The Pointer Beats To Feel The World, When Jaeger-lecoultre Meets The Gl8 Avenir Concept Car

For friends who love watches, pure mechanical and artistic polishing are two crucial factors. Leaving aside the brand level, the rotation of the gears between the machines drives the pointer to jump, like a rational performance. The polishing of the case and the movement, with a more subjective visual impact, is a sensual expression. This experience of internal and external integration, rationality and sensibility also makes the watch not only a tool to watch time, but also has multiple meanings such as taste, identity and attitude. Similarly, with the development of the automobile industry, the automobile is no longer just a simple means of mobility or movement, as the boss of a car company once said, ‘Your car is another you.’ Which car to choose, as well as what watch to choose, is a most intuitive expression. Watches and cars, as a product of the combination of machinery and art, certainly have inextricable relationships and are also deeply loved by people. The word ‘art’ is very large, and not all products can be called ‘art’. In traditional impressions, artworks are high above you, and you should not look at them from afar, just like the concept cars unveiled at major conferences. They not only represent the future design direction of the brand, but also represent the ‘world pattern’ for future travel. ‘. In recent years, many major car brands have released a lot of concept cars, but they can be called ‘world pattern’ models. I am afraid that only the GL8 Avenir concept car unveiled at the Buick brand day this year. From the appearance point of view, the GL8 Avenir concept car inherits the classic design elements of the brand, showing the ‘big device’ feeling in details. The design of the front grille is inspired by the ‘rolling waves’, which is more three-dimensional and dynamic. Both the headlights and the rear taillights use LED light sources, with flying wings echoing back and forth. The flying wing extending from the front part penetrates the headlights and extends to the waistline to the rear light part, which makes the overall sense of the GL8 Avenir concept car more three-dimensionally coordinated. In the visual sense of expansion and stretching, it is not just simple and big, but also a kind of extravagant aura. The interior color of the GL8 Avenir concept car is mainly based on moon white and blue. The overall feel is elegant and noble. The dual 12-inch instrumentation and the central control unit screen run together, and with the 14-inch enhanced HUD head-up display system, multi-screen linkage can be achieved with a full sense of technology. The rear seat back is equipped with two high-definition screens, which, in conjunction with the headrest surround sound field system, can achieve a theater-level audio and video experience. On the left and right door panels, the author found two irregular lacquered decorations. The Buick brand called this a ‘big lacquer’ interior. It is understood that the ‘large lacquer process’ has a history of more than 7000 years, and reached the state of pure fire in the Song and Yuan Dynasties. 3000 lacquer trees can only collect one kilogram of raw lacquer, which also illustrates its preciousness. The lacquer decoration of the GL8 Avenir concept car adopts the hues of the green mountains and rivers of the Jin and Tang dynasties, and adds a golden level. The use and color of the colors are similar to the world time watch of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory. The dial of this watch uses a blue background with a golden world map, a unique ‘top view’ perspective over the North Pole, to commemorate the first arrival of the Nautilus nuclear submarine in 1957. The entire projection is divided into 24 time zones with white lines. It can understand the time change of the entire world between square inches, and truly realize ‘world time, one watch control’. It is a watch with ‘world pattern’. It is understood that the large lacquer decoration on the GL8 Avenir concept car is hand-crafted, and each piece is an independent piece of art. The artisans use raw lacquer to blend natural dyes and then manually stack them to create a unique artistic effect. With the passage of time and daily use, different levels of large lacquer colors will undergo unique chemical reactions, appearing similar to the effect of encapsulation, exuding unique artistic charm and texture. In the traditional concept, the MPV should be six or seven. In terms of seating space, although it is larger than other types of vehicles, it does not reach as spacious as the first class of an aircraft. The GL8 Avenir concept car innovatively uses a four-seat layout, which allows the already spacious second-row seats to have more room for expansion. The first-class seats in the rear row have added luxury in the creation of a sense of luxury. The diamond-shaped hand-stitched pattern and elegant gradient perforated flowers interpret the delicate and rich visual language of the Avenir diamond pattern. Whether it’s a headrest, backrest, seat cushion, leg rest, or armrest, the white rear first-class seats can be perfectly integrated, not only visually ‘significantly big’, but also an ultimate sense of honor. In terms of design details, GL8 Avenir allows us to see the art and luxury experience. This is similar to the ‘polishing’ of the watch in its production. ‘Grinding’ is an important manifestation of watch design and luxury. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory World Time watch mentioned above is taken as an example. It uses the brand’s homemade 772 movement and has a 40-hour power reserve. The Geneva stripes are prominent. Its top-notch watchmaking skills, K-gold pendulum rotor, luxurious and exquisite sense at a glance. The GL8 Avenir concept’s rear crystal atmosphere light and the starry atmosphere light create a romantic and private space, which is also a configuration that cannot be experienced on other models. If, at this time, press the ‘Tasting’ key through the Smart Surface touch panel, Avenir’s custom-designed wine cabinet and rear-controlled wine glass will slowly be in place for your enjoyment. When you reach your destination, you only need to press the back seat to reset, and these unfolded wine cabinet wine glasses can be easily returned to place. In terms of the rear space, luxury and privacy, the GL8 Avenir concept car brings us the ultimate ‘big world’. Written in the end, if the watch can feel the time beating world, then the GL8 Avenir concept car is the attitude of the Buick brand on the future travel mode. In my opinion, these two are the products of the perfect combination of machinery and art, and they are inextricably linked. From the GL8 Avenir concept car, let us see the trend of high-end luxury MPV in the future, and let us understand the infinite imagination of luxury of the Buick brand. It is believed that in the near future, such a luxurious design full of artistic imagination will also make it possible for consumers who are pursuing high-end travel to be within reach. A high-end luxury MPV revolution is coming soon! (Text / Qiu Xiaozheng)