Outstanding Pioneer Tasting 2017 Sihh Roger Dubuis Balance Spring Watch

Geneva in 2017 was held as scheduled, as if last year, a few light snow in the morning added a soft and romantic atmosphere to this exhibition. This year’s Roger Dubuis new timepieces can be described as colorful. The combination of novel and rigorous watchmaking techniques has created a variety of classic timepieces in the Excalibur series, including this four-spring balance watch.

   The 48 mm diameter case, bezel, case back and crown of this timepiece are made of high-performance alloys. The alloy is produced using a very special and unique MicroMelt® technology. Metals made using this metallurgical technique account for only 0.1% of global metal production. MicroMelt® technology is widely used in the fields of aviation and astronomy. It uses a special vacuum induction melting gas spray device to make molten metal into fine particles through high-pressure steam.
   After mixing and filtering (to control its diameter), the powder is poured into a sealed cylinder for ‘hot isostatic pressing’ to obtain a completely compact texture. After that, it is hot-processed to form a hot-rolled rod. Processed to final specifications.

   Roger Dubuis not only praises this improved material with chemical uniformity, but also appreciates the special alloys (such as the fusion of metal and nonmetal) that cannot be achieved by other technologies created by this metallurgy, and is strict Control the porosity of the material to ensure the stable quality of the special alloy.

   Roger Dubuis considers technology and aesthetics from the beginning to the end, so while using such an advanced material, it also cares about the needs of watch wearers: this material is 100% biocompatible and can form a layer of protective spontaneity spontaneously. The film has high corrosion resistance; in addition, the material’s double-phase structure and carbide precipitation also make it stable and durable.
   The shimmering cobalt-chrome alloy contrasts well with the barrel frame, bridge, dial, hour markers, and alligator leather strap of the blue PVD-coated movement.

   This breakthrough complication timepiece is equipped with a manually wound RD101 movement consisting of 590 parts. It is equipped with four balances and five sets of differentials, which can generate 4×4 Hz (115,200 vibrations per hour). Frequency, showing a shocking new look. Its outstanding speed and efficiency are naturally not to be ignored. Because it can reach the differential speed adjustment of the tourbillon in one minute, it can offset the rate change caused by gravity.

   Vibrant red and white are dotted with other elements: a car’s speedometer-style minute ring scale, platinum hollow hands and red needles filled with SLN fluorescent paint, and red stitching on the strap.
   The above content is the information related to the 2016 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone. attention.
   2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon features:

Atmosphere Elegant Taste Patek Philippe 7119j-012 Gold Watch

mentioned that Patek Philippe believes that everyone will not be unfamiliar. As the only independent watchmaker in Geneva, Patek Philippe always appears in people’s sights with its outstanding watchmaking skills and superb polishing process. Not only in the market, Patek Philippe’s watches occupy a lot of share, Patek Philippe is the best in the auction field, and still maintains the record of the highest watch price. Women’s watches have also slowly integrated into the ranks of high-end watches. The Patek Philippe Calatrava series 7119J-012 watch is one of the models. Today we come to appreciate this classic watch series 7119J-012 gold watch.
 The Patek Philippe Calatrava 7119J-012 watch is first glorified with dazzling gold, as if entering the Golden Hall of Vienna. The 18k yellow gold case with the Paris pin pattern bezel reveals the beauty of luxury and elegance. This is the beauty of ordinary women’s irresistible temptation; the round white dial with black Roman numerals, and sapphire crystal glass, the fashion sense is immediately revealed; what I like most is the watch The belt is made of brown crocodile leather. The color complements it, and it is matched with a simple folding buckle design. It looks very harmonious and beautiful, and the texture is excellent. It also shows dignity, generosity, and bright color. Every woman who sees this watch will love it; this watch, with a diameter of 31 mm, has a small second dial display at 6 o’clock on the dial, which makes the dial more beautiful. Not only is it exquisite in workmanship, but also its design is perfect. The bright golden color expresses the classic beauty and elegant beauty.

