The World’s Advanced Products Club’ Vacheron Constantin Vip Appreciation Meeting


 On September 4, 2013, at the first flagship store of Vacheron Constantin on the 4th floor of Taipei 101, a watch appreciation event was about to begin, and 18 heavyweight guests were invited to participate. This appreciation event is particularly memorable for ‘CLUB World’ and Vacheron Constantin’s Taipei 101 flagship store, because the protagonist of this event is very promising. Vacheron Constantin Switzerland Factory is celebrating the first flagship store in Taiwan ─ Vacheron Constantin’s Taipei 101 flagship store was opened. It specially selected a large and complicated watch Patrimony Traditionnelle ‘Calibre 2253’ time equation watch to create the first exclusive time equation watch in Taipei city. This is Vacheron Constantin. In the history of nearly 260 years, the first watch is also limited to a watch designed for Taipei. It is known that this watch is absolutely collectible, but the charm of this watch is more than that!

 Before entering the appreciation, we need to understand the special features of the time equation. Speaking of complex functions, in general, we will first think of 「Tourbillon」, 「Perpetual Calendar」, and 「Three Questions」, but are there any other ones that can compete with these three complex functions, or even surpass them? ? If so, it must be the focus of this event (time equation)!

 The time we are familiar with is to divide a year into 365 days, each day is divided into 24 hours, and each hour is cut into 60 minutes. This is the so-called ‘average solar time’. However, the orbit of the earth around the sun is actually closer to an oval rather than a circle, and the relative relationship between the earth and the sun is actually changing every day. Therefore, within one year, the sun is really only at 12 noon There are 4 days, and the rest are different every day, the fastest will be 14 minutes and 59 seconds earlier than the average solar time, and the slowest will be 16 minutes and 15 seconds later. The time after adding or subtracting the difference is ‘true solar time’. ‘Taipei City Time Equation Watch’ can show the time difference between ‘Every Solar Time’ and ‘True Solar Time’, and it is also equipped with the sun rising and sunset display functions. In addition to these two functions, they are very complicated and need to be super In addition to the craftsmanship of watchmaking, it also needs to be specially made according to the place where the watch is used. The rarity of it alone makes people excited, and I can’t help but want to start!

 Arriving at the entrance of Vacheron Constantin’s Taipei 101 flagship store, are the brass screens inside and outside the flagship store both familiar and unfamiliar? It turns out that if you look closely, they are a combination of the most representative ‘Maltese cross marks’ of each brand.

 Before the start of the appreciation meeting, the Vacheron Constantin brand staff had already been familiar with the layout of the venue, waiting only for VIPs to come! The Vacheron Constantin Taipei 101 flagship store is the first exclusive store in Taiwan. It has the most complete watch series under its brand, which cannot be compared with general watch stores. Most of the classic watches are displayed in this area. Watch fans here can definitely satisfy you.

 Further inside is the appreciation area for VIP appreciation watches in the flagship store. Specially-designed furniture and watch display cabinets are made of the highest grade Italian cream leather, ebony walnut and special surface treated brass. The style is quiet and comfortable. The independent display cabinet next to it displays the latest, most topical and collectible limited edition watches from Vacheron Constantin. Watch collectors, this is the destination!

 At the beginning of the appreciation meeting, Vacheron Constantin’s Taipei 101 store was immediately full of popularity, and everyone was happy to talk and look forward to the highlight of the show-the first exclusive time-equipped watch in Taipei City.

 The protagonist of this event-‘Time Equation Watch in Taipei City’, Vacheron Constantin brand personnel took it out of the display cabinet, and handed it to the on-site guests to appreciate the exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship of this watch.

 「The time equation watch in Taipei city」 In addition to the rare functions mentioned above, it is equipped with a 2253 movement released in 2010, and also has a tourbillon and perpetual calendar. It can be described as a masterpiece of a variety of complex and integrated watches. The tourbillon cage, like the Vacheron Constantin trademark Maltese cross, is located at 6 o’clock, rotates once a minute, and is fitted with a small second hand. The perpetual calendar function is symmetrically arranged, and the week, month and date are arranged at 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock respectively. The leap year indicator is located around 1 o’clock on the dial.

 In order to display the ‘true sun time’, the watch needs a cam of time equation. The shape is an ellipse with a waist. Some people may say that it is like the shape of a human kidney. This shape is the true trajectory of the earth around the sun. This cam will rotate once a year, and its unique contour will drive a pointer to display the time difference between ‘average solar time’ and ‘true solar time’ on the faceplate. And Vacheron Constantin’s ‘Taipei City’s Time Equation Watch’ represents this fascinating craft’s time equation indicating the time difference, a fan-shaped display window between 11 and 12 o’clock on the faceplate.

 The sun rise and sunset time display are located at 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock on the faceplate. The fan-shaped windows are 5-7 and 17-18 respectively, which must be made for the place where the watch is used. This mysterious and complicated function also uses a cam. Based on the latitude of the place where the watch is used, the cam profile is displayed. It shows the design talents of Vacheron Constantin engineers and the respect for each customer. It is free to choose the precise place to apply the sunrise and sunset time, making it a must. Customized complication.

