Count Piaget Joins Hands With Verhoeven Brothers To Create Extraordinary Masterpieces At The Venice Biennale

‘We are storytellers, from fantasy to factory, from statement to product.’
‘We tell stories, bring dreams into reality, and we turn ideas into works.’
-Brother Verhoeven

   Count Piaget is pleased to present the creative masterpiece of ‘Moments of Happiness’, created by members of The Carpenters Workshop Gallery and brothers of the Dutch artist Verhoeven, and made a brilliant debut during the Venice Biennale 2019. ‘Oro) ‘Dysfunctional’ theme exhibition.
   ‘Moments of Happiness’ combines historic symbolism with avant-garde craftsmanship to create stunningly beautiful sculptures. Bubbles representing ephemeral bubbles have appeared throughout the history of art history. The most well-known representative is Chardane’s ‘The Boy Who Blows Soap Bubbles’ (circa 1733-1734). This oil painting depicts a teenager Attentively blowing soap bubbles while another teenager was watching. The Verhoeven brothers transformed the illusory image of bubbles into long-lasting objects, creating unique cultural artworks. Through the bubbles in the works, it depicts the splendor of life and captures the innocence and fun spirit of young life. As a brand that continuously transmits positive energy, Piaget has always adhered to the ‘Sunny Side of Life’ brand philosophy, and will give each Piaget masterpiece a joyous and fun meaning.

   ‘Moments of Happiness’ is composed of multiple borosilicate glass bubbles, creating an interesting aerial sculpture. The glass surface shows a colorful effect, highlighting the light and wonderful sense of volley. This is also the first time that the Verhoeven brothers have incorporated gold into their works of art, ingeniously echoing Piaget’s superb gold craftsmanship.
   The Verhoeven brothers searched for years before developing the ideal technology for making such bubbles. Optical glass is by far the strongest and most transparent artificial glass. Italian artisans who specialize in precision cutting of jewellery cut glass into complex structures to create exceptionally strong artworks.

   Over the years, Piaget has firmly believed in the importance of creative thinking and artistic value. He has worked with Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Richard Avedon ) And many artists such as Arman. Through the perfect combination of high-quality raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship: the choice of gold materials, vivid color collisions, new styles, precious stones and the application of hard gem dials-Piaget has gradually formed its own unique charming style. The gold material is the core of Piaget’s work, and it is also a constant source of inspiration for Piaget artisans. In the ‘Outstanding Workshop’, the precious metal material is made into a timeless masterpiece. With over 140 years of rich history, Piaget Piaget is still far-sighted and continues to innovate to create smart jewellery, extraordinary watches and high-end luxury jewellery collections. In the vast creative world, Piaget watchmaking and jewellery masters unremittingly explore the creative possibilities, turning gold, diamonds and gems into exquisite works of art.
   Verhoeven brothers

   Jeroen Verhoeven and Joep Verhoeven are Dutch artists who currently live and work in Amsterdam. Their works are good at blending fantasy and reality: the function and morphology of objects everywhere in daily life are transformed into the expression of mysterious and touching stories, and the inner impression of softness and ambiguity in the dream is framed to make it within reach. Magnificent treasures.
   The Verhoeven brothers’ works of art have been collected by many museums, art galleries and private collections, including the Perth Western Australian Art Gallery, the Brooklyn Art Museum, New York, the Die Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London Pompidou Centre, Paris, and in recent years, works have been collected by the Corning Museum of Glass.
   The Carpenters Workshop Gallery

   From functional art to collectible design, today the Carpenters Workshop Gallery continues to transcend the traditional art expression domain, producing and presenting many functional sculptures created by international emerging and prestigious artists and designers. Carpenters Workshop Gallery actively participates in the research and creation of limited-edition artworks, constantly seeks the inner connection between emotion, art and history, and breaks the traditional boundaries between art and design. Founders Julien Lombrail and Loic le Gaillard are childhood playmates. In 2006, the two opened their first gallery in a carpenter’s workshop in Chelsea, London; today, they have opened four galleries around the world, in London, Paris, and New York, and the latest one is in San Francisco. In 2015, they officially opened a research center in Roissy. With a unique space of 8,000 square meters, they focused on artistic research and brought together many outstanding artists. Carpenters Workshop Gallery is now recognized as the top contemporary art collection gallery.
   ‘DYSFUNCTIONAL’ theme exhibition

   Art makes people forget the functional attributes originally possessed by real objects. The theme exhibition ‘DYSFUNCTIONAL’ pays tribute to the artistic power of forgotten functional expression. The concept of Dysfunction is defined as ‘disruption of normal social relations’, encouraging visitors to rethink the inherent connections between form and function, art and design, history and modernity.
   Julien Lombrail and Loic le Gaillard, co-founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery, said: ‘We decided to host the’ DYSFUNCTIONAL ‘exhibition at the Venice Biennale, the world’s most important art exhibition, with the purpose of bringing more thought to visitors. Space, such as: how to define art? Why ca n’t art have both practical functions? When can design turn into art? Every art masterpiece presented here is the expression and use of ingenious ideas. Stop to appreciate their extraordinary beauty, rich imagination and emotional tension. We share the same vision with Swiss private bank Lombard Odier, and hope to invite visitors to immerse themselves in this wonderful artistic journey, and the art that is sculpted from the rich cultural heritage of Venice The hazy boundary between art and design is explored in the atmosphere. ‘