The Only Irreplaceable Roger Dubuis Hommage Series Bloom Guanghua

The four seasons of reincarnation, flowers bloom, time is like flowing water, gone forever in silence. We are always lamenting the ruthlessness, haste, and invisibility of time, and we are always looking for a way to record the traces of time … so, the clock describes the trajectory of time, and we are always reminded of the movement of time, The time of the water, use the limited time to extend the infinite journey, make life more exciting, let people’s life bloom. There are many brands in the world of watches and clocks, but there are only a handful of watches that appeal to me. Among them, ROGERDUBUIS is one of them. It is the only one that is irreplaceable in my heart. The only thing here is my knowledge, in-depth understanding of the brand and my feelings. I will divide it into three parts to briefly explain the unique impression left by ROGERDUBUIS. I hope that friends who like it can also Leave your footprints.

  The only design:

  To some extent, the design of a watch is the most recognizable. Being remembered at first glance in the impression is also a design success, and Roger Dubuis has such recognition. In a symbolic sense, the Hommage series is like the fifth element of Roger Dubuis, and is the energy source of the entire brand: a world of ‘extraordinary machinery’. The other four worlds of Roger Dubuis naturally revolve around it: the Excalibur series representing the world of Warrior, the LaMonégasque series showing the world of Player, the Velvet series symbolizing the world of Diva, And the Pulsion series that belongs to the world of Venturer. The Hommage series celebrates these ‘extraordinary machines’, aiming to promote the professional skills and proud traditions of the world of watches.

  The Hommage watch redesigned in a time-out style brings together all the traditional features of Roger Dubuis. The new generation of watchmakers takes the masters who created this collection as a model, which not only gives the watches a new style, but also makes them more vivid and expressive. Slender lugs, sunk bezels, large Roman numerals, a grooved crown and a unique folding clasp, this watch not only carries the usual styling characteristics of the series, but also has been given a Elegant new elements in the series.

  The HommageDoubleFlyingTourbillon double flying tourbillon hand-guilloché watch fully displays the beauty of traditional guilloché art and reflects the bold combination of tradition and modern craftsmanship. The special details of this watch include the slight tilt of the lugs, the satin-brushed finish on the side of the case, and the increased width between the lugs to ensure perfect wear.The combination of these details enhances the visual and tactile ergonomics. Comfort. Although this watch has a large size, it still retains a delicate and elegant shape, maintaining the classic bloodlines and exposing a charming temperament. The polished and satin-finished alternating surface treatments are accompanied by the sunburst that has become a feature of the Roger Dubuis brand, combined with the contrast between the rhodium-plated movement and the rose gold case, creating a charm together. Extraordinary composition effect.
  The guilloché art from the 16th century focuses on ‘decorating objects with carved, etched, and interlaced lines.’ The grooves that make up the pattern are only one hundredth of a millimeter (0.05 millimeters to 0.1 millimeters) in depth, and it’s not hard to imagine how precise a detail is needed to complete a fascinating work. This fact clearly illustrates that under the hands of the sculpting craftsman, two identical engraved patterns can never appear; the craftsman must scratch the turning knife four times on each nick or groove with skillful handwork, and Not the usual once or twice! The dimensions of each groove must be carefully controlled to achieve overall harmony, and the three-dimensional effect presented in this way is really shocking. It also confirmed that each watch with a hand-guilloché dial is definitely a unique work of art.

  The only mark:

  The imprint of Geneva is in a high position in the field of horology. The models with the imprint of Geneva have also made countless watch fans long, and ROGERDUBUIS is particularly outstanding in this regard, and it has become a guarantee of fine watchmaking. The Hommage collection was created in 1995 when the watchmaking factory was founded, in a unique way to pay tribute to the generations of watchmaking masters, but also to celebrate their inherited and continued watch tradition. This series has undergone a complete renaissance with new works launched in 2014, reconsolidating its core position in the RogerDubuis world.

  Roger Dubuis clearly flaunts the banner of the Swiss watchmaking cradle, proudly showing its fine blood of Geneva origin. Only watches assembled, embedded, and adjusted in the Geneva area are eligible for the Geneva Seal certification. Therefore, the seal uses the eagle and key with the crown on the Geneva emblem, plus the words Geneva.

  Although the new Geneva Seal standard is more stringent than ever, Roger Dubuis can continue to pass the test with outstanding performance. In the Roger Dubuis factory, 60% of the craftsmen, that is, about sixty people, are divided into twenty groups, and each group is responsible for meeting a requirement of the Geneva Seal Certification. Protecting and admiring this regional handicraft tradition requires more than rigorous attitude. It also requires investment in time to make a movement that complies with the standards of the Geneva mark and requires 40% more work than usual. This also explains why Roger Dubuis is the only watch factory whose all watches have passed this certification mark. It was so in the past, and it will be so in the future.

