Andy Warhol’s Cartier Watches To Be Auction

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago will auction the personal watch of artist Andy Warhol on November 8th, this is a Louis Cartier Tank gold Cartier watch with black alligator strap. Andy-Warhols and his Cartier-Tank-Solo
    The watch is valued at between $ 1,500 and $ 2,500 and is part of the David Stickelber property auction in Kansas City, Missouri.
    Stickelber, one of Kansas City’s mainstream performance and visual arts advocates, passed away last November. This Warhol watch is one of its treasures. Stickelber bought the watch at Sotheby’s Andy Warhol auction in 1988. Warhol is a famous collector.
    Stickelber placed his photographs on a lighting display, and a copy of the catalogue of the Andy Warhol watch and jewelry auction. The November 8th auction will include original display stickers and labels for this display stand and preview of the auction. The preview will take place November 3-7 at the Leslie Hindman Auction House in Chicago.