2018 Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering: Tag Heuer Participates In Extreme Challenge Competitions

The ski mountaineering elite will face huge extreme challenges in this legendary event and harsh environment: As the official partner of the 2018 Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering, TAGHeuer supports the Raiffeisen team. , And launched a special edition watch.

A challenging and impressive journey
   On the snow-capped peaks of Valais, Switzerland, more than 2,000 meters, the Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering has begun, a high-level military event that ordinary people can also participate in.
   As an event that combines high-level mountaineering and top skiing skills, the Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering is held every two years, bringing together the world’s top ski and mountaineering experts. This year’s competition includes two stages: Zermatt to Verbier About 53 kilometers; 26 kilometers from Arora to Verbier.
   The two stages have long, high-altitude routes, which are extremely difficult and require great endurance and perseverance. These two lines not only reflect the values ​​of the Swiss military, but also the brand spirit of #TAGHeuer (#DontCrackUnderpressure), which has been the official timepiece of this event since 2016.

TAGHeuer: Go All Out
   Among the more than 5,000 players who are ready to participate in this extreme challenge, one of the most inspiring and determined players is particularly eye-catching. She is: Emily Vaudan, a brand friend, the 2016 Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering Championship.
   Emily’s personality is outstanding. She will lead one of the two Raiffeisen teams, and TAGHeuer is also a partner of this team.
   Exceeding the limits, determined, and tenacious: these are the values ​​of TAGHeuer, which are also reflected in the new limited edition watch: TAGHeuerFormula1 (F1) Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering Special Edition. This is a dynamic, low-key watch with a red dial on the grey dial, PDG (Swiss Glacier Patrol Ski Mountaineering).