  Unique signature:
  As the founder of the watchmaking factory and ‘Soul Master’, Mr. Roger Dubuy has continuously played a spiritually inspiring and inspiring role in it. He has personally invested in the design of watches. When the ‘master’, who has always been known for his demanding requirements and high aesthetic ability, praised something ‘perfect’, his authors can be confident that he has indeed achieved the highest level of excellence on this much-watched ideal. The Hommage series features classic designs and often exclusive limited editions, showing the exquisite aesthetics and the essence of traditional watchmaking. The sapphire crystal on the back of the watch is engraved with the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis. , Or engraving the signature on a metal case that surrounds the glass. It also symbolizes his highest appreciation and recognition for this watch. This kind of signature has a high degree of recognition on some occasions, increasing your taste and connotation.

  It is also worth mentioning that, when studying at the Geneva School of Clocks and Watches, Mr. Roger Dubuy’s student number was 208, which has therefore become the limited production quantity of today’s HommageFlyingTourbillon flying tourbillon watches. The training in the school gave Mr. Roger Dubuy unprecedented horological skills. Therefore, the limited number of watches is on the one hand the recognition of the knowledge and technology possessed by Mr. Roger Dubuy, and on the other hand it is also Roger Dubuy. Mr. Pride and self-confidence in the brand.

  The only movement:

  The RD620 self-winding movement in the Hommage Automatic watch has a stable vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, which is the representative of the new generation of Roger Dubuis movement. This self-winding movement is designed, developed and manufactured in-house and meets the strict standards of the Geneva Seal. It is characterized by special-shaped splints, springs and levers, as well as a miniature rotor that is one of Roger Dubuis’s representative works. All components have been hand-refined and of superb quality, so the sapphire crystal on the 42 mm diameter case back is engraved with the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis on metal, symbolizing the special pride of the watch factory.

  The HommageDoubleFlyingTourbillon hand-engraved watch is also equipped with a new movement. The RD100 movement was born after many R & D discussions. It consists of 452 hand-finished parts and is equipped with a 50-hour power reserve. Its production time is 1,200 hours- Of these, 360 hours were devoted to meeting the certification standards of the Geneva Seal-and they were then tested for a full 6 weeks. Such a complete mechanical creation must be matched with an outstanding appearance to achieve a complementary effect.

Summary: The Roger Dubuis watch factory flaunts the flag of the Swiss watchmaking cradle, proudly showing its fine lineage of Geneva origin, and it concentrates on creating each model. In the eyes of Roger Dubuis watchmakers, clocks are designed for design. The models they make are not clearly priced products but finely crafted works of art. Each brand is its own DNA, and no brand can replace RogerDubuis’s long history, superb craftsmanship, excellent performance, and extraordinary quality. For watch fans who love RogerDubuis, the brand’s The watch carries the entrustment of emotions and integrates the concept of the master watchmaker. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
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  During the “Return to the Future • Tribute to Classics” event, Roger Dubuis’official WeChat and Weibo will simultaneously launch the“ Return to the Future with a prize quiz ”, scan the QR code to follow the brand’s official WeChat, and search for“ Roger Dubuis ”to follow the brand’s official Weibo, exclusive gifts at your fingertips. ‘

Tissot Men’s Watch Series # 3 # —-

Model of the watch: T038.430.11.057.00
Price: 4650 yuan
表 When watch buyers buy the first love watch, the most common choice is usually a brand of Swiss origin, such as Tissot, and the price is quite approachable. The men’s watch of the series of watch series has its own unique features. The silver-white steel case is matched with the black dial. The vertical stripes in the center of the dial make the watch more stable and stable. It fits exactly what a simple junior watch should contain. At the same time, designing the display window of the week at 12 o’clock is another unique design that makes people look bright.
初期 In the early 18th century, the first time the second hand device was set on a series of precision marine clocks, people’s control of time became more precise, and the era of ‘race against time’ came. Because the second hand runs very fast and requires much more power than the hour and minute hands, the second hand is initially set to the position closest to the escape wheel group, while also reducing its volume as much as possible. The watch that came into being under the design is the current small three-pin style.
Of course, not all design ideas will be constrained by technology. The ‘big eight’ pocket watches that are more popular in the collectors industry are junior styles. When such styles were not mainstream at the time. The popularity of the small three hands continued until the appearance of watches. As the dial became more and more compact, some problems that did not exist on the large dial began to appear. For example, the watch was not easy to read because the dial was too small. People began to realize that Now, we should invent a larger second hand to replace the small second hand currently used. In the 1920s and 1930s, many pilots’ watches and clocks have begun to change the small third hand of the pocket watch to the large third hand for easy reading. Such situations have become more common with time.
The application of micro-hole penetration technology makes it possible to add a second hand shaft to the middle of the watch, and the junior hand watch also frequently appears in people’s field of vision. This trend of replacing small three-hands with large three-hands spread rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s. Major watch brands have developed or improved their second hand timekeeping systems. Mechanical power is transferred to the second hand in the center of the watch.
After the big three hands came into being, the slender hands not only improved the readability of the watch, but also made these watches give people a very different feeling from the small three hands and other models: the big hands will show the watch The atmosphere and stability are perfect for formal wear. For men, whether it is a large dial or a large scale, something larger in size always evokes the unbridled publicity and domineering in people’s hearts. This is also the junior needle that is still popular today. The motivation is.

