Chanel Launches Boy ∙ Friend Skeleton Watch

After Calibre 1 and Calibre 2, Chanel launched the third autonomous mechanical movement-Calibre 3, which for the first time brings a hollow design to the neutral style Boy Friend series. Like other mechanical movements (whether autonomous or introduced) on the Chanel watch, Calibre 3 can serve the overall aesthetics of the watch and blend perfectly with the rectangular case of the Boy Friend series.

   Unlike many other ‘fine watchmaking’ movements, the Calibre 3 movement is not mirror-polished or other delicately hand-finished, but this does not mean that this movement has no technical content. In fact, the black ADLC coating of the hollow bridge, combined with the bezel beige gold plating coating that echoes the aesthetics of the case, is also a complex technical challenge.

   Even the design of hollow-out elements places more emphasis on form than function. The bridge of the movement is located on the back side of the case, and is almost hidden by the interconnected rings with black and gold contrast finishing. The movement is manually wound and does not have a oscillating weight. The function is the simplest, only the central hours, minutes and small seconds are displayed with beige gold hands. The barrel can ensure a power reserve of at least 55 hours, drive a variable inertia balance, and be equipped with anti-vibration.

   Chanel’s new Boy ∙ Friend Skeleton watch is available in two styles. The regular model is priced at 36,500 euros and the bezel-set diamond is priced at 42,500 euros.

Deep Father’s Love Tudor Father’s Day Gifts

The new Tudor Pelagos is not only an excellent diving watch, but also a perfect fusion of superb technology and reliable mechanical performance. In addition to showing many classic details of Tudor history, this watch is one of the most representative models of the brand. With its extraordinary watchmaking technology, Tudor makes Pelagos watches embark on the journey of exploring the ocean and further expands a wider field of vision.
    This remarkable watch comes with a 42 mm diameter case and is water resistant to 500 meters (1640 feet). The case is entirely made of titanium and has been frosted to create a unique luster and rough appearance, which is an aesthetic interpretation of this deep-sea diving watch.
     The case is equipped with a helium exhaust valve, which helps reduce pressure to prevent damage to the watch. The sharply lined case is next to ‘GAS ESCAPE VALVE’. The matte black ceramic word ring and the unidirectional rotating outer ring of the luminous numerals add a lot of color to the watch. The design of the outer ring is ingenious, which makes the operation easier and easier to read.
     Even in extreme environments, the eye-catching hour markers and ‘snowflake’ luminous hands ensure clear reading. The special double-layered inner ring makes the triangular, rectangular or square hour markers merge into one body, which is more reminiscent of the brand’s historical models. In addition to its practical, easy-to-read and sturdy features, in addition to stainless steel discounts, the Pelagos watch’s titanium strap is also equipped with a patented automatic adjustment spring device developed by Tudor.
     With this extraordinary system, even if the diving suit shrinks with increasing depth and pressure, the strap can be tightened automatically; on the contrary, when the diver returns to the surface, the diving suit expands as the water depth pressure decreases, and the strap will change. It’s looser. Tudor’s Pelagos series also includes a rubber strap with an extensible system, which is convenient for users to adjust when wearing a diving suit. This new watch pays tribute to the sea, diving swimmers and marine protectors.
     Pelagos is a sturdy, reliable and high-performance sports watch with a water resistance of 500 meters, which allows Tudor to set a new milestone in the field of diving timepieces. The mysterious bay is filled with a unique atmosphere, which attracts many explorers to explore the mystery. The new Tudor Heritage Black Bay seems to be a treasure in this bay. The Heritage series launched in 2010 draws inspiration from the brand’s representative models in the past, making Heritage Black Bay a perfect interpretation of Tudor’s retro spirit.
     Although the Tudor Heritage Black Bay is designed with today’s popular elements, its inspiration is inspired by a diving watch that appeared in 1954. Since its introduction, Tudor has been innovating this watch until the 1980s. Its arched dial displays exquisite vintage-style details, rare burgundy bezels and “snowflake” hands, which make this iconic model stand out from many divers’ watches.

     Although Heritage Black Bay is as mysterious as a deep sea treasure, it is difficult to hide its extraordinary charm. Whether it is the line design from the 1954 model, or the refined and extended lugs, it can be perfectly matched with the modern 41 mm stainless steel case. The watch is water-resistant to 200 meters (660 feet), and it is even more elegant with its domed glass. The same black arched surface with large luminous hour markers makes the time clear at a glance. With its pink gold hands showing the oxidizing effect peculiar to the old model, it exudes a slight nostalgia. In addition, the unique purple-red unidirectional rotating outer ring of the Tudor watch is borrowed from the design of the 1970s model, which is more beautiful after matte treatment.
     Tudor strives for the perfect modification of details, which can be seen from the winding crown printed with the Tudor rose logo, and the end of the crown, which also matches the fuchsia. Heritage Black Bay uses a new folding buckle developed exclusively by Tudor, and is available with a black textured strap, stainless steel or vintage-style leather strap to choose from.