Oris New Col Moschin Limited Watch Deep Sea Diving Agent

ORIS cooperates with Col Moschin, the Italian special forces across the region, and, based on the real needs of the Col Moschin team members, has carefully created limited edition watches based on the innovative Oris ProDiver. From the design of the watch to the actual test phase, the team members participated in it. On land: This model uses a durable titanium case with a tungsten upper ring. Tungsten’s unique durability, ability to withstand extreme temperatures, and anti-refraction properties all help the team to perfectly camouflage themselves and show unstoppable combat power. In the deep sea: Oris’ own patented Rotation Safety System has become a safety guarantee when it is placed on the bottom of the dark sea. Water-resistant to 1,000 meters, self-evident. At high altitude: The precise anti-magnetic properties act like a shield to block external influences from the movement, making it also highly accurate when flying at high altitudes. The power reserve indicator at 7 o’clock is highlighted in the colors of the Italian flag: green, white, and red. This design is exactly what Oris pays tribute to the Italian special forces! Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide, dedicated to tasters who dare to explore the frontier of life!

Oris Col Moschin limited watch is jointly created by Oris and Italian special forces, the case diameter is 49mm

Lvhm Group Intends To Launch Luxury Watches

LVHM, as the world’s largest luxury goods group, has long been constrained by Richemont and Swatch Group in the watch market. The newly-appointed CEO of the Watch Division predicted that under his leadership, the Group’s watch sales could achieve a growth of 5% -7%. According to the financial report, in 2013 the LVHM Group’s watch and jewelry division revenue fell 1.83% year on year.

In this regard, industry insiders said that this forecast is because the Chinese luxury watch market has been deeply adjusted for two years and has accumulated an upward momentum, but it will be difficult to achieve growth if luxury tax is increased in the future. It is reported that the watch brands of LVHM Group, including Hublot, TAG Heuer, and Zenith, are difficult to compete with the other two luxury goods groups in terms of brand awareness and market share. According to industry insiders, the proportion of luxury watches under the LVMH group is small, which is a fact. Even if adjustments are made immediately, it will take a long time to obtain market recognition. Increasing the proportion of jewelry watches in the short term will not be immediate. It is worth noting that the Bulgari brand, because the brand has certain advantages in the field of jewelry, maybe this can be its breakthrough point in 2014.

According to statistics, some of the watch components of the LVMH Group were purchased from the Swatch Group, which in recent years decided to reduce its supply year by year.

Omega Actively Develops Master Chronometer And Continues Watch Revolution

For Omega, it is definitely a pleasure to welcome the coming of the new year and launch another wave of innovative products and designs. In 2016, this special moment will be exceptionally wonderful.

     Last year, the Omega Globemaster that we focused on promoting was one of the key styles. This watch is not only elegant in design, but also has the honorable title of ‘the world’s first Master Chronometer’ watch. As we promised, more Master Chronometer watches will be introduced one after another. Today I can also proudly tell you that the revolution of the Master Chronometer is progressing smoothly and the goals set by the brand are even more imminent.

   Master Chronometer represents the higher quality authority certification in the Swiss watchmaking industry. It takes years of hardening to reach this new set of watch altar standards, and has also contributed to the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) This new level of new certification.

   Globemaster is not only a major milestone for Omega, it also represents a brand new era in the pursuit of excellence for brands. Our current plan is to complete Master Chronometer certification for most branded mechanical watches by 2020. The first step of the plan was launched last year and we are now in the next phase.

    The brand will showcase a number of new Master Chronometer-certified movements and watches at the Baselworld 2016, including the new Seahorse Planet Ocean watch series, the latest constellation small seconds women’s watch, and the eye-catching blue The superb moon phase chronograph watch will also display the latest version of the popular Globemaster watch last year-the Globemaster with a gray surface and an annual calendar function. During the year, the brand will launch several other Master Chronometer-certified watches.

    Such a high-quality watch lineup is enough to show that Omega has always occupied a leading position in technology and technology. We adhere to the tradition of 168 years, challenge the limit again, and hope to further enhance the confidence of customers and watch fans, so that Omega becomes a brand that they trust.

