Introduction Of Top Gun Navy Air Force Miramar Watches

This watch is not small in size, if the design is a little careless, it will highlight the empty and thin dial. And the outstanding dial design of this TOP GUN Miramar watch makes it not fall behind in the face of a large number of complicated watches. First of all, the large hands have a unique style. The spear-shaped hands are narrow at both ends and wide in the middle, which not only has excellent directivity but is also wide and full, making the dial full and not obtrusive. The bar-shaped hour-markers on the outer edge of the dial are of different thicknesses and accentuated, while the Arabic numerals on the inner side enrich the huge dial while ensuring legibility. The central red hour inner circle on the dial surface is another highlight of the watch design. This design from the 1930s to 1940s not only facilitates reading time, but also increases the layered sense of the dial. The eye-catching red becomes charcoal gray. An eye-catching stroke on the dial. The power indicator dial inset at 3 o’clock breaks the balance of the dial and plays a finishing touch. The combination of matte gray, beige and green exudes a strong military atmosphere. Although this pilot model is simple, the design is uncompromising and can withstand gravity accelerations of up to 30 G. Some people say that aviation is a belief, then this watch is the best interpretation of this belief.
This year IWC introduced the pilot watch, which includes chronograph, world time and perpetual calendar styles. The total number of them is quite large. Among them, the junior pilot TOP GUN navy air combat watch Miramar watch with a power display makes me love at first sight. . Although the style is simple, it stands out from many complicated watches and has become my favorite.