Baselworld New Watch Preview: Danish Design

Maybe we live in a fast-changing world, and some products provide reassuring confidence because of their appeal to human core values. Danish Design has always adhered to its watchmaking philosophy of producing elegant watches with timeless simple lines, first-class materials and ergonomically designed cases and straps.
BaselWorld will showcase an amazing number of fashionable new watches, and Danish Design is also proud to launch a series of new models to join this extraordinary camp. However, these new models do not represent new design concepts, they demonstrate the originality of Danish Design. The talented Scandinavian designer has developed the Danish Design watch series to protect the status of this international brand.
All new Q988 series watches show a simple design. The 44mm frosted stainless steel case, the bezel and dial adopt a concentric circle visual design, equipped with mineral glass mirror, waterproof 3 ATM.

Danish Design’s new Q988 collection

The new Q1007 series combines a titanium case with a high-tech ceramic bezel and a mineral glass mirror, with a calfskin strap or a titanium and ceramic bracelet, making the watch lightweight and skin-friendly. Its quartz movement receives wireless signals from the Frankfurt Atomic Clock, ensuring perfect precision. The watch can display hours, minutes, seconds and dates; it is water resistant to 5 ATM.
The Q1030 series has men’s watches (39 mm in diameter) and women’s watches (31 mm in diameter), which are elegant and ultra-thin. Four different versions are available, all with stainless steel case, ceramic bezel and sapphire crystal. The watch displays the hours, minutes and date (at 6 o’clock). All models come with a calfskin strap and are waterproof to 3 ATM.
The last Q986 series brings together the best elements of the unique style of the fifties that only the Nordic designers really mastered. The stainless steel case is combined with a Milanaise braided steel chain and is available in men’s (38 mm) and women’s (30 mm) watches. Large models also have a date display. Water resistance is 3 ATM.

From left: Danish Design’s new Q1030, Q1007 and Q986 watches

Hublot Launches The Special Limited Edition Of The Classic Aerofusion Red Chronograph The Watch Gallery

Hublot and The Watch Gallery collaborated for the fourth time to launch the classic fusion Aerofusion RED special limited edition chronograph, injecting new vitality into the comprehensive and successful partnership between the two parties. The new watch is 45 mm in diameter, equipped with a titanium case and a black ceramic bezel. It is decorated with novel and eye-catching colors. The creative combination interprets the brand concept of ‘fused art’.

   In order to maintain the bold and confident image of Hublot, the designer carefully selected red, decorated with lacquered graduated rings, sub-dial cumulative rings, rhodium-plated seconds hand and black alligator leather strap. The satin-finished and polished titanium case adds a sturdy feel to the model, while the self-winding skeleton chronograph movement, which provides a 42-hour power reserve, clearly demonstrates the brand’s superb watchmaking skills.

   The new watch continues the brand vision of Hublot combining tradition and innovation, focusing on luxury watch development. From the classic fusion series, we can see the unique philosophy of Hublot, which is the perfect fusion of traditional watchmaking, cutting-edge design and excellent craftsmanship.

   Classic fusion is the most modern and simple product series of Hublot, inspired by the avant-garde design launched in 1980 when the brand was founded. Hublot is the first Swiss fine watch brand to pioneer the innovative application of rubber. It boldly combines precious metals and industrial materials, subverting the watchmaking tradition of that time.

   The new Hublot classic fusion Aerofusion RED special edition chronograph is limited to 45 pieces and is on sale at Selfridges in Oxford Street, London and The Watch Gallery in Westfield.

Montblanc Presents The ‘ode To Mont Blanc’ Series

Mont Blanc rises in the middle of Europe. It has a magnificent momentum and is proud of the Quartet. It is a masterpiece of nature and it has been shocking for generations. Montblanc was founded more than a century ago. Its brand name is derived from the highest peak in Europe. The six glaciers on the mountain are transformed into the Montblanc six-pointed star symbol, which symbolizes the brand’s insistence on excellence, noble value and durable quality. .