    I sincerely hope that this year’s new collection will bring you another wonderful experience, and I look forward to working with you to welcome each new Master Chronometer watch with excitement.
   For more news about Baselworld 2016, please lock the watch home Baselworld :.

Cost-effective Watch Choice Everyone Says They Are Handsome!

Recently, the Swiss watch brand Mido has launched a number of new Multifort Chronometer helmsman series observatory-certified long kinetic energy fully automatic mechanical watches, showing a trendy style with a young and stylish design, and a high-end appearance equipped with upgrades The Caliber 80 Si version movement, while ensuring beautiful wearing effect, gives the watch more powerful performance. Let us take a look at this watch together! (Watch model: M038.431.37.051.09)

New design leads fashion craze
  The new watch is from the helmsman series of Mido. Its design inspiration is from the vigorous appearance of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is robust, straightforward, and deeply unique to men. This watch is based on this solid foundation. With a more lightweight element design, it can be more flexible for men to wear on the wrist.

 The case made of stainless steel is sturdy and durable. In order to enhance the durability of the watch, the case is made of mercerized sanding and black PVD coating. After high-tech processing, a strong, impurity-free layer can be produced on the surface of the watch components. Coating to ensure its long-term anti-corrosion performance and reduce the damage caused by external damage to the case. The diameter is 42 mm and the thickness is 11.79 mm. The large dial design is easy to read.

  The spiral crown is also made of PVD black-plated stainless steel, and the whole body is decorated with a non-slip texture design, which is convenient for the wearer to accurately time it. The top is engraved with the Mido brand logo, and the details show the brand’s sincere watchmaking attitude.

  The round dial has a black design as a whole. Although it displays the black quiet tone, the dial is decorated with vertical Geneva ripples. It can show different visual brightness under different light, adding a wonderful dynamic to the dial. The dial is 3 o’clock. There is a day and date display window at the location. The black and white display window is clear and concise, with satin-finished hour markers and pointers. The Mido brand logo is set at 12 o’clock, showing a free and youthful design. The sapphire crystal is rugged and impact-resistant, and has anti-glare treatment on both sides to ensure that the time is clear and easy to read under various conditions.

  With a beige fabric strap, the color combination is particularly fresh, with black stitching on the sides, which reinforces the watch’s dynamic and lightweight posture.

  The back of the case is designed to clearly observe the movement of the movement. It is equipped with a unique Caliber 80 automatic movement, equipped with silicon springs and ELINFLEX springs, which provides better long-term accuracy and magnetic resistance. Performance and seismic performance, as well as 80-hour power reserve, and certified by the COSC Observatory.

  Summary: Mido’s new helmsman series watches are waiting for you to choose with a brand new look, handsome style, and affordable price. The movement certified by the observatory is equipped with this design, and the value for money is great. Friends who like it may not go to the counter to get started Try it on and experience the value of Mido watches. Watch price: 10,200 yuan

Richmond Mill Rm 58-01 World Timer Jean Todt Watch

It is the dream of many people to travel around the world and travel in all directions. Some are already on the road, and some are about to leave. No matter if you are in the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere, you may have been basking in the sun on an island on the equator in the previous second, and you have already watched the aurora in the Arctic Circle to make a wish the next second. A watch that can bring you accurate time around the world becomes an important companion for you to travel around the Quartet. With so many watches around the world, which one is unique? Today, let’s take a look at how this RM 58-01 from Richard Mille (Richard Mille) has shaped the world time watch that belongs to the brand style. (Model: RM 58-01)

 The design inspiration for this RM 58-01 is actually inspired by the brand’s best friend FIA FIA Chairman Jean Todt. For work reasons, Jean Todd often needs to travel around the world. At this time, he very much needed a watch that could grasp the time in different time zones, telling him accurate time information. Richard Mille has designed a watch exclusively for time travelers based on this original intention.

 ‘BEIJING’ area at the dial details shows the time scale
 For general world time and dual time zone watches, some need to change the time zone manually to obtain accurate time information. In order to bring more convenience to users, RM
58-01 does not have any buttons for changing the time zone. Instead, you can change the time zone by rotating the bezel counterclockwise to adjust the time more quickly. After arriving at a new city, simply rotate the city name to the 12 o’clock position, and the time on the inner circle will automatically define the local and 23 other cities. The black and white discs clearly indicate the day and night time, and automatically show the change of day and night with time. In other words, this watch can simultaneously see the time information of 24 regions in the world, including Beijing, China.

