Seiko G.L.T. Series Watch Beauty And The Beast Classic Reproduction

G.L.T. series of the Seiko Seiko Group of Japan released a new model ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (Model: SBLA061), which brings a unique beauty to the male watch with a wild design. In addition to the classic quadrangular column design of the GLT series and the nine-link chain, it gives the impression of conflicting visuals. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is equipped with Seiko’s famous Spring Drive movement, allowing consumers to have a styling watch while taking into account Accurate travel time. New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ limited edition model, limited to 55 pieces worldwide.

Seiko G.L.T.Beauty and the Beast
Model: SBLA061
Movement: 5R66 Spring Drive automatic winding movement
Kinetic energy: 72 hours
Material: Stainless steel
Mirror: anti-glare curved sapphire crystal; see-through back cover
Strap: stainless steel
Bezel: two-way rotating bezel
Waterproof: 20 standard atmosphere for daily waterproofing
Size: 44.9mm diameter, 16.1mm thickness
Limited: 55 worldwide

 Seiko’s GLT series follows the line of high-end watches, and its appearance is quite recognizable; while the GLT series with ‘Sexy Rich’ as its value, the main demographics lock on mature men and women with confidence and self-awareness, which can show their unique charm . And this value is also fully reflected in the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ models, with quite wild designs to create different male models.

 In appearance, the white rose petals in the center of the 44.9mm stainless steel case are quite eye-catching. With black and gold backgrounds, it is difficult for others to pay attention. The two-way rotating bezel is specially supplemented with rose thorns and wrapped in the unique GLT series The four-pillar design, combined with the black agate crown on the side, is noble and magnificent but not exaggerated. The hand-polished nine-link chain straps are quite conformable. In addition, this model is also a two-site time indication model. The bow-shaped hands on the dial and the two-site time indication provide high practicality for travelers traveling between the two places. The movement part is equipped with Seiko’s proud Spring Drive movement. In addition to the precise movement time, the second hand can also enjoy the sliding movement like water.