can only move from 1st to 31st in a mechanized manner. This is the case in January and the same in February. Therefore, the calendar needs to be adjusted multiple times during the year. Although it is practical, it is not perfect.

The power reserve display function is a function that displays the power status of the movement. Unlike the ordinary power reserve display, its power reserve disk is assisted by two disks. The upper disk can rotate and there is a gap at the same time. The disk does not rotate, but it is marked with different colors. When the notch is rotated, different colors are displayed to indicate the power reserve status.
The small seconds dial is actually not a function, but it does have a certain degree of ornamentality and can give the watch a different feel, so it can be considered an interesting element.
 Although the NOMOS brand adhering to the German watchmaking tradition and the essence of watchmaking, due to the slow growth of technology, despite the homemade movement, it also lacks innovation and breakthroughs. Its advantage is that it has continued the original simplicity of the brand. Watchmaking skills have become a model for German watchmaking in high-end watch brands.
The appearance of the NOMOS 169 watch is extremely simple. The slender rod-shaped hands clearly indicate each scale. The elegant blue steel design has a strong gentleman character. In the more spacious dial, the watch is equipped with a calendar display function and a power reserve display function, which has high practicality, and its power reserve display function uses a clever and simple design to make the function stand out different. This watch uses the brand’s homemade manual winding movement, after the exquisite treatment of the brand’s craftsmanship, is still very visually impactful.
In short, NOMOS’s 169 watch is a microcosm of the brand style, from which you can experience the distinctive classic, stylish and simple taste of the brand.
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