Dial detail real shot

 The case diameter of the RM 58-01 is 50 mm, which to many people sounds like a large diameter. But Richard Mill always has a way to make this watch more suitable for people to wear, both in weight and design. The case with a diameter of 50 mm is made of red gold, and the titanium bezel and bottom cover have a very strong sense of layer. The combination of titanium and red gold materials not only makes the appearance of this watch more three-dimensional, but also reduces the weight of the watch to a certain extent.

The design of the hollow dial allows us to see more details

Tourbillon device set at 9 o’clock on the dial

 The rotating bezel is shot peened and satin-polished, and the names of the 24 major cities in the world are engraved on the dark brown inner ring, symbolizing the 24 time zones advocated by Fleming. With hour and minute display and power reserve display at 2 o’clock. The tourbillon, the symbol of the highest level of craftsmanship in the watchmaking industry, is located at 9 o’clock, with a swing frequency of 3 Hz.

 Crown detail real shot

 The RM 58-01 adopts the brand’s usual ‘wheel’ design style, with a polished crown and a soft outer ring. The watch crown has the sense of sight of racing tires, and the adjustment of the watch is completed by twisting the crown and the bezel, giving a different operating experience, which is not interesting.

The real side of the watch, the thickness of the case is about 15 mm

Lug detail real shot

 The materials of red gold and titanium are perfectly blended. In fact, this is not the first time the brand has adopted such a design. In many Richard Mill watches, we can find the combination of precious metals and high-tech materials. In this way, it can be said to be a icing on the cake in terms of the user’s feeling of wearing or improving the overall tone of the watch.

English name on the rubber strap and pin buckle

Movement real shot
 Richard Mill RM 58-01 uses a partially translucent design and only opens a window at the tourbillon for viewing the movement. The plate of the movement is made of grade five titanium alloy, and the bridge plate is also made of the same material. And has a power reserve of up to 10 days.

Summary: This RM 58-01 is limited to 35 pieces worldwide and the domestic price is 4,717,000 yuan. For ‘flying astronauts’ or travel enthusiasts, the opportunity to encounter a watch that fits their world is rare. RM 58-01 is a watch that combines design and performance. If you like it, you may call the brand’s official contact phone to try your luck. Maybe it is waiting for you.

Twenty Years Later, This Hollywood Blockbuster Has Returned To ‘revenge’! ‘independence Day 2: Come Back’ With Hamilton Watch Back

Hamilton watches enjoy a high reputation for innovative design and precise craftsmanship, and hold a pivotal position in the aviation and film world. After appearing in the last episode of Independence Day twenty years ago, this summer, Hamilton watches will return to the big screen, appearing in the new sci-fi giant of the twentieth century Fox film, Independence Day 2 : Independence Day: Resurgence.

   Twenty years ago, a movie called ‘Independence Day’ made a big splash and set a box office record. It tells the story of an alien invading the earth, a momentous blow to human civilization, and a group of earth people fighting together to rise.
   For a lot of post-80s fans, it may be the first Hollywood blockbuster watched in life. It first defined what is called a ‘sci-fi disaster movie’, and it made people of that era realize that the original Hollywood movies already had such advanced special effects level. ‘The alien mothership appeared in the sky and blew up the White House.’ In one scene, the audience who had watched the film must have been deeply impressed.

   Outstanding special effects won it the Oscar for best visual effects and was nominated for best sound effects.
   The film’s director, Roland Emmerich, is even more famous. He is the master of Hollywood disaster films. ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘2012’ are all from his own hands. The earth has been ‘destroyed’ several times in his hands!
   The Hamilton Carlisle watch has made a wonderful exit in the show, and until now, this is one of the proudest collaborations between Hamilton and Hollywood films.
   Since the release of Independence Day in 1996, fans worldwide have been looking forward to the sequel. Twenty years later, its sequel will shockly present the spectacular scene of global power with a huge scale beyond imagination.
   ‘Independence Day 2: A Comeback’ will be screened globally on June 24.

