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Hublot and its global brand ambassador, American professional basketball NBA legend Dwyane Wade, witnessed the release of the latest limited edition watch. Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade is a HUBLOT Hublot. Following the successful creation of the King Power Dwyane Wade limited edition watch for the ‘Lightning’ (nicknamed Dwyane Wade) in 2011, it has partnered with this super New basketball watch launched by basketball superstars, limited to 250 pieces worldwide.

 Dwyane Wade, global brand ambassador for Hublot

The Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade features a polished black ceramic bezel with a case diameter of 45 mm. The overall design is mainly red, black and luxurious gold with Dwyane Wade’s leadership style, presenting an extraordinary elegance. The small seconds at 3 o’clock on the dial subtly integrates Wade’s personal logo, and the gold Wade signature is also printed at 6 o’clock. The red and black distinguished watch box is decorated with the word WADE and its personal logo. At the same time, it is partially visualized with golden elements. The luxurious space design is enough to accommodate four Hublot watches, like a watch luggage that pays tribute to time Box for easy carrying.

Hublot presents a pair of HUBLOT Big Bang denim watches to the Dwyane Wade couple to celebrate their wedding

That night, HUBLOT Hublot and Dwyane Wade jointly held a top dinner at the OMAR’S Private Club in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York to celebrate the grand launch of Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade. Vincent Vuillaume, President of Hublot Hublot America, will join Wade This tailor-made limited edition watch was unveiled. HUBLOT Hublot also gives Wade and his beloved wife Gabrielle Union a couple watch — HUBLOT Big Bang denim watch, with a blue strap and dial, symbolizing the “Something Blue” in the wedding. . Guests gathered at the event included legendary photographer Bruce Weber, basketball star Alonzo Mourning, fashion designers Maxwell Osborne and Simon Spurr, actors Nicole Lyn, Nan Bush, Shawn Costner and Bradley Theodore.

Hublot creates legendary star Dwyane Wade limited edition Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade

Hublot, the official timekeeper of the Miami Heat, the top team in the US professional basketball team, officially joined the American basketball legend Dwyane Wade in 2011 and became the most proud partner of the ‘Flash’. Combining superb ball skills, unique style and leadership spirit, Wade has been playing for the Miami Heat since 2003. As one of the most popular players in the NBA, he has made countless achievements, including winning the NBA Championship Value player, 2008 Beijing Olympic basketball gold medal, and won the NBA championship three times. Outside the stadium, he spared no effort to support philanthropy, and in 2003 he founded the ‘Wade’s World Foundation’. At the same time, Wade’s unique dressing taste has made it a global fashion pioneer.

Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade. Wade watch equipped with HUB1155 automatic skeletonized chronograph movement with Dwyane Wade signature at 6 o’clock

HUBLOT Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said: ‘It is precisely because HUBLOT Hub actively participates in many sports fields that it can bring a real’ integrated art ‘to the global sports world. Since Wade became brand ambassador in 2011, The watch has been working closely with it, and we will continue to maintain such exciting and in-depth cooperation. Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade fully reflects Wade’s personal charm and sports passion, we are honored to work with him to launch such outstanding works ‘Dwyane Wade also said,’ Fashion and style have always been very important to me, and it is already part of my daily life. Through years of cooperation with HUBLOT Hublot, I have the opportunity to be able to integrate my personality Incorporating into watch design. This partnership has also given me a deeper understanding of the watch industry, and I am glad to share my vision with such a top Swiss watch brand. ‘

Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade. 250 Wade watches-

Wrist Safari , Animal Migration

There has been a lot of news about animals recently: The giant panda ‘Ruyi’ and ‘Ding Ding’ set off for the Moscow Zoo; 700 artificially breeding Chinese sturgeon breeding the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River; em> The General Administration of Customs vigorously cracks down on the smuggling of endangered species and their products; 61 harbor seal cubs hunted illegally Released to the sea near Lushun Photo enthusiasts have taken many shots in Ningde, Fujian Province Chinese white dolphins play together … the Chinese people’s awareness of the conservation of rare wild animals is becoming more and more mature . The beasts of nature have always been the source of inspiration for watch designers. Many brands have their own animal spokespersons, such as Cartier’s Cheetah, Hermes’ horse, Athens’s shark, and Bucherer’s devil fish. Think about the theme and design timepieces that are either lifelike or cute. This year is no exception. From Geneva to Basel, all kinds of animals are dazzling. In addition to the dragons and phoenixes and unicorns in the mythology, the animals that leaped onto the disk were probably majestic and vigorous beasts like tigers, lions, eagles, and of course, cute little creatures such as butterflies, bees, birds, and monkeys. Poultry and animals such as horses, sheep, chickens, dogs, pigs, and cattle have also entered the timepiece stage with the help of the zodiac theme. But there are many more species in this year’s animal map. There are Chinese favorite pandas, koi and cranes, as well as cold-blooded reptiles such as pythons and crocodiles, as well as rare animals such as orangutans, elephants and rhinos. Even jellyfish can become a clock, making this safari park around your wrist even more colorful. To display these animal patterns vividly on a square-inch panel, micro-painting, collage, sculpting, and inlaying are all traditional manual techniques. Such watches are not only limited in quantity but often expensive. But just like we do n’t want to take the animals home when we go to the zoo, we will open our eyes to these watches, purely appreciate it! Vacheron Constantin: Les Cabinotiers Loft Craftsman Series Cong Lingye Fun Theme Watch This set of ‘Mécaniques Sauvages’ watches, at first glance was attracted by the puppet state of China’s great national treasure, the use of fine wood inlaying process, will be different Shapes and colors of small pieces of wood are cut by hand and combined to form a vivid pattern. Each dial is made of a variety of different woods. Through color and texture, the pattern is more vivid. This panda dial uses more than 300 pieces of wood. The rock background of another Tiggo watch uses more than 200 pieces of wood chips, but the Tiggo itself is embossed with contrasting finishes such as matte, polishing, and satin drawing, and finally uses black oxidation technology to highlight Tiger pattern, the whole tiger takes at least 60 hours to make. The gold tiger is more three-dimensional when placed on the spliced ​​wood, as if it is about to jump from the high rock next second. Both watches have a unique time display. There is no pointer on the dial, and the hour, minute, day of the week, and date are displayed through 4 windows. 41 mm diameter case, certified by the Geneva Seal. The attic artisan series are all custom-made, all limited to one. Cartier: Panthère Figurative Cheetah watch Cheetah is Cartier’s eternal spokesperson, appearing on the disk time and again, lifelike and exuberant. This year, the total number of various cheetah models has exceeded 10 pieces. I still remember the launch of the extremely surprising Révélation d’une Panthère watch last year. The watch uses a double-layered mirror. The chevron pattern groove is engraved on the lower mirror, and 900 small gold beads are poured into the watch. , Jin Zhu rolled along the carefully designed track, and gradually outlined the cheetah pattern. In order to make the gold beads flow slowly, a liquid is also injected into it to make the formation of the pattern more dramatic. This year, gold beads were replaced by 650 miniature round diamonds, and a rain of diamonds fell on the surface of the black lacquered disk. The entire watch is set with 1,289 diamonds and weighs about 19.39 carats. 37 mm white gold case, limited to 40 pieces. Another Ronde Louis Cartier Regard de Panthère cheetah decorative watch is treated with a delicate mosaic process similar to a mosaic tile, inlaid with mother-of-pearl and round diamonds of different shades, in a crisscross grille After the panther head pattern was collaged, the craftsman dipped the black paint to decorate the black spots on the panther head. The final ‘final touch’ is a luminous coating on the leopard eye. After absorbing the light, it can emit light in the dark, and it really looks like a torch. 