2015 Basel: The Elegant Style Of Chopard Tourbillon

Chopard pays tribute to precision watchmaking. The L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon is in the same vein as the L.U.C 1963 and L.U.C 1963 Chronograph, condensing the essence of Chopard’s fine watchmaking craftsmanship. The finely crafted dial is made of large fire enamel. The tourbillon movement is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and has a 9-day power reserve.

The L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon watch has a subtle and elegant appearance, which is a masterpiece of watchmaking.

Inheriting Chopard History
In 1963, the Schafer family became the owners of the Chopard brand. The L.U.C. 1963 watch draws directly on the aesthetic design of the brand’s pocket watches at the time and pays high respect to the family tradition. This respect for history is also the source of inspiration for watchmaking. Chopard Watch Factory aims to continue the brand’s founder Louis-Yulis. Chopard’s outstanding watchmaking quality. This fine watchmaking spirit is reflected in many ways.

The new L.U.C. 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon watch design manuscript, let the L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon watch fully embody Chopard’s pursuit of excellence, regardless of material, production technology, movement, aesthetic design and ergonomic structure are perfect

Elegant and charming enamel dial
The dial of the new L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon is a reflection of the brand’s great watchmaking tradition. The surface is bright and white, with halo flowing, giving off a natural luster and attracting attention. The dial is made of traditional large fire enamel. The rigorous enamel craftsmanship is demanding, making the dial shape permanent. The name Grand Feu is derived from dusting enamel powder on a disc and baking it in a high temperature furnace (900 ° C). The process of this handicraft needs to be repeated many times, each time bearing the risk of damage to the dial. The dial is then polished by hand to remove tiny air bubbles from the surface. Finally, the surface is coated with a protective layer of transparent enamel enamel to give the work a unique gloss. Chopard thus reproduces the elegant and charming retro enamel dial, inheriting ancient handicrafts. The intricacies of the L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon are here.

The new L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon with L.U.C 02.19-L1 manual winding

New movement with enamel dial
The L.U.C 02.19-L1 movement is an optimized version of the 02.01-L movement. Its thickness has been reduced by 0.6 mm, and Chopard has thus been able to reserve more space for enamel dials that are thicker than normal. This extraordinary movement is equipped with a tourbillon at 6 o’clock and has a 9-day power reserve. Its tourbillon bridge plate is equipped with two (usually four) fixed clip bridges, which have been hollowed out, finely polished, and carefully chamfered and satin-polished to further enhance the decorative beauty of the movement. There is an 8-day graduated power reserve indicator at noon. The L.U.C 02.19-L1 movement uses patented Quattro® technology, which provides a 216-hour power reserve for the movement. Four barrels transmit energy steadily to the movement, ensuring the exceptional chronograph quality of this extraordinary timepiece.
Accurate and reliable, beautiful and harmonious
According to Carl Frederick, co-president of Chopard and founder of Chopard Watch Factory. According to the wishes of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the L.U.C. 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon watch, like all L.U.C. 1963 watches equipped with the seconds display, has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (C.O.S.C.) for accuracy. This model is also engraved with the Geneva Seal, which guarantees a high level of part decoration. Parts are chamfered, stretched, dot polished and / or polished according to their position and function in the movement. This certification has recently expanded its scope of application, and has since addressed the entire watch, its components, its regularity of movement and its case.

Limited edition of the new L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon

The L.U.C 1963 Tourbillon Tourbillon watch is deliberately small, with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 10.60 mm. The timepiece is thus elegant and pure. The satin-finished curved bezel, delicate bezel and rose gold case are sure to impress watch lovers. The finely-lined lugs make the watch more elegant and elegant, while giving the timepiece an excellent wearing comfort. This elegant principle is implemented in the making of this fine watch. The exquisite details of the parts perfectly match the unique dial. Precise mechanical construction combined with a practical long power reserve. The rigorous and reliable timing performance complements the beautiful tourbillon mechanism.