Li Ronghao: Little Eyes Wear Big Watches

There is no shortage of handsome and handsome male stars in the entertainment industry. Today when they make their debut, they don’t even need to be handsome and have no business ability as long as you can catch the hearts of fans to make their debut. But what I want to say today is not to comment on these newborn calves, but a singer who captured people’s hearts with ‘little eyes’. Speaking of which, someone must have guessed his name-Li Ronghao.

Li Ronghao
 Li Ronghao’s most well-known works so far are ‘Model’, ‘Li Bai’ and so on. His ‘Slowly Like You’ by Mo Wenwei has also been liked by many people. In fact, Li Ronghao’s debut time is not long, 13 years since his debut, 6 years have passed. But I was very impressed with him. Just 13 years ago, when I heard the song ‘Model’, I went to Baidu to get information about this singer. I remember his resume at that time was only for composers, musicians, and singers, and he has no experience of winning numerous awards at major music awards.

 Li Ronghao
 Later, Li Ronghao met his girlfriend Yang Minlin in the workplace and became a mentor of ‘Idol Trainee’, including awards including the Golden Melody Award, MusicRadio’s TOP Chart in China, and the Global Popular Music Gold List. ‘Singer’ lets more people know this small-eyed vocalist who sings well.

Become friends with Zhang Yixing on the show

Li Ronghao in the show

Photo of Li Ronghao and Zhang Yixing
 He met Zhang Yixing during the recording of ‘Idol Trainee’. Recently, when Zhang Yixing posted a new song, he said on Weibo, ‘Today, I will send a new song to Honey.’ He wore a Richard Mill watch. In fact, this is not his only watch. He wears watches on many occasions and prefers sporty and antique watches.

I found in his private photos that he had at least two antique Rolex Daytona

Daytona on two different plates

 The first piece is a Daytona with a steel plate and white plate. The model number should be Ref.6264 (if there is an error, please correct it in the comments). Rolex’s antique Daytona is also in short supply on the market, especially steel. Daytona has evolved to this day, and ‘Panda Di’ is also a favorite and sought after by many table friends. However, when buying a watch or something that is hot, it may not be suitable for you. Be sure to choose what you really suit and like, and don’t blindly follow the trend.

Lee Ronghao’s Another Antique Daytona

 This antique Daytona figure can be found in photos on many occasions

 Another piece of antique Daytona is a Jindi. The black dial is more suitable for a formal dress such as a suit. In the picture above, he chose a blue suit for matching. The overall look softens the formal sense of the suit and makes it more casual. Wearing a T-shirt can also enhance the texture of the overall details. So a good watch does give a different impression in the details. In addition to antique watches, he will also buy some watches now on sale, Li Ronghao should also be considered a hidden watch enthusiast.

Rolex Submariner 114060-97200 black dial watch (black calendar with no calendar)

Lee Ronghao at a recent concert

This small-eyed singer made us remember him with his works. He once said something like this when ‘Little Dome’ gave a concert, ‘Some people say that it is really useful to do something online this year, maybe I am old-fashioned. I do n’t think so. I like the down-to-earth feeling. I like to stand on every stage I dream of singing, shouting, and playing the piano. ”

Li Ronghao and his girlfriend Yang Yilin are in the same frame

 In the end, he thanked his girlfriend Yang Minlin, saying ‘Thank you for staying with me, I like her’. I can say that love is so green and straightforward, I think Yang Yanlin must also love him very much. Now they have been together for 5 years. (I won’t leave until they get married!)

Live action picture (Yang Linlin is so shy to cover her face)

 Yang Yilin once answered Xiao S’s question in ‘Kangxi is Coming’, ‘Is he a good person?’ At that time, she was already with Li Ronghao. Yang Yanlin said, ‘He is a very mature person.’ You should know that Yang Yanlin is one year older than Li Ronghao, and her debut was earlier. It is really difficult to find someone who will take care of herself and who she also admires and loves.

Lee Wing-ho wears Richard Mill RM 011

Lee Wing-ho wears Richard Mill RM 011

 In addition to the antique Daytona and Blackwater ghosts mentioned earlier, he also has a few Richard Mills. These watches can be seen in private life photos.

Lee Ronghao wears Richard Mill watch

He also wore IWC pilot watches


When he wrote this man, I was hesitating whether he could be positioned as a singer or a star in the entertainment industry. After all, in the impetuous entertainment industry, some people only want to be stars, and some people just want to do their work well. There is a clear distinction between the two. In my opinion, the happiness and emotion he brought to us are reflected in the works. At least years later, people remember him because of these catchy songs, not so-called traffic.