36 mm gold case, limited to 30 pieces. Hermès Hermès: Arceau series Baobab Cat and Awoooo watches started from making Hermes. Today, saddles, whip and other harnesses are still produced. The elements of horses have repeatedly appeared in the brand’s works, from bags to scarves, from ties. To watch. Every year Hermes will use the enamel painting process to move various horse patterns on the surface, but this year it was a bit abnormal, and it turned out to be a baby leopard watch and a big wolf male watch. The little leopard is an Arceau Baobab Cat women’s watch, with a platinum case diameter of 34 mm, set with 80 light-colored sapphires, and weighing about 0.8 carats. The dial is onyx, with the petals of the mother-of-pearl patch on it, and then hand-painted and carved to create a cute picture of a cheetah exploring the flowers in the head. The name of the big wolf Arceau series watch is very interesting. It is directly called ‘Awooooo’, that is, a big wolf squinting his eyes and rising to the sky with a crescent moon. The dial is made of micro-painted enamel. The platinum case is 41 mm in diameter and is limited to 8 pieces. Bovet Bovet: Amadeo Fleurier series clock Powell also brought several animal watches this year, including two models of flying dragons, naturally won the favor of the Chinese. You should know that Long Totem has been on the brand’s works since the beginning of Bowei in 1822. At that time, it was during the Daoguang Reign of the Qing Dynasty. The previous emperors, Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong, were all enthusiastic collectors of watches and clocks. Therefore, the whole of Europe was catering to the preferences of the Chinese emperor. But here is another watch that is also a favorite theme of the Chinese people-koi, especially koi has now become synonymous with good luck. A total of six koi carps swim in the lotus pond on the dial of the glazed fire enamel. The breeze blows, but it is sparkling, and it is peaceful and rich. The white gold case is 39 mm in diameter, the bezel is set with diamonds, and the crown and strap bolts are set with 5 convex-cut sapphires. Easily switch between watches, pocket watches, and clocks without tools. Patek Philippe: Rare craftsmanship watch. Of course we can’t miss Patek Philippe. As the guardian of Geneva’s traditional crafts, every year Patek Philippe will present many rare craft timepieces at the Basel Watch Fair, including watches, pocket watches, and dome clocks. It is committed to carry forward the watch decoration craftsmanship that has been passed down for more than 400 years. They are all available in limited editions, and some are unique, but brands generally do not issue press releases, but display them in glass windows on the first floor of the exhibition hall. Patek Philippe Rare Craft Series Watches This series presents 50 works in one breath this year, including hand-carved, bright fire silk enamel, miniature enamel painting, fine wood inlay, hand-carved and other crafts, which are not Fewer animal themes. However, because it was shot on a mobile phone and the flow of people on the site was woven, the effect of the photos was not good. Please forgive me. Graff: The GyroGRAFF Endangered Species series watch should have five watches, but due to inadequate production, only four appeared at this year’s Basel watch exhibition. The theme is the endangered species listed by WWF, including elephants, tigers, pandas, gorillas and rhinos, of which the rhino models have not yet been released. Let’s enjoy these endangered “rare” animals and watches 48mm white gold case with diamonds on the bezel, on the blue aventurine dial, diamond or cognac sapphire collage The animal’s frontal appearance. The number of diamonds and gems used by each animal varies. Each watch is limited to one. The GyroGRAFF series has three complex functions, namely a dual-axis tourbillon located below the dial, a three-dimensional moon phase at 10 o’clock, and a power reserve display at 1 o’clock. This movement is used in many of the brand’s artistic watches, creating a variety of ideas, such as looking up at the Milky Way from the earth, overlooking the continents of the earth from outer space, racing Mercedes-Benz on the track, and other imaginative. This year, two more GyroGRAFF series watches were made into the landscape of the Great Wall of China and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, everyone must appreciate it. MB & F: The work of Medusa clock / wall clock independent watch brand MB & F has always been bold and innovative, and it has not been possible to do so. It is only unexpected that robots, spaceships, rockets, moonboats, octopuses, spiders … An unforgettable masterpiece. Following the creation of an ‘Electro-Optic Jellyfish’ watch, this year brought a giant jellyfish clock. The large transparent glass dome blown by hand is the bell-shaped body of the jellyfish. This is the Murano craft from Venice, Italy. The two swivel rings seen from the inside show the hours and minutes respectively. With the help of luminous paint, Like the jellyfish in the deep sea, it can emit a dim light in the dark. Turn the metal knob at the bottom to wind the clock while adjusting the time. There are three types of clock body: blue, green and red, which can be used as a hanging clock or a table clock. When placed upright, the height is 32.3 cm, the diameter is 25 cm, and the weight is about 6 kg. Each color is limited to 50 seats. Medusa is a jellyfish and Medusa, the serpent-haired banshee in Greek mythology. When you stare at this clock, be careful not to be turned into a stone statue. Bvlgari Bvlgari: Serpenti series watches The most classic female watch of the Bulgari is the Serpenti series. Serpenti is an Italian ‘snake’, but this snake that has been entangled on a woman’s wrist for more than half a century, instead of feeling horrible and gloomy, it has a smart and mysterious enchantment and charming. After half a century of evolution, Serpenti has a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and decorations. The Serpenti Seduttori watch launched this year uses a drop-shaped snake head shape, which is even slimmer. The bracelet continues the classics of the series. Style, soft and flexible, but tough and safe, available in rose gold, gold, white, pavé diamond and other styles. This article contains a large number of original pictures, some of which are from the brand or the Internet. Anyone may not use them without permission. Please contact us for permission to reprint.