 This year Montblanc created the ‘Tribute to Mont Blanc’ series to pay tribute to the highest peak in Europe. This new collection includes a new snow-white variation of classic Taipan writing instruments, as well as jewellery and leather goods for men and women, refined with different gems and materials, respectively, echoing the ice and snow and rocky topography of Mont Blanc, supplemented by meticulousness The detailed design and exquisite handwork, each design is reminiscent of the natural beauty and momentum of Mont Blanc.

 Montblanc is well aware of the importance of protecting the natural beauty of future generations, so it decided to support the projects and organizations that conserve Montblanc’s natural ecology by benefiting from the sales of the ‘Commemorative Mont Blanc’ series.

 Praise to Mont Blanc series

 The Meisterst & uuml; ck Tribute to the Mont Blanc series, which was born from the pen of the pen king, has retained the original beautiful lines and design features, but the original ink black pen has become pure. The white lacquered surface is like the white snow of the eternal Mont Blanc; the snowflake crystal six-pointed star on the cap reminds of the majestic glaciers on the top of the mountain; the platinum-plated nib has beautiful Mont Blanc mountain pattern carvings and each peak The name comes alive. 0

 “ Ode to Mont Blanc ” leather series

 The glacier on the top of the snow-capped mountains is the source of inspiration for the “Song of Mont Blanc” leather series: the notepads, women’s wallets, men’s wallets and pen cases made of the highest quality white leather are all lined with exquisite leather, which perfectly echoes the gorgeous appearance; The unforgettable pure white leather goods are in sharp contrast with the traditional black Daban leather goods series.

 Praise Mont Blanc jewelry series

 Montblanc introduces the design concept of ‘praising Mont Blanc’ into the men’s high-end jewellery, men’s classic jewellery and women’s sterling silver jewellery series. The thoughtful design and exquisite details bring out the momentum and mysterious charm of the mountains, as if to tell A moving legend.

 Montblanc uses a variety of precious materials to show the transcendent beauty of Mont Blanc: the milky quartz of the women’s series is like a glacier on the mountain, the blue agate is like a blue sky, and the pink crystal is like the rose of the Alps. Cufflinks) Hold a 0.6 carat Montblanc star diamond with arched black onyx or white grain. Natural precious stones and glittering diamonds complement each other. The classic design and the sense of the time are natural, the style is sharp and the details are clever. The artistic perspective of Mont Blanc’s towering beauty is refreshing.

2018 Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering: Tag Heuer Participates In Extreme Challenge Competitions

The ski mountaineering elite will face huge extreme challenges in this legendary event and harsh environment: As the official partner of the 2018 Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering, TAGHeuer supports the Raiffeisen team. , And launched a special edition watch.

A challenging and impressive journey
   On the snow-capped peaks of Valais, Switzerland, more than 2,000 meters, the Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering has begun, a high-level military event that ordinary people can also participate in.
   As an event that combines high-level mountaineering and top skiing skills, the Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering is held every two years, bringing together the world’s top ski and mountaineering experts. This year’s competition includes two stages: Zermatt to Verbier About 53 kilometers; 26 kilometers from Arora to Verbier.
   The two stages have long, high-altitude routes, which are extremely difficult and require great endurance and perseverance. These two lines not only reflect the values ​​of the Swiss military, but also the brand spirit of #TAGHeuer (#DontCrackUnderpressure), which has been the official timepiece of this event since 2016.

TAGHeuer: Go All Out
   Among the more than 5,000 players who are ready to participate in this extreme challenge, one of the most inspiring and determined players is particularly eye-catching. She is: Emily Vaudan, a brand friend, the 2016 Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering Championship.
   Emily’s personality is outstanding. She will lead one of the two Raiffeisen teams, and TAGHeuer is also a partner of this team.
   Exceeding the limits, determined, and tenacious: these are the values ​​of TAGHeuer, which are also reflected in the new limited edition watch: TAGHeuerFormula1 (F1) Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering Special Edition. This is a dynamic, low-key watch with a red dial on the grey dial, PDG (Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering).