Richard Miller Launches New Chain Watch

Received a large number of suggestions from customers, RichardMille explained the brand’s first gold bracelet for two women’s watches last year: RM07-01 and RM037. For the fans of RichardMille in the original Some leather, silk satin, rubber and crocodile leather straps offer a new option.

In 2015, Richard Mille made persistent efforts to continue this gorgeous design concept. A new chain watch was launched, with a more delicate and delicate all-gold link in appearance.

Like all other handmade and delicately decorated parts, each link is carefully sandblasted, satin-finished and polished. The design of the watch is ergonomic and comfortable to wear, which has always been the focus and insistence of the brand. After countless ideas, rigorous development and various complex and rigorous tests, the brand finally created a bracelet that can be completely integrated with the case. Not only is it stylish and lightweight, but it also brings unparalleled comfort. It is a perfect fusion of design aesthetics and ergonomics.

At present, this bracelet is limited to the RM07-01 and RM037 models, which once again underscores the brand’s diverse and unique watchmaking concept for watches and accessories, and always insists on creating the most extraordinary and outstanding watches for guests.

Ebel Ebel Appoints Its North American President-news Ebel

Alan Chinich has been appointed President of Ebel Ebel North America. Alan will be responsible for all sales and marketing activities for Ebel in the United States, the Caribbean and Canada. Allen is a practical entrepreneur with 20 years of luxury brand management experience in the high-end eyewear business. Throughout his long career in this industry, Alan has extensive experience in sales, marketing and distribution and has worked for high-end brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Montblanc, and Kenneth Cole.

Alan Chinich
In early 2005, Alan joined the Movado Group as Managing Director of Tommy Hilfiger Watches. Since joining the company, he has more than doubled his business and gained strong international experience in managing all aspects of this global watch brand.
Source: Movado Group Inc.

Elegant And Beautiful, Ladies’ Moon Phase Watches From The Clésmer Collection

The annual Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair has entered its second day. The reporting team in front of the Watch House brought us the latest, fastest and most comprehensive watch fair report from distant Geneva. The following are the real pictures of Baume & Mercier’s new Chrysmer Moon Phase Watch, please follow the editor to enjoy it.

Watch diameter 36.5 mm
   This new stainless steel watch is novel and exquisite, with a diameter of 36.5 mm. Its simple lines perfectly show the unique elegance of women. At 12 o’clock, there is a large moon phase display window, and the blue mother-of-pearl dial constitutes a starry deep night sky. The watch is full of intriguing femininity. It is equipped with a Swiss-made quartz movement. The dial is set with 8 diamond engravings, which sparkles the charming starry sky. The watch is paired with a bright blue alligator leather strap, which perfectly witnesses the wearer’s achievement and joy.

Case made of stainless steel

Watches are new and delicate, with simple lines

With bright blue alligator strap

The simple lines of the watch show the elegance of women

Mother-of-pearl dial highlights luxury

Moon phases at 12 o’clock on the dial are elegant and refined

Inside the watch is a quartz movement

Summary: The 2015 SIHH presented us with a unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Personal Choice Three Alternative Women’s Watches Recommended

Women’s watches are getting more and more attention in the field of watches, and major brands are making great efforts on women’s watches. And a personalized and stylish watch is of particular concern in this era. Many women have not pursued beauty and elegance, but have pursued hearty, handsome and vigorous personality models. Today’s Watch House recommends three watches that are suitable for individual women, so that you can experience their ultimate charm in more detail.
Omega Speedmaster ‘Bright Moonlight’ Watch

Model: 311.
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: white ceramic
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 44.25 mm
Watch price: 95,800 RMB
Watch details:
Case material: 18k yellow gold / stainless steel with diamonds
Strap material: 18k yellow gold / stainless steel
Case diameter: 31 mm
Watch details:
Case material: 18k red gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Price: RMB 127,000
Details of the model: the silver-plated dial, with the right layout, makes it clear when reading. The slim Roman numerals and stick-shaped hour markers, as well as the willow hands are made of red gold, and the blue steel seconds hand adds a different beautiful color to this watch. Equipped with a universal 35111 automatic winding movement, providing a 42-hour power reserve.
Summary: With the trend of women’s pursuit of individual fashion, women’s watches are also slowly rising. I believe that in the next few years, watches of various brands will still work hard in women’s watches. Compared with traditional elegant women’s watches, women’s watches pursuing ‘personality’ will receive more and more attention from women.

