Clocks And Miracles. Asian High-end Watch And Clock Exhibition’ Carina Lau Wearing Piaget’s New Limelight Stella Exudes Intoxicating Charm Under The Stars

Hong Kong, September 30, 2015-‘Clocks and Miracles. Asia’s Fine Watch Exhibition’ was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from September 30 to October 3, 2015. Piaget, a renowned Swiss watch and jewellery brand, has a history of more than 140 years, presenting a series of extraordinary watches to Asian watchmakers. This year, Piaget brought the new Limelight Stella series to the world for the first time at the exhibition. At the same time, Ms. Carina Lau was invited to become the first Chinese actress to wear a Limelight Stella watch and to visit the Piaget exhibition site with the theme of ‘Midnight Sky’, stepping into the romance of walking under the stars and walking in time Space and experience the brand’s most perfect watchmaking feats.
Earl Asia Pacific President Dimitri Gouten, Carina Lau, Earl Chief Executive Officer Philippe Léopold-Metzger

   Earl’s Chief Executive Philippe Léopold-Metzger said: ‘It is a great honour to invite Miss Carina Lau to attend the Earl Show event of’ Watches and Miracles. Asia’s Fine Watch Fair ‘to appreciate the craftsmanship of Earl Watch. Both autonomous and talented actresses are gorgeous and magnificent. They are women’s models. They all choose to wear Piaget’s first women’s complication watch Limelight Stella, which perfectly reflects the beauty of women. Limelight Stella is Piaget’s watch The dazzling new star in the collection is particularly eye-catching on Liu Jialing’s jade wrist, showing the noble beauty of women. ‘
Carina Lau attends ‘Clocks and Miracles. Piaget Exhibition of Asia Watch & Clock Fair, appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of Piaget Watchmaking

   Carina Lau is noble and elegant, and her hands and feet show extraordinary charm under the spotlight. Jia Ling, who has always been demanding on watches, shared the watch’s matching experience with the media on the spot. She wore the Limelight Stella watch and showed the elegant beauty of every detail on the watch. Asked how to keep her beautiful at all times, she said that the two directions of unique personality and poetic beauty are her reminders to herself. She said, ‘Women love beauty is an eternal motto, but as a career woman like me, it is also important to have a personal temperament and career direction. A career woman must always remind her to keep the most This state of mind can be explained with this Limelight Stella watch-the feminine brilliance is as clear as the moon in the watch, showing the mysterious beauty; adding a complex function movement, which shows the unique personality of women’s meticulous thoughts; together with a circle As an embellishment, the beauty of diamonds makes each item better in terms of requirements, making each piece a Master-Piece in the eyes of others. It is also an attractive place for women to have their own independent personality. Only then can we make progress, break through ourselves, and create more touching moments that are imprinted on our hearts. ‘
Carina Lau wears Piaget’s new Limelight Stella collection to exude intoxicating charm
   Piaget will continue to innovate while inheriting the fine watchmaking craftsmanship. It will continue to build on the brand’s excellence. It will use new thinking to interpret this bright moon as an eternal and gentle feminine image. Forever cast on the dial to create more outstanding masterpieces of clocks.
About Piaget
   Georges-Edouard Piaget set up his first watch factory on a family farm in La Côte-aux-Fées in 1874, devoting himself to creating precision movements. After the establishment of the watch factory, it was well-received, and in 1943, it took an important step in the history of the brand: registering the brand name ‘Earl.’
   Piaget is loyal to the brand’s innovative spirit and began designing and producing ultra-thin movements in the late 1950s. This move not only makes one of the brand’s classics, but also writes an important page in the history of watches and clocks.
   Piaget places equal emphasis on innovation and style, combining gold with a variety of colors, innovative shapes, precious stones, and even a dial made of hard gems to continue the infinite creativity of Yves G. Piaget, making the brand’s jewelry series unique and original, emphasizing Color aesthetics.
   Piaget, with a rich history of 140 years, is still looking forward to hiking, constantly innovating, creating active jewellery, gorgeous high-end jewellery series, and a number of outstanding watches, becoming the world’s premier jewellery and watch manufacturer.

Piaget Limelight Stella Watch-36 mm

18K white gold case set with 126 round diamonds (approximately 0.65 carats)
White dial with white gold hour markers, moon phase display with 14 diamonds (approx. 0.06 carat)
Sapphire crystal case
Equipped with Piaget 584P self-winding mechanical movement, astronomical moon phase display rotation and 42-hour power reserve display
Functions: Hours and minutes, astronomical moon phase display at 12 o’clock, black automatic oscillating weight, silver engraving
With blue alligator strap with white gold folding buckle
Reference price: RMB 226,000

Piaget Rose
18K White Gold Earrings
Set with 206 round diamonds (approximately 2.87 carats)

Piaget Rose
18K White Gold Band
Set with 182 round diamonds (approx. 1.00 carat)