Elegant And Fashionable, Moving With You: Patek Philippe Twenty ~ 4 Automatic (上)

Designing exquisite watches for women for a long time is a respectable tradition of Patek Philippe. And carefully aware of the trend of women’s consumer trends, making practical watches that meet their needs is a real practice of the brand’s customer-oriented philosophy. Therefore, in the past few years, in order to meet the needs of modern women for complex performance watches, Patek Philippe has continuously introduced wonderful works such as women’s bracelet chronographs, double chronograph chronographs, minute repeaters and perpetual calendars. In fact, no matter the performance is complex or simple, Patek Philippe understands women’s thirst for top watchmaking craftsmanship and vowed to continue to make precious precious time companions for them.

   Today, in response to the new century lifestyle of modern women who are full of work and action, Patek Philippe released a new Twenty ~ 4Automatic watch in Milan, Italy, which is known as the fashion capital in October. It is dedicated to self-confidence and fashion sense. Both contemporary women.

Twenty ~ 4 series launched by Patek Philippe in 1999

   With the vigorous development of the female mechanical watch consumer market, Patek Philippe is determined to launch a series of automatic mechanical watches suitable for all-day wear for contemporary women who are fashion-conscious and action-oriented. The new Twenty ~ 4Automatic watch series. Twenty ~ 4 is a style introduced by Patek Philippe in 1999 for the young and energetic new generation of women. The design of the rectangular watch body and the bracelet-type stainless steel chain is both young and soft, and it is very popular.

Twenty ~ 4Ref.4910 / 11R, equipped with quartz movement.

   In addition to a high-end jewellery watch model launched in 2003 with a bracelet movement, the Twenty ~ 4 series is equipped with a quartz movement, which has gradually fallen short of the preference of many Patek Philippe female customers for mechanical movements. The new Twenty ~ 4Automatic automatic watch is changed to a self-winding movement with high technological value and practicality, with a new round case, and retains the excellent design concept of the former representative bracelet type bracelet, creating a A new generation of women’s watches that are perfect for all-day wear, whether for family, private and social gatherings, leisure and recreation.

Twenty ~ 4AutomaticRef. 7300 / 1200R-010

   In order to highlight the stylish and beautiful characteristics of the new Twenty ~ 4Automatic automatic watch, the global press conference was chosen to be held at the Cerberoni Palace. The venue layout and press conference activities also focused on high-end custom clothing, music, art and culture. Be among Milan’s famous fashion shows. The brand also exhibited a number of precious Patek Philippe women’s watches on display at the Geneva Museum. Together with a number of women’s watch advertisements from the 1930s to the present, guests at the meeting were able to appreciate the rich tradition of Patek Philippe women’s watches.

Twenty ~ 4AutomaticRef. 7300 / 1200A-001

   The Twenty ~ 4 watch, introduced in 1999, is a vibrant work launched by Patek Philippe in response to the expectations of the young generation in the new century. However, in the past 20 years, the world has changed dramatically: computers and network technology are changing rapidly. The distance of tens of kilometers has been reduced by milliseconds through the speed of electronic light transmission. It’s just a concept, but a daily life that the world knows.

Twenty ~ 4AutomaticRef. 7300 / 1200A-010

   In contrast, the top Swiss watch brands are also facing drastic changes than in the past century. This trend not only appears in the men’s market, but the changes in high-end women’s watches are even better than ever. The main customers have shifted from the ladies and ladies who are absent from production to the modern women who are full of work and mobility today. .

   The previous Twenty ~ 4 watch with rectangular movement and quartz movement was beautiful, but experienced the customer’s changing demand from quartz to mechanical watch. Patek Philippe, a customer-oriented company, needed an automatic movement with a self-winding movement. New generation women’s watch.

   In order to match the existing circular self-winding movement under the brand, and the principle of matching the body and the movement, this new generation Twenty ~ 4Automatic automatic watch has also naturally changed to a round case. For the first time, the collection is equipped with an automatic movement and a round case.

324SC self-winding movement with 213 parts and 29 stones.

   The object of Twenty ~ 4Automatic automatic watch is a new generation of women who have appreciation and are interested in a masterpiece of great quality tradition and long-lasting craftsmanship. Therefore, the brand chose the 324SC automatic winding machine for this new women’s watch. This movement can be said to be the representative of modern Patek Philippe to refurbish an old automatic movement from scratch. It is equipped with a Spiromax® hairspring made of Silinvar® material, which is not only anti-magnetic, but also three times thicker than a conventional Breguet end curve hairspring. Two-thirds; it is also equipped with a redesigned Gyromax® balance wheel, which is more aerodynamic; all gears, bearings and power transmission systems have also been carefully modified for more stable operation and more accurate timing.

Twenty ~ 4Automatic actual wearing diagram

   The vibration frequency of 324SC has been increased to 28,800 bph; the weight of the automatic winding automatic disk has been increased, and the size and shape have been carefully modified to avoid insufficient power reserve. The 324SC movement is made in accordance with the strict standards of the Patek Philippe imprint, showing beautiful details such as chamfering, polished edges and Geneva stripe decoration. It can be seen through the sapphire crystal base.