Baselworld 2012 Baselworld Preview-tf Est. 1968 New T-fun Series

Representative of perfect Swiss quality and affordable luxury, the world-renowned brand TF Est.1968, launched the colorful fashion series T-Fun, with 2 Versions available: three-hand automatic (high-quality Swiss movement) and chronograph.

Its stylish elements include a dial and bezel finished in true carbon fiber, as well as fluorescent hands and brand logo. This T-Fun watch is equipped with a 100% Swiss-made three-handed automatic movement with round grain and Geneva ripples.
Through an open transparent bottom cover, you can observe the movement of the movement and its personalized appearance of the pendulum. Equipped with sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and water resistance of 15 ATM, the case is carefully crafted from 916 L stainless steel or 5 N gold plate, and the vivid chocolate brown and apple green tones are mixed with a few lively orange or white.

Wrist Battle On The Stadium Richard Mill Won

On the stadium, in addition to competing for strength in competitive games, the competition between the wrists has never stopped. In this year’s French Open, Rafael Nadal won the title for the tenth time. In this competition, in addition to Nadal’s title of ‘Ten Crowns’ attracted everyone’s attention, his Richard Miller also attracted everyone’s attention. In this battle of red clay, Richard Miller did not lose at all. This battle of red clay won not only Nadal, but also Richard Mill.

Richard Mille Men’s Collection RM 27-03

Product model: RM 27-03
Domestic public price: 5050000
Watch diameter: 47.77 x 40.30 mm
Case thickness: 12.75 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: TPT quartz fiber case, five titanium alloy screws
Water resistance: 50 meters
Details of the watch: The TPTĀ® quartz case used in the 27-03 watch is processed with an autoclave for aerospace manufacturing equipment. Grade 5 titanium alloy screws are not easily broken during installation and use. In addition to the scarcity of materials and the high requirements for technology, the integrated design and implementation of the movement is also the reason why it can follow Nadal on the field. This RM 27-03 is limited to 50 pieces worldwide and sells for more than 5 million RMB, but it is still being rushed by people.

Richard Mille Men’s Collection RM 27-02

Product model: RM 27-02
Domestic public price: 4975000
Watch diameter: 47.77 * 39.7 mm
Case thickness: 12.25 mm
Watch details: The tourbillon display of 27-02 and the overall dial design look full of science and technology. Not only that, in order to achieve wearing comfort, impact resistance and wear resistance, this RM 27-02 watch is made of QTPT material, which is not only light but also very resistant to wear. In this way, Richard Miller accompanied Nadal on the battlefield again and again, and achieved good results.

Richard Mille Men’s Collection RM 27-01

Product model: RM 27-01
Domestic public price: 4785000
Watch diameter: 45.98X38.90 mm
Case thickness: 10.05 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: RM27-01
Watch details: The 27-01 watch won the competition. According to the photos at the time, Nadal always wore it on his right wrist throughout the game. Compared to the previous two watches, this 27-01 is more low-key. The calm black seems to better highlight Nadal’s steady momentum in the game. The details are in red and yellow, continuing Richard Mille’s flamboyant design.

Summary: As a pioneer model of innovative watchmaking, Richard Mille has opened up a wide path for the watch market in both the use of materials and the bold breakthroughs in watchmaking technology. In terms of marketing, it is even more bold to cooperate with sports stars, which is more in line with Richard Mille’s style. So whether it is Nadal who is invincible on the Red Net or Richard Miller, who is constantly advancing with innovative watchmakers, is the king on their respective battlefields.