The Moon Is Shining, A Classic Heritage H. Moser & Cie. Henry Moser Heritage Moonphase Watch Takes You To Discover The Wrist Between The Mid-autumn Festival

‘I don’t see the ancient times and moons this month, and this month once looked at the ancients.’ Things change with stars, and only the moonlight that is constant in ancient times can continue to miss the load. People often use the full moon of the bright moon to convey the feeling of nostalgia, and it is also the year of the Mid-Autumn Festival. H. Moser & Cie. Henry Moser presents the Heritage perpetual moon phase watch, and you will see the 15 full moons. Pass your thoughts on the timepiece on your wrist, taste the cycle between the moon phase and the square inch; accompany the family to enjoy the beauty of the sky.

From the full moon to the waning moon, the moonset and moonrise, the continuous cycle, reveals our eternal thinking about the universe. H. Moser & Cie. Heritage Moonphase watch is inspired by Henry Moser pocket watches, shining and charming, symbolizing the beauty of elegant heritage. The Henry Moser Heritage Moonphase watch has a round case, because of the relationship between the moon phase and the tide and the ocean; the blue enamel decoration echoes the overall elegance, and the distinctive classicism style is reflected in the crown with a sawtooth shape And the ‘big fire’ enamel on the dial, with hand drawn Roman numerals and flame blue dovetail hands, enhances the watch’s overall elegance. Blue enamel with a pure white dial, like a deep blue sky and a smiling moon, the reincarnation of time is fast, reminding us to seize the moment, engraving the moment of mid-autumn night and the warmth of family and lovers, to spend an unforgettable time together .
The moon leaves a mysterious and undetectable impression. The more observable it becomes, the more elusive it is, adding texture to the moon phase table. The HMC 801 manual winding movement designed and manufactured for the Heritage Moon phase watch is powered by a replaceable Moser escapement. The power reserve indicator on the side of the movement ensures a power reserve of at least 7 days. In addition, Heritage Moon Phase watch is adjusted by a button on the side edge of the case, and its accuracy of adjustment, reading and prediction can reach within one minute. Different from other moon phase watches, the Perpetual Moon Phase watch of Henri Moser & Cie beats one gear every hour.
The exploration of the moon can be described as the perseverance of humankind. Henri Moser has never ceased to innovate and design. Through the Heritage Perpetual Moon Phase Watch, H. Moser & Cie. Henry Moser intends to revive the richest man in the history of watchmaking. Poetic complexity has a long-standing reputation-it is a complex device that displays the monthly cycle. The moon, which has an impact on the ocean, has always been a mysterious attraction to humans. On this watch, the moon shape located in the large window at 6 o’clock has promoted the watch as a model of classic timepiece with charming charm.

HERITAGE Perpetual Moon Phase Watch Technical Specifications
Reference 8801-0200, white gold, white enamel dial, blue alligator strap, limited to 30 pieces
Pure 18K white gold with engraved side edges and blue enamel
Diameter: 42.0 mm, thickness: 12.2 mm
Sapphire crystal glass
White ‘Big Fire’ enamel dial with hand drawn Roman numerals
Hour markers, flame blue dovetail hour and minute hands, central seconds
Homemade manual winding HMC 801 movement
Diameter: 34.0 mm or 15 Lenny, thickness: 6.5 mm
Frequency: 18,000 vibrations / hour
28 jewels, screw-on gold base
Power reserve: double barrel, at least 7 days
All balance wheels and pinions have chamfered rings and Moser teeth
Replaceable Moser escapement
Original Straumann Hairspring® hairspring
Traditional balance wheel with gold adjustment screws, gold escape wheel and pallet fork
Hours and minutes
Small seconds and stop seconds
AM / PM Indication — 12 to 6 o’clock time indication of AM
Hour markers from 7 to 11 o’clock in the afternoon
Large moon phase display
Movement-side power reserve indicator
Moon phase adjustment button on the side of the case
Hand-stitched blue alligator strap
18K White Gold Pin Buckle with Moser Logo

Hamilton Moments Courtesy Lady

The famous watch brand Hamilton was founded in the United States and is widely welcomed worldwide. In 2016, we presented a watch specially created for ladies.

Qiong Yan from the Jazz Collection
   The advent of the slim and exquisite 34 mm Jazz Happy Lady watch will surely capture the hearts of many charming women. This watch, which uses the hollow design to reveal the unique structure of the dial and the movement, displays charming views on both sides, which can be described as a ‘happy’ watch.
   The Jazz series Happy Ladies watch creates a wonderful structure and a sense of depth like a suspension, showing the extraordinary mother-of-pearl engraving technology, which makes the watch exude a sense of affection. The embossed mother-of-pearl lotus flower in the center looks elegant and pleasant under the neon background, like the silver lotus flourishing in the middle of the water. The strap also continues the delicate fragrance of lotus, using a soft pale green or elegant white belt with a practical quick-release structure; or a five-row metal bracelet with a glittering sparkle that complements the pearl luster of mother-of-pearl.
   The Jazz Collection Happy Ladies watch has a soft, round curve that is even more beautiful against the frosted polished case, cutout dial and diamond-cut bezel edge. The silver hour markers make this lady’s watch more clear and pure. The water-resistant depth of this watch is 50 meters, which is sturdy and reliable without losing the romantic atmosphere, which meets the requirements of dynamic women in the 21st century. The watch is equipped with Hamilton’s beautifully decorated new H-10 movement, which provides an 80-hour power reserve, which ensures stable operation even if it is left unused on the weekend.

Cheers for the exclusive train journey for women
   In order to make women’s watches more perfect, and to cater to women’s new ideas of time and life goals in the 21st century, Hamilton has taken the ‘railway’ one step further and launched a new women’s watch for its classic railway series.
   The railroad series brought American watch brand Hamilton back to its proud end of the 19th century, when the brand gained the reputation of ‘The Watch of Railroad Accuracy’. Railroad workers and passengers across North America rely on Hamilton’s precise and reliable pocket watches to read time information. Today, the designer of the Railroad watch series has transformed the classic 1930s style into a modern and elegant style with a more dexterous silhouette design.
   In 2016, the new railway series ladies watch added champagne color to the 2015 model prototype, and there are 32 mm automatic and 28 mm quartz models to choose from. The time scale shoots out from the central ring like light, and the central ring is more rarely set with brilliant diamonds. Each diamond represents a five-minute interval, echoing the chic rail-shaped minute scale outer ring. The champagne-colored dial is permeated with a gorgeous and dazzling atmosphere, and Hamilton, who has been leading women’s watchmaking, has a modern style for you. The champagne color extends to the strap, and the shiny light beige strap is equipped with a quick release structure, and the arched design makes it more comfortable to wear. A stainless steel bracelet with a tough, contrasting warm tone is also available.

The Feminine Transformation of the Khaki Navy Pioneer Women’s Watch
   Hamilton launched a 36mm Khaki Navy Pioneer Women’s Watch specifically designed for women, which complements the Khaki Navy collection and injects a touch of feminine charm into the roots and history of this series. This is a natural development for the Khaki Navy series. This highly respected classic series originated from the close cooperation between Hamilton and the US Navy. The brand assisted the latter in developing navigation instruments during the Second World War. The most famous of these is the Hamilton Marine Precision Timer. The layout became the inspiration for the dial design of this ladies watch.
   The Khaki Navy Pioneer Women’s Watch has a series of exquisite details to cater to women with unique tastes. This watch fully continues the unique and extraordinary design elements of the Khaki Navy series, with a stainless steel case with bezel (depending on the model with a rosy PVD coating), the outer layer with a finely serrated bezel, above Decorated with Paris studs. Hamilton is well aware of women’s love of precision mechanical watchmaking. Through the hollow back cover, you can admire the running pattern of the H-10 automatic winding movement and its beautifully polished round patterns. The pearlescent silver dial creates a pleasing effect in the same shades of shades, contrasting with flame blue or rose gold hands, and an elegant dark brown or light brown leather strap. The strap is secured with the iconic bracket lugs and feels smooth on the wrist. Khaki Navy Pioneer Women’s Watch exudes a unique femininity and eye-catching retro charm. Its structure is refined and refined, and it naturally takes a place in Hamilton’s time-honored classic models.




