Introduction Of Cartier Celestial Constant Gravity Watch

Seeing ‘Challenging Gravity’, 80% of our brains will pop out the word ‘Tourbillon’. That’s right, the tourbillon has been the most widely used method to solve the effect of gravity on the accuracy of watches. But this new Cartier celestial constant center of gravity watch (Rotonde de Cartier Astror & eacute; gulateur) has nothing to do with the tourbillon. Because it takes a whole new approach. In order for you to understand this innovative organization efficiently and deeply, let us first take a look at the official video.

It can be seen that the second dial of the new 9800 MC self-winding movement equipped in the new watch is a miniature rotor, and the escapement mechanism and balance spring mechanism are integrated on the miniature rotor system. drive. Cartier calls this system ‘Rotor-driven escapement’. Because the rotor can always return to the same position, the adverse effect of gravity on the timekeeping when the watch is in the vertical position is avoided. In addition, by adjusting the action of the balance spring mechanism in this fixed position, the watchmaker was able to make the operating platform of the Astror & eacute; gulateur movement, no matter what vertical state, can avoid the gravity to interfere with the timing. This is a major innovation in watch design. Compared with the simple tourbillon frame, the rotor can drive and carry five times more parts than the tourbillon frame.

Not only that, in order to ensure that the watch is in motion, the escapement mechanism can bear the travel time deviation caused by the power of different strengths. This 9800MC movement is also equipped with a system consisting of two differentials to convert the power transmitted from the wrist into A constant speed guarantees the regular movement of the second hand as the rotor moves, and in particular ensures the accurate timing of the watch.

To complement this remarkable movement, Cartier chose a 50mm, but only 55g niobium titanium case. Previously, this material was only used on IDoneCARTIER concept watches. The finishing of the 9800 MC movement takes almost 60 hours. All parts of the movement are processed by hand: the main splint is decorated with a ring wave pattern, the bridge is chamfered, the Geneva wave is decorated and so on. Limited edition of 50 pieces.
Technical Parameters:
Model: Cartier / Fine Watch / Celta Constant Center of Gravity Watch
Number: NA
Case: Niobium Titanium / Platinum
Strap: black alligator leather
Waterproof: 30m
Size: 50mm
Limit: 50
Movement: 9800 MC automatic winding
Size: 15.75 ” ‘35.8mm / 10.1mm
Number of jewels: 43
Number of parts: 281
Energy storage: 80h
Vibration frequency: 21600vph / 3Hz
Function: hour, minute, second display / rotary drive escapement