What Brand Of Iwc Watch Is It?

Watches are a must-have tool for many people now. One of them, the watch named ‘IWC’, often appears on the wearer’s wrist. If you are not a friend who likes watches, few people know this brand. What brand of IWC watch is this question? In fact, IWC is a high-end watch brand from Switzerland. The Chinese name is ‘Wanguo’. Next, the watch house will introduce it to friends who do not know this brand!

   IWC is one of the Swiss luxury luxury watch brands, and its founder is Florentine Jones, an engineer based in Boston, USA.
Jones). Founded in 1868 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Today, it has a history of 148 years. Schaffhausen is located in the northernmost part of the canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland. The history of watchmaking here can be traced back to the 15th century. Against this background, IWC is also deeply affected. Engineer Florentine Jones is the director and advocates time accuracy. The products are more sophisticated and more and more loved by people, and they are firmly in their hands.

   IWC has never pursued mass production, and even to this day, it has faithfully adhered to its inherent philosophy-IWC makes a small number of watches with outstanding quality. Therefore, every watch made by IWC is perfectly processed even the most subtle, can be used for decades under good care, and is widely sought by collectors. IWC has created timeless classics, and its design and technology lead in the same industry has always been the driving force for IWC to create many brilliant achievements. The extraordinary technology and exquisite craftsmanship derived from IWC are not only a sign of Schaffhausen’s excellent and pure craftsmanship, but also the IWC’s consistent adherence to its purpose. The high-end watch assembled in Schaffhausen combines precision technical performance with outstanding design.

   Since the establishment of the brand, every watch produced by IWC has been recorded in the watch factory record book. For more than a century, these record books have been integrated into several large volumes, and such record books are the only in the world. The old version records the contract number, the case number, the material used, the weight of the watch, the name of the watchmaker, the date of completion, and the name of the watchmaker or purchaser. From Russian Tsar Ferdinand I, Pope Pierre IX, to British Prime Minister Churchill. They are all IWC users, and they have more than one IWC product.

   Today, IWC continues to maintain and inherit a culture of precision, reliability and long-term watchmaking. And was awarded the infinite glory of certification of the highest craft reputation of Schaffhausen. Its watch products have won the love of European royalty, nobles, politicians, celebrities and religious figures and elites in various industries. IWC has also become a model for watch manufacturing in Europe and the world by virtue of its supreme quality commitment!
   Finally, some people may ask, what grade does IWC belong to? IWC is a luxury watch brand, and it is the same watch as Rolex, which is well-known in China. But the difference between the two is that Rolex rarely makes complex-function watches, but its products are durable and accurate. Although IWC is also exquisite in the production of basic watches, it pays more attention to the manufacture of complex watches, which can be weaker than Rolex in domestic popularity!
IWC Classic Watches Introduction
Portugal Series

   With the theme of ‘nautical’, the Portuguese series embodies men’s desire for adventure and excitement. The entire series of watches are simple and atmospheric, with strong lines, emphasizing the watch’s nautical characteristics-precision, complexity and elegance. Among them, Portugal’s 7th and Portuguese timekeeping are the most famous.
Pilot series

   The pilot series of IWC, which enjoys the title of ‘watch industry engineer’, has been favored by the air forces of various countries since 1930 because of its excellent and precise characteristics.
16. Large pilots, Spitfires, and other small series. Among them, Mark 16 has the lowest price and the best market.
Portofino series

   The style of the Portofino series is simple to elegant, and it has always played an important role in the IWC series. The watches in this collection are elegant, restrained, understated and classic. It is this style of restrained modeling that surpasses those fashion watches that are fleeting and enduring.
Ocean Series

   The Wanchao Diving Watch Series was first launched in 1967 under the name ‘Ocean Chronometer’. This series of watches is still the best choice for sports watches due to its reliable quality. The new Marine watch has a built-in chronograph bezel, as well as the pedigree and characteristics of diving and sports watches.
   The above is the ‘what brand of IWC watch’ is introduced by the Watch House. If you didn’t know IWC before, I believe you should be familiar with this brand after reading it. As a high-end luxury watch, of course, its price is also very expensive, the cheapest one is also more than 20,000 yuan. Although the price is unacceptable to the average person, its excellent quality will definitely not disappoint those who buy it!