 The Patek Philippe Calatrava series 7119J-012 watch is an elegant ladies’ watch. With its small diameter and soft appearance, it is eye-catching. Functionally, it is just a small seconds dial, but this adds an elegant appearance. Some classic elements reflect cultural charm. The small second dial has been around since ancient times. In the early days, the hour, minute and second hands on the watch had a separate small dial, because these hands were directly attached to the corresponding gears, but because of this design, the reading time band Trouble, so the designers transferred the three hands to the middle by adding a wheel train, but with the improvement of modern craftsmanship and design, designers began to pursue exquisiteness, placing the second hand independently again to reduce the movement Thickness and reduced power consumption. The power problem has always been a problem for watches. To increase the power reserve, you need to increase the cost, increase the number of barrels or change the material of the mainspring, or save power consumption. In addition, the 7119J-012 watch has a time-adjusted second hand stagnation function, reducing unnecessary gear friction.
 As the ‘heart’ of the watch, the movement is the core. The 7119J-012 watch uses the Cal.215 PS movement made by Patek Philippe. The movement at the foot of the dial is polished by hand with a very fine mother-of-pearl pattern. Hidden under the dial, Patek Philippe still carries out very detailed manual processing, which represents its relentless pursuit of ‘quality craftsmanship’ and ‘craftsmanship aesthetics’, showing the brand value in a unique style of low-key restraint and timeless elegance.
The bottom of the movement is exquisitely decorated with traditional Geneva patterns, and the light and dark are interlaced, just like the sparkling Lake Geneva, quiet and elegant. The anti-vibration system uses the KIF mechanism, which is more stable and reliable than the traditional Inka 100 shock absorber, which can protect the shock system from external vibration damage in all directions. The balance adopts Patek Philippe’s patented Gyromax balance. The balance and rotation performance are very stable. Fine adjustment of the swing frequency can be achieved through the notch of the weight, eliminating the traditional fine-tuning slow and slow needle device and simplifying the oscillation system. The Patek Philippe imprint is printed on the escapement splint, which proves the high quality and value of the movement, and also indicates that the watch uses a higher standard than all other watches. The 2.55mm movement is only less than 1mm thicker than the world’s thinnest movement (Vacheron Constantin’s historical masterpiece series). 18 gems are set in layers to cover the entire movement. 28800vph (4 Hz) balance wheel frequency, to ensure accurate travel time, and avoid the loss of components due to excessive frequency, is the most ideal frequency. The hand-wound movement has a power reserve of 44 hours, which means that the wearer will wind the watch almost every other day to prevent its power from running out and stopping.

Cal.215 movement is a special movement of Patek Philippe’s Calatrava series. Calatrava series watches are known for their simplicity, classics, and slimness. Their performance is stable and reliable, relying on such a high-quality movement.
百 The Patek Philippe Calatrava series was launched in 1932. Once it was launched, its avant-garde aesthetic concept conquered a group of unique watch lovers.
The Patek Philippe Calatrava series 7119J-012 ladies watch is also fully displayed. Its bright golden color attracts our eyeballs, and the perfect shape prevents us from looking away from it for a long time; the milky white paint plate and the black Roman font , Both simple and characteristic; the most noticeable is the bezel pattern bezel in Paris. When mentioning Paris, it is easy to think of fashion trends. The city of Paris is synonymous with fashion, so this The design not only caters to the fashionable elements of rivets, but also reflects the combination of classical beauty and fashion trends; moreover, it also has a waterproof function of 30 meters, which is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very strong and durable inside.
The Patek Philippe Calatrava 7119J-012 ladies’ watch not only can highlight elegance and chic, but also has connotation and temperament. In addition, men can also give beloved women as gifts, which is a pleasing joy, not only harvest A woman’s heart can also highlight her elegant taste.
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