Raymond Weil Launches The Free Knight Rose Time Chronograph

Raymond Weil (Raymond Weil) reinterpreted its best-selling classic chronograph with infinite inspiration, and launched the new Freedom Knights Rose Time Chronograph. This watch is classic and elegant. Its brown leather strap and 42 mm stainless steel case are set against the dial’s rose gold hour markers. Selected materials with simple and beautiful shapes: the new watch is destined to be different. The Freedom Knights Rose Time Chronograph is undoubtedly one of the most pleasing chords in the 2012 Raymond Weil watchmaking movement. The Liberty Knight series is not only a model of success, but also the best testimony of the heritage of this independent Swiss brand family. This series advocates a free soul, praising the spirit of self-control of destiny. Therefore, the Liberty Knight series has been advancing with the times for many years, constantly innovating and giving up all restrictions, but it has never changed the original intention of its creation: gentle and elegant appearance and casual and stylish appearance, as well as the angled lugs and the iconic screws of the dial layout. In 2012, the Liberty Knight watch combined the strength of steel with the beauty of rose gold. It is delicate and flawless, which is perfect. Among them, the best-selling chronograph fully reflects the beauty of this harmony. A 42 mm diameter polished stainless steel case with a classic brown leather strap is a perfect match for the silver sun dial and rose gold dot hour-markers. Against the background of the rose gold luster, the hour markers, hands on the dial, the edge of the auxiliary dial at 12 o’clock (30-minute chronograph dial) and the auxiliary dial at 12 o’clock (12-hour chronograph dial), and around the small second dial at 9 o’clock The three-dimensional hour markers fixed with screws are shining. After the dial with various materials and metal decoration, it is the mechanical movement of this watch. It has a power reserve of 46 hours and dances with the passage of time.
Both the luxury of the city and the ultimate elegance, the perfect fusion of classic and modern, all styles are included-all in the Free Knight Rose Time Chronograph.

Reproducing The Classic Charm Breitling Montblanc Chronograph 01 Limited Edition Comment

LaChaux-de-Fonds at the end of the 19th century has been the center of watchmaking in Switzerland and the world. In 1892, the founder of Breitling, Léon Breitling, relocated a large-scale, fully-equipped watchmaking factory to Montbrillant, La Chaux-de-Fonds. For nearly a century since then, Montblanc Avenue has witnessed Breitling’s great inventions and legendary innovations in the field of precision timepieces: the first independent timekeeping button (1915), the first timekeeping and zeroing function to be separated Independent chronograph button (1923), the first dual independent chronograph button (1934) and the first self-winding chronograph (1969); also witnessed the legend of Breitling taking off alongside the world aviation industry course. To commemorate this great place and this legendary history, Breitling has launched a chronograph watch series named ‘Montblanc’. Today, the watch home brings you the limited edition of Breitling Montblanc Chronograph 01. Edition watch (Montbrillant01Limited), reference model: RB013012 / G710.

The design style of the Montblanc Chronograph series has a strong flavor of the 1940s and 1950s, showing its will to inherit classics, exuding the spirit of Montblanc.

The watch perfectly combines traditional style and innovative technology. The silver dial is engraved with three-dimensional hour markers and the recessed cumulative chronograph display inner dial, which shines with classic charm.

  This watch has a case diameter of 40 mm. The mirror is clearly displayed with a double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal. The gear-shaped two-way rotating bezel is equipped with the famous Breitling circular flight slider.

  The 18K rose gold gear-type crown is printed with a ‘B’ logo, which is the abbreviation of the English name of the brand that is a classic symbol of Breitling from the 1950s to the 1970s.

This watch is paired with a large burgundy crocodile leather strap. The leather of the strap is exquisite, and the rich burgundy red shows the elegant retro style of this watch.

The satin-finished case perfectly showcases the luxurious qualities of rose gold. The thickness of the case is about 13.5 mm. The side of each watch is printed with an independent limited number.

The lugs are soft in the middle, and a smooth cut angle keeps the harmonious proportion of the watch, while further modifying the contour of the front of the watch.

This watch is accompanied by an 18K rose gold folding clasp, which shows elegant classic elegance. The clasp is printed with the Breitling brand logo and English name, which represents its brand identity.

The 9 o’clock position of the dial is the small seconds dial of this watch. The small dial at 6 o’clock is a 12-hour cumulative time display. The three-dimensional forward scale of 18K rose gold is exquisite and exquisite.

The small dial at the 3 o’clock position of the dial is a 30-minute cumulative time display. The date display window is mounted at 4:30. The scale on the edge of the dial is Breitling’s famous circular flight slider, which has many practical functions.

The red chronograph seconds hand is very eye-catching but not obvious in this watch. The 12-point dial is printed with the ‘B’ logo that Breitling used in the last century, accompanied by the brand’s English name and year of birth 1884.