Technical Parameters
Hamilton Jazz Happy Ladies Watch
Case diameter Ø 34mm
Case material: stainless steel
Dial Cutout with diamond-cut bezel edge
Three-dimensional effect mother-of-pearl lotus
Pointer toffee pointer
Light green / white belt with pin buckle
Five-row bracelet with folding clasp
Easy assembly and disassembly system
Movement H-10 automatic mechanical movement, power reserve up to 80 hours
Mirror anti-glare coated sapphire
Water resistant to 50 meters
Suggested retail price



Technical Parameters
Hamilton Railway Women’s Automatic Watch
Case diameter Ø 32mm
Case material: stainless steel
Dial Champagne with 11 diamonds
Pointer sword pointer
Shiny light beige leather strap with pin buckle
Five-row bracelet with folding clasp
Easy assembly and disassembly structure
Automatic movement with central hours, minutes and seconds display, date display
Mirror anti-glare coated sapphire
Water resistant to 50 meters
Suggested retail price



Technical Parameters
Hamilton Railway Women’s Quartz Watch
Case diameter Ø 28mm
Case material: stainless steel
Dial Champagne with 12 diamonds
Pointer sword pointer
Strap Light beige leather strap with pin buckle
Five-row bracelet with folding clasp
Easy assembly and disassembly structure
Movement Quartz movement with central hours, minutes and seconds
Mirror anti-glare coated sapphire
Water resistant to 50 meters
Suggested retail price



Technical Parameters
Hamilton Khaki Pioneer Ladies Watch
Case diameter Ø 36mm
Case materialStainless steel / stainless steel with rose PVD coating
Dial Pearly Silver
Hands Flame Blue / Rose Gold Plated
Pear-shaped hour and second hand balance weights
Dark brown leather strap with pin buckle / light brown leather strap with pin buckle
Movement H-10 automatic mechanical movement, power reserve up to 80 hours
Mirror anti-glare coated sapphire
Water-resistant to 100 meters
Suggested retail price

Armin Strom Techart Series-news Armin Strom

ARMIN STROM watch manufacturers are pleased to cooperate with new partners. TechArt is a world-renowned car tuning company with expertise in Porsche tuning. The company is headquartered in Leonberg, Germany, and is currently working with ARMIN STROM manufacturers to create watches together. The collaboration between the two parties is inspired by a common love for delicate details.
The two watches ARMIN STROM Manual TECHART and ARMIN STROM Carbon TECHART represent the fruits of this collaboration. These two watches transfer the TECHART working method to the fine watchmaking industry. Whether on the wheel or the wrist, the love for beautiful design and high-tech materials has become the same dream and is reflected in the ARMIN STROM TECHART series.


Manufacturer movement: ARMIN STROM AMW11 movement; mechanical manual winding, off-center time display, small second hand; frequency: 18,000 A / h; number of gems: 20; number of components: 112; power reserve: 120 hours.
Case: stainless steel, black PVD; anti-reflective sapphire mirror and bottom cover; diameter: 43.40mm; total thickness: 13.00mm; waterproof depth: 50m.
Dial: black background with basic insets and TECHART logo.
Hands: Mirror polished.
Strap: with black alligator leather strap, black stainless steel PVD pin buckle, and extra black rubber strap. Black stainless steel PVD double folding clasp is available as an option.
Manufacturer movement: ARMIN STROM ARM12 movement; mechanical manual winding movement with 7-day power reserve, small seconds and off-center time indication; splint and main board inlaid with carbon; frequency: 18,000 A / h; gemstone Number: 23; Number of components: 159.
Case: black titanium alloy PVD; anti-reflective sapphire mirror and bottom cover; diameter: 43.40mm;
Total thickness: 13.00mm; waterproof depth: 50m.
Dial: black background with basic insets and TECHART logo.
Hands: stainless steel.
Strap: with black high-tech leather strap, black titanium PVD pin buckle, and additional black rubber strap. Black titanium alloy PVD double clasp is available as an option.