Introduction Of Hublot F1 King Extreme Full Ceramic Watch

Following the success of F1 & trade; King Power (Zircon and King of Gold) and F1 & trade; King Power TOURBILLON (Zircon and King of Gold Tourbillon) After the success, the third member of this famous series of HUBLOT, F1 & trade; King Power Ceramic, has been officially unveiled, and celebrates 2011 Formula 1 & trade; UBS Chinese Grand Prix to celebrate the 2011 Formula One China Awards The race began, and Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver also visited the scene.
 In the production of watches, ceramics was once rated as a very ideal material. It has characteristics such as being 30% lighter than stainless steel, 100% abrasion-resistant, 100% oxygen-resistant, and 100% rust-resistant. Limited edition of 500 pieces. The F1 & trade; King Power Ceramic watch is a chronograph with two buttons (start and reset). It has a 12-hour timer at 6 o’clock and 3 o’clock. 30-minute timer with small seconds at 9 o’clock. Its case is 48 mm in diameter and is made of micro-blasted black ceramic.

 The dial has the official Formula 1 & trade; logo, and the special carbon fiber bezel is decorated with a black ceramic ring with holes, inspired by the same line of F1 & trade; high-performance brake discs for cars. The two-layer strap is made by sewing two different materials together with red thread. The inner layer is black natural rubber, and the outer layer is a special Nomex & trade; synthetic material developed by DuPont. Used in the production of F1 racer uniforms.

 As the official designated timing for Formula 1 & trade; Grand Prix of Formula 1, F1 & trade; King Power Ceramic is the head of Formula One group Bernie Ecclestone Bernie & bull; Eccles, and Hublot The result of close and continuous cooperation between the team led by CEO Jean-Claude Biver. The design inspiration for many of its features is obviously derived from Formula One & trade; Formula One, combining the best technology and manufacturing processes in cutting-edge research and high-tech material applications.

Nicole Kidman At The Oscars Visits Omega Vienna Flagship Store

On a cold Sunday afternoon, Oscar Nicole Kidman and Omega Global President Mr. Okewa appeared in the center of Vienna, the capital of Austria, to visit The Omega flagship store has attracted the attention of many people. In the Omega store, Nicole Kidman signed the box containing an Omega Ladymatic watch and donated it to the Austrian charity Licht ins Dunkel.

Licht ins Dunkel, which means ‘let light replace darkness’, is a charity with high reputation and good reputation in Austria. It is dedicated to raising funds for disabled people, with special emphasis on helping children. In addition, it also has a special emergency fund to provide prompt and effective financial support to families in need. This Omega Ladymatic watch, signed by Nicole Kidman, will be auctioned at a charity dinner in January 2014. All proceeds will be donated to Licht ins Dunkel.
After signing the donation form, Nicole Kidman and Mr. Okewa also visited this 400-square-meter Omega flagship store, including the museum area on the ground floor. The entire flagship store is gorgeously decorated, and Nicole Kidman’s new advertising image for Omega Ladymatic watches can be seen everywhere. After signing one of the posters and talking cordially to the shop assistant, she expressed her envy for such a working environment where you can see the beauty of St. Stephen’s Cathedral every day.

Omega Vienna flagship store

Earlier in the day, Nicole Kidman gave a media interview at Vienna’s historic Postal Savings Bank, a masterpiece of modernist architecture designed by Otto Wagner in the early 20th century.
When asked about the origin of the cooperation with Omega, Nicole Kidman said frankly, ‘I was very honored when Omega found me. I have always been deeply impressed by this outstanding brand. This is an unparalleled company ——They take great care of your feelings and can always think what you think. At the same time, Omega has spared no effort to devote to charity activities and actively support my work at UN Women. After many years of cooperation, we know each other very well. A wonderful tacit relationship. ‘

Nicole Kidman meets the media in Vienna

Speaking of the important role time plays in her life, Nicole said, ‘As I get older, I have gradually felt that time is the most precious thing. You can’t trade money for time or make it backward. Indeed, time is the most important thing. Now I know very well how to divide time between my film career and family life. ‘She added,’ Although it is not philosophical to discuss time, it is indeed me Like to talk about. ‘
Talking about why only two and a half years after the Beijing launch of the Ladymatic series, Omega once again held such a grand event for the series, Mr. Okewa, the global president of Omega, said, ‘This marks the trueness of the Ladymatic series watches. ‘Success,’ he replied, ‘When this series first appeared in October 2010, we ventured into an unknown field with our ideals. Today, we are holding a grand global event with the same celebrity ambassador, not only Show the world the outstanding quality and extraordinary design of Ladymatic watches, and it represents a heritage and continuity. ‘

The press conference was held at the Postal Savings Bank, which is widely regarded as an outstanding masterpiece of modernist architecture in Vienna. In 1903, Wagner’s design stood out from the 37 submissions submitted at the time, and the jury was impressed by its design and functionality.
Nicole Kidman’s visit to the Omega Store brought a successful end to her two-day trip to Vienna.