 That’s right, the scale on the back of 1 ~ 14 is the power reserve display of this watch for up to 14 days! Although the 2253 movement must promote extraordinary complex functional structures, it still shows breathtakingly long energy storage-up to 336 hours, equivalent to 14 days of uninterrupted operation, through the transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover, Can see energy storage instructions.

 After reading the faceplate, I found that ‘Taipei City’s Time Equation Watch’ was not engraved with the word ‘Taipei’ and there was no pattern representing Taipei. The ‘Time Equation’ function alone is to be said. The exclusive watch near the city doesn’t seem to be discernible to the naked eye? The characteristics that originally represented Taipei were in the midst of the lights. Vacheron Constantin engraved the totem of Taipei 101, the ‘Xiangyun’ totem of Taipei 101, as the celebration totem of the flagship store of Taipei 101. Instead of engraving the entire building of Taipei 101 on the watch, the brand uses the brand’s profound aesthetic accomplishments to closely integrate the city of Taipei with the watch. This is also the place where the author was most moved.

 As mentioned earlier, Vacheron Constantin’s Taipei 101 flagship store also has many limited edition models. Of course, the guests of the day did not miss the opportunity to enjoy these collectible watches, such as the watch version of the Vacheron Constantin master series Les Univers Infinis (from left ) Fish watch, flying pigeon watch, shell watch, a well-known food chairman has played with interest for a long time, watch players who are interested in this series of watches, you can start quickly!

 Vacheron Constantin master series Les Univers Infinis series flying pigeon watch, the composition is based on paintings by Dutch painter Escher, combined with filigree gold thread, enamel, jewelry inlay and machine-engraved patterns, showing the ultimate between aesthetics and craftsmanship achievement.

 The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine pocket watch with a bit of retro flavor was also one of the focus of the day. Immediately loved by the VIP who loved the simple design and wanted to be different, they were asked to take it off from the window!

The VIP explained the Vacheron Constantin Chinese Zodiac series ‘Year of the Snake’ watch under the explanation of the staff of Vacheron Constantin. This watch is the first timepiece of ⎡Métiers d’Art Chinese Zodiac Legend Series Watches. It will launch a zodiac watch dedicated to that year every year. It is intended to collect a full set of 12 collectors. Miss this first It may only be a matter of regret.

 Vacheron Constantin’s Métiers d’Art La Symbolique des Laques watch series is a work of art created by Vacheron Constantin and Zohiko, a brand of the Shiga brand established in 1661 in Kyoto. (From left) See ‘,’ Yuejian ‘and’ Xuejian ‘. This series of watches can be viewed on both sides and hollowed out in the middle, showing a skeletonized movement with oriental window decoration. The specially processed movement is different from ordinary movements in color and lacks bright metal. It doesn’t compete with the lacquer art on the faceplate. This concept is similar to the 「Xiangyun」 totem of the Taipei City Time Equation Watch. The totem has the same meaning. In addition to reinventing the brand’s own tradition, Vacheron Constantin cherishes culture and art other than itself. Brand Monster!

After appreciating a round of watches, the ‘VACHERON CONSTANTIN VIP Appreciation Fair’ co-organized by ‘World High Class CLUB’ and Vacheron Constantin will also come to an end. At this time, all the VIPs had a chat and the atmosphere was quite relaxed and lively! At this valuable appreciation, in addition to recognizing the complex functions and appearance details of the important ‘Time Equation Watch in Taipei City’ and finding their favorite watches, VIPs also shared their favorite wristwatches with each other. The experience of the watch is exactly the so-called ‘solo music’, not as good as the public music, really a great joy in life!

I have seen a masterpiece of a top-level watch. My eyes are full and my stomach cannot be empty. The exquisite snacks made by the top champagne and caviar provided at the appreciation party will satisfy the guests.

If you also come to Vacheron Constantin Taipei 101 store, you must communicate with the kind brand staff. Vacheron Constantin has superb watchmaking skills, but the insistence on tradition and art is the reason why the brand classic is undefeated. They have a deep knowledge of brand history and watches, and they will surely give you a deeper understanding of the brand and the story behind each watch, and find your own Vacheron Constantin.

Tips: It’s not just for watch appreciation!
When I come to Vacheron Constantin Taipei 101 flagship store, what else can I do besides watch appreciation? At the end of the article, the author takes you to explore the flagship store and find out what features are worth stopping for in addition to watches!

For the opening of the Vacheron Constantin Taipei 101 flagship store, the 19th-century branded watchmaking machines shipped from abroad are specially used for the display and decoration of new watches with a total of about 10, large and small, distributed at the entrance, On the display windows and bookshelves, since they are really used machinery, you can still see the traces of used ones. While appreciating the latest watches, appreciate antiques and enjoy the fun of ancient and modern.

Vacheron Constantin Taipei 101 flagship store has a service center. Even if you do n’t have a watch to check, you can also have a professional watch repairman lead you to watch the movement details with a microscope. As a top watchmaking brand, Vacheron Constantin not only has beautiful appearance, but also the parts of the movement are not sloppy! The most attractive part of the movement is the polished pattern above. Since each part is polished by hand, the texture and appearance are not as smooth and symmetrical as the mechanical manufacturing, but the lack of mechanical rigidity is revealed. With a strong humanistic atmosphere, this is exactly Vacheron Constantin’s insistence on tradition and craftsmanship. Be sure to experience it for yourself!