Swatch Launches The 2018 Lunar New Year Special Watch For The Chinese New Year!

Swatch launches the special year of the dog zodiac watch ‘SWATCH WOOF’ in 2018, welcoming the Chinese Lunar New Year.

   In traditional Chinese culture, dogs are the 11th animal in the zodiac. They represent loyalty and courage, and they are often referred to as human best friends. Similarly, the Swatch you wear will accompany you on your journey. This watch ‘Golden Dog Blessing’ is designed with a double-sided pattern buckle ring, and one side is also printed with the ‘Woof!’ Pattern. On the golden dial, a naughty and cute puppy is eager to ring the New Year’s bell. The watch’s white silicone strap is decorated with gold and red wave patterns. This New Gent model comes with its own special packaging. The box is not only printed with the traditional Chinese festive red lantern pattern, but also the cute puppy with a tail on the dial.

   The Chinese zodiac dog year is very special for Swatch, because Swatch’s first Chinese New Year zodiac special watch was launched in the last year of the dog, that is, 2006. ‘Golden Dog Blessing’ is the first of Swatch’s second round of Chinese New Year Zodiac Special Watches-this is a new start and deserves our celebration.
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