Piaget In Venice For The St. Mark’s Clock Tower

The count’s support and assistance for cultural sustainability are displayed in all aspects. Since 1997, he has promised to escort the invaluable restoration of the invaluable bell tower of Venice with his watchmaking expertise, including the completion of which has now been completed. San Marco clock tower mechanical repair work and the restoration of the clock of the Palazzo Ducale.
   Venice, as the center of excellence in art and technological innovation, inherits cultural assets like a mirror image of Piaget’s dedication to the pursuit of perfection over the past 140 years, as in the “Perfection in Life” latest global Image advertising said. Relying on the superior technology of watchmaking and the extreme aesthetics embodied in the creation of watches and jewellery, Piaget confidently invited the most admiring explorers to discover the beauty of the clock tower, while experiencing a unique moment in the most unique location .
San Marco Campanile

   Realizing the importance of the clock towers of Venice in the history of watchmaking, Piaget played an active role in the maintenance of these extraordinary timepiece landmarks. One of the key elements of the Piaget’s recent Venice sponsorship program is the comprehensive update of the San Marco bell tower: the restoration of two iconic Moorish statues in the Venetian imagery. As the exclusive sponsor of the Venice Clock Tower Maintenance and Restoration Program, Piaget was once again invited by the Fondation Museum Foundation (Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia) to provide technical and financial support for the restoration of these Renaissance monuments. . This is also a great thing after the restoration of the San Marco bell tower in 2007. In the next few years, the clock tower will continue to accurately tell the time under the protection of its loyal Venetian Moors.
Moorish statue in bell tower of san marco
Architecture and symbolic music: the bell tower of San Marco
   The current clock was installed by Bartoloméo Ferracina in the clock tower of Piazza San Marco in Venice in 1759. He replaced the original astronomical clock mechanism with the clock made by him with the ‘Graham’ escapement. Centuries later, it was replaced with a nail-escapement escapement. The structure of this clock is remarkable and original, because its shape is cross-shaped. Looking down from above, the clock looks like a chandelier. This impressive design is derived from the support structure of the clock, which further supports the drum, and this huge roller is also designed into a cross shape. This double cross structure is not only the source of power for the entire clock, but also gives it a unique appearance.
   Bartoloméo Ferracina’s machinery for the clock tower of Piazza San Marco in Venice today was installed by Bartoloméo Ferracina in 1759. He replaced the original astronomical clock mechanism with a clock with a Graham escapement. A century later, it was replaced with a nail-escapement escapement.
   To understand why watchmakers made this great masterpiece at the time, one had to study this rather symbolic structure. A rather classic arrangement, with the clever arrangement of drums, to create a simple way that provides the construction and energy transfer of the entire mechanism. It shows the aestheticism inspired by Christianity, so it can be speculated why Ferracina adopted the cross structure. As the main structure of the clock. Ferracina also created an additional mechanism. The Moor puppets, who work as timekeepers on the roof, tapped 132 times before noon and midnight. These tapping sounds remind people of the 12 hours that have passed. Ferracina feels that through the time reading and hourly reporting, only the current time can be provided, so the symbolic tapping action of the action puppet can fully show the elapsed time, and the sound way to show the passage of 12 hours. Imagically captured the eternity of the fragment!
The clock of the San Marco Campanile is currently installed by Bartoloméo Ferracina in the bell tower of Piazza San Marco in Venice in 1759.
Faceplate display and puppet activity device

1. The outermost dial is an hour indicator, consisting of Roman numerals from 1 to 24, which is a 24-hour indicator based on the sun’s movement.
2. The middle clock ring located inside the outer circle of the clock is based on the zodiac 12th house dial obtained by the star.
3. Inside the 12th zodiac indication plate, which is the central disc portion of the faceplate, is 5 meters in diameter, which is a moon phase profit and loss display. In this part of the faceplate, there is a ball device, half of which is precious metal The other half is black, and rotates slowly around the central axis at a speed of one month (lunar calendar), so it can display the state of the moon phase profit and loss.
4. In the center of this faceplate is a gold ball made of gold, which represents the earth.
Piaget restored the San Marco clock tower in 2007 and launched this limited edition Piaget Polo Limited Tourbillon Enamel Limited Watch.
Piaget Polo’s limited edition tourbillon enamel-painted limited edition ‘San Marco Bell Tower Restoration Memorial’ edition, the watch case has the Lion of Saint Mark totem representing the church of San Marco (also the totem of Venice).
   On the panel on the front of the tower, there is a statue of Virgin Mary hugging Jesus as a child. There are two doors on the left and right sides of the statue. Through these two doors, the statue of the three doctors of the East will salute the Virgin Mary and Jesus. The puppet mechanism can also be replaced by two barriers. The time on the right is displayed in Roman numerals, and the time on the left is displayed in Arabic numerals. The top door wall of the tower is decorated with a winged lion described by the New Testament, praying for peace in Piazza San Marco. On the platform roof of the tower, there are two African Moorish statues, each of which is 2.7 meters high. Each hour will strike the bell between them in turn. The diameter of the clock is 1.5. meter. The north wall of this tower has a second face plate with a diameter of 4.4 meters. It consists of two series of 12 Roman numeral time scales and is a 24-hour time indicator based on the movement of the sun.