Earl’s Fine Jewellery Watch Exhibition 6/13 ~ 17 Launched At Baohongtang Taipei Flagship Store

Earlier on the 140th anniversary, Piaget air-delivered classic jewellery watches to Taiwan for exhibition. It will be selected for the first time to display 12 total value in the flagship store of Baohongtang Taipei during 6 / 13-6 / 17. More than 300 million high-end jewelry watches, including Piaget classic mysterious watches and diamond tourbillon watches; meanwhile, Piaget Limelight series classic women’s watches Limelight Blooming Rose, Limelight Gala, Limelight Magic Hour, Limelight Dancing Light, Limelight Tonneau … After the exhibition, it will tour the Piaget boutique until July, and invite watch collectors to come and appreciate the extraordinary exhibition of Piaget combining professional watchmaking and jewellery creativity.

Piaget-Master of Watch and Jewellery Making
 When Piaget launched one of the world’s thinnest mechanical movements, the 9P, in 1957, with a thickness of only 2 millimeters. By virtue of this ultra-thin movement, Piaget set off an ultra-thin revolution in the watch industry, and furthered the development of the watch industry. Men’s watches with complex performances and women’s watches with design sense open up endless possibilities. This unprecedented model of ultra-thin movement has become an opportunity for Piaget to release endless creativity, allowing Piaget to use a variety of hard and precious stones, make-up cases, dials or bracelets, and make fine watches Turned into art treasures.

 Piaget fully grasps the top technology for making all jewellery and fine jewelry, and uses the special craftsmanship of gemologists, jewellery masters, goldsmiths, and gem inlayers to create creative works, so that the brand’s amazing creativity and wild imagination can be fully used. Watches set with diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds are born, turning into brilliant jewels on the wrist. Since the 1970s, Earl Style has become a trend pioneer and countless celebrity styles, shining on the wrists of celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor. The original design and perfect craftsmanship in all aspects have allowed Piaget to create truly outstanding works that are still popular today.

 Piaget has full control of the top technologies for making all jewellery and fine jewellery, and can combine the specialized craftsmanship of gemologists, jewellery masters, goldsmiths and gem-setters for creative use.

 Throughout the watch industry, only a few well-known brands can rely on the power of their own watch factories to complete design, R & D and production by master craftsmanship, and finally modify each step. Among them, they have their own gem department and high-end jewelry workshop brands. It is one of the few, and Piaget owns one of the largest workshops in Geneva. More than 3 million precious stones have been set by Piaget Gem Setters. Piaget’s top jewellery watch will be launched in Baohongtang Taipei flagship store from 6/13 ~ 17. We sincerely welcome you to see and appreciate the extraordinary.

Piaget Luxury Jewellery Show
Date: June 13-17, 2014
Location: Taipei flagship store
Address: No. 119, Section 5, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City
Phone: (02) 2766-7859