The water-resistant depth of this watch is about 30 meters. Through the sapphire crystal of the case back, the exquisite mechanical movement can be seen at a glance. The movement is exquisitely polished, which is limited to the beauty of precision mechanical technology.

This watch is equipped with a Breitling 01 movement (self-produced movement), which contains 47 jewel bearings. The frequency of the movement is 28800 times / hour, which can provide a power reserve of not less than 70 hours.

Summary: The Montblanc 01 Chronograph is equipped with the self-winding chronograph 01 movement independently developed by the brand, which is accurate, reliable and excellent in performance. The watch perfectly combines traditional style and innovative technology. The silver dial is engraved with digital or three-dimensional hour markers and a recessed cumulative chronograph, which shines classic charm. The bottom of the table is beautifully carved with the pattern relief of the Breitling watchmaking factory on Montblanc Avenue in history, which reproduces the charming style of Breitling a century ago. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Legend Of Time, The General Direction Of Swiss Watchmaking Mainstream Style

From the beginning of knowing Swiss watches, I began to look for the style of Swiss watches, because in the German simple Bauhaus, the Japanese rough and practical, the Russian Baroque and even the small middle hand watch More or less can sum up the general framework of an overall style. But when it comes to watch style, Swiss watchmaking models cover almost all of them. From simple to complex, from casual to formal, every style is lost even if it is listed one by one. Coupled with the factionalism and complexity of hundreds of brands in Swiss watchmaking, there is really no clear idea. On our way of exploring the truth, the process is often more attractive than the results. All the facts are obtained through comparison and summary. Then, the author will take everyone to take out the watch styles of other countries and make it with Switzerland. Comparison. In comparison, new clues may be found.

Simple German Bauhaus watch

Lange watch

   The hot word ‘Made in Germany’ that has been said N times is still popular now, because punctuality and focus on efficiency are the two main supports of ‘Made in Germany’. As we all know, the strong concept of time is also a distinctive feature of the Germans. They are punctual and efficient, so they have very strict requirements on the manufacture of timepieces. Therefore, it is only today that the German watch with a growing reputation. The spirit of ‘Made in Germany’ is the faith that the Germans have always implemented. This is tied to German quality assurance and its greater reputation. Germans’expertise in automotive machinery can also be distinguished by mechanical craftsmanship. Model ‘watches’.

Glashütte Original Watch

   The German watch must have been understood by my previous articles. The Germans pay attention to simplicity and practicality, and then the appearance of the packaging. German watch models such as Glashütte Original, Lange, Nomos, etc. all perform well. So it is. Even though they have a little appearance now, their enthusiasm for the Bauhaus style has never decayed. Just like German cars (Benz, BMW, etc.), they focus on the control of performance and materials, and will always be practical. Bauhaus came first.

Rough and practical Japanese watch

Japanese Seiko watches

   Compared with German, Japanese watches have a very distinctive difference, that is, thick rough style. But in the travel time and craftsmanship do not lose any department of tabulation. Rough watches are not crude, but more like a longing for the atmosphere and informality, a tribute to traditional watches and culture. When it comes to the Japanese, you have to mention the quartz watch. Although its origin was in Switzerland, its evolution was in Japan. Accurate and cheap quartz material is an important guarantee for accurate timekeeping. The battery-powered watch greatly reduces the error of the watch. It is also the most popular watch today. But the shortcomings are obvious. The consumption in the store makes the quartz watch need to change the battery regularly. According to information, its appearance has given the Swiss mechanical watch industry a major blow, and it is still one of the strong competitors of mechanical watches.

Japanese Casio watch

   It’s a bit far away, and the topic is drawn back to the rough and practical. Due to the pursuit of professional tools for watches, Japanese tend to angle the angle to the practical aspects of watches, such as Casio, Citizen and other watches in Japanese Its individual style integrates elements of emerging technology (such as solar energy panels) into the watch. Although its appearance is roughly rough, the inside of the watch is extremely delicate.
Rich Baroque Russian watch
   The so-called Baroque style, the word originally originated from Portuguese (BARROCO), which means ‘out-of-round pearls’, originally refers to pearls with strange shapes. And in Italian (BAROCCO) there are ‘exotic, weird, deformed’ explanations. In French, ‘Baroque’ becomes an adjective, meaning ‘vulgar and messy’. . Although Russian watch brands are not as many as Swiss watch brands, they are not in small numbers. Many watch factories have already emerged in the former Soviet Union. At least there are more than 10 well-known brands, such as Kirov and Moscow. Most of their watches are handmade or semi-manufactured, so it is difficult to find exactly the same. The earliest leaders in the watch industry in China were all studied in the Soviet Union, and many textbooks were also from the Soviet Union.
   Regardless of the grade, Russian watches use leather straps produced in the Ural Mountains; the design presents a strong Slavic Renaissance Baroque style. Affected by the planned economy, Russian watches usually have uncertain production and rarely reopen production lines. Once they are discontinued, it is almost impossible to have new products. The watches on their hands suddenly become unique watches, making the watches highly collectible. .

Chinese style short pin style

Middle King Watch

   When it comes to Chinese watches, everyone will be familiar with them. Tianwang, Yibo, Beijing, Seagull, Fiyta, etc. are all our familiar models. It seems to be the reason for the relatively short rise of the Chinese watchmaking industry. I do n’t know if my watchmates found it. From the beginning, the technical imperfection made the watch hands shorter than Switzerland. Features, even after the technology matures, this tradition continues today. It is also a major style of Chinese watches.

Central Beijing Watch Show

   Once upon a time, the phrase ‘made in China’ spread across the streets of the world with lightning speed, from household appliances to small nails for maintenance. China has become the world’s largest manufacturing country. In fact, watches are no exception. China’s watchmaking is advancing on the journey, absorbing the essence of watchmaking in various countries, and building a new chapter in Chinese watches.

No style is the biggest style of Swiss watchmaking

Diverse Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watches

   Until now, I have only begun to understand: In fact, the Swiss watchmaking that is all-encompassing in style does not have any overall style. Comparing the entirety of each series to trees, the German, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese The watchmaking of the department is like a leafy towering tree, each of which has its own style trunk. Based on this, it has branches and leaves, and continues to develop. The Swiss style is more like an independent small shrub, which does not interfere with each other but each one is flourishing. In fact, seeing here, it seems to be able to sum up a subtle rule: without style, it is the largest style in Switzerland.

Omega watches

    As the saying goes, ‘the highest realm of martial arts is that there is no trick to win, there is no trick.’ It is true that ‘no trick’ does not mean nothing, but all kinds of ways can be familiar with the heart, as long as it is used properly To achieve the effect of pulling out the group. Just like the current Swiss watchmaking style, the complex and diverse Swiss watches themselves do not have a distinctive overall style, but the styles of the watch brands are diverse, just like the Rolex and IWC, which adhere to practical and stable functions, and are highly ornamental. And high-end brand Omega, which has practical functions and is famous for Olympic quality, Richard Mille, which combines creativity, innovative materials and watch technology, and Bulgari, which noble jewelry design watches and so on … … I haven’t ranked them all even if I run out of space.

Omega watches

In fact, the mainstream style can sometimes be divided into two

Vacheron Constantin

   When it is difficult to summarize, it may be useful to borrow the ‘dichotomy’! Although most Swiss watch brands are keen to add various crafts (such as enamel, sculpture, etc.) to the dial, time is ultimately an eternal topic. It runs through ancient and modern times and has witnessed the past of human civilization. Time can be divided into units. Two different camps: First, the traditional watchmaking industry represented by brands such as Omega, IWC, Rolex and Breguet. Second, the emerging watchmaking industry represented by mainstream independent watchmaking such as Roger Dubuy and Richard Mill. Here is a summary of their style:

Breguet Tourbillon

   Most of the traditional watch brands have a long history. Therefore, most of the watches they produce are inherited from the old generation, with the brand’s own style and its own cultural story, but not only the heritage, but also the innovation that keeps pace with the times, like Baodi With the advent of the tourbillon, Omega has made a name for itself in the history of the watch movement with its powerful movements. From 19-calibre movements in the pocket watch era to 561 movements in the watch era, Omega cares for the reputation of professional watchmakers and Vacheron Constantin Classic heritage, etc., with a long history, they never stop improving their products to meet the needs of the people of the times. Their persistence is also explaining to the people the profoundness of the traditional watchmaking machinery and craftsmanship. It is their insistence that the watchmaking industry can stand up to the exclusion of guns and emerging industries! Let’s define them as ‘traditional style’ for the time being!

Richard Mille

   In modern times, some new Swiss watchmaking factories have sprung up. They are independent of the three major watchmaking groups. In order to attack the high-volume production lines of watchmaking products, most of them have limited quantities and top-quality watchmaking. Watch craftsmanship and unexpected creativity underscore the magic of mechanical watchmaking. Representatives are now large-scale independent watchmaking representatives: high-tech, creative Richard Mille, watchmaker Roger Dubuis, the pursuit of 100% Swiss-made Parmigiani, etc., although they were founded It is not as old as traditional watchmaking, but its development speed is astonishing. Due to the persistent pursuit of watch materials and uniqueness of watches, their watches cannot be mass-produced, but even in limited quantities, their Their status is gradually expanding, and they are expected to bring us different surprises in the next exhibition. Independent tabulation, let’s define it as high-cold, innovative style.

Patek Philippe Watch

Summary: There is no absolute thing in the world, and there is no absolute definition of the nihilistic thing of style. Like a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. What we have to do is to summarize and update them constantly. Led by the mainstream traditional wind, high cold, and innovative wind, Swiss watches are taking a steadfast step on the road of watch development, constantly digging, exploring, endlessly, and providing people with time records The tool is developing in the direction of more precise, humane and more convenient, which explains the profoundness and profoundness of the mechanical technology of timepieces.
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