Independence Day 2: A Comeback
   We know they will make a comeback.

   This time, the scale of Independence Day 2: A Comeback is beyond imagination. Global defense forces are united, and countries use the technology left by the aliens to jointly implement large-scale defense programs to protect the planet together. However, alien invaders struck with more advanced and unprecedented force, and human beings could not resist it. Several resourceful warriors came forward to save the planet from the brink of extinction.

   The cast of ‘Independence Day 2: Comeback’ is even more powerful. The actor Liam Hemsworth is a new-generation Hollywood actor who has participated in ‘Hunger Games 3’ and is also the role of Thor The brother of Chris Hemsworth. Other starring roles include Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Maika Monroe, and Chinese film star Angelababy.
‘Every minute counts’
   Time is the key to a global joint fight against alien invasion and to prevent the doom of humanity. Pilot Jake Morrison, played by Liam Hemsworth, wore a rugged and reliable Hamilton Khaki series that surpassed the wind speed automatic chronograph, and drove the fighter aircraft to face the challenge.

   This tough watch inherits the brand’s proud military heritage and is designed for adventure, perfect for all defense tasks. The 44mm stainless steel case’s buttons are ingeniously designed in an ‘X’ shape with a brown calfskin strap to add a touch of elegance to the watch.

   This chronograph is equipped with an automatic movement with day and date display and a yaw calculator for the pilot to measure crosswind. Even if equipped with advanced alien technology, it is necessary to accurately grasp the time, and the Hamilton Khaki series goes beyond the wind speed automatic chronograph completely to meet the needs of precise time control.

   Hamilton watches have appeared in more than 450 movies, and ‘Independence Day 2: Come Back’ is the latest film to participate. The brand’s first collaboration with the film industry dates back 65 years, when the brand’s watch debuted on the screen in the movie ‘The Frogmen.’ Since then, Hamilton has worked closely with costume designers and prop makers to provide watches for filmmakers.

   In the long-term relationship between Hamilton and Hollywood, the brand has uncovered many opportunities brought by the red carpet. Therefore, the brand founded the ‘Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards’, held in Los Angeles and Shanghai. The awards pay tribute to the film’s elite behind the scenes, recognizing their contribution to high-quality films, and making every well-made film leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of the audience.

Luxury Royal Casino Bell & Ross Aviation Watch Br 01 Casino Pink Gold & Carbon

Bell & Ross participated in the auction with a limited edition of only one full rose gold model BR01-92CasinoPinkGold in the 4th OnlyWatch charity auction in 2011. The design is stunning and impressive. Bellows is now well-received for its wide range of rose gold and black stainless steel watches. Today’s watch home brings you a rose gold watch. The reference model is: BR01CASINOPINKGOLD & CARBON.

The dial of this watch almost completely miniatures the design of the casino roulette and has a strong visual entertainment effect. The time display uses a turntable display system developed by Bell & Ross. To replace the pointer rotation with a disc, we must first avoid the accuracy of power reserve and travel time due to the weight of the disc. However, while using ultra-light materials, the disc also needs to have sufficient strength, and its assembly needs to be precise. Down to the micron level. This watch highlights the powerful innovation and profound watchmaking technology of the Bell & Ross brand.

The sapphire crystal mirror is anti-glare treated for clear display. The four corners of the case are designed with the classic locking screws of the Bell & Ross AVIATION series. The classic colors of rose gold and matte black are luxurious and noble, yet elegant.

The screw-down crown enhances the watch’s water resistance. The top of the crown is engraved with the ‘&’ logo symbolizing its brand identity. The sand-blasted black carbon-coated stainless steel case has an introverted gloss and a delicate texture.

This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The case back has a dense bottom design made of stainless steel with a sandblasted black carbon coating. The indication at the bottom of the table indicates that its waterproof depth is 100 meters, which can meet most of the daily waterproofing needs in life such as car washing and showering.

This watch is paired with a large black check crocodile leather strap, which has a clear pattern and is comfortable to wear, making it even more aggressive.

The diameter of the case is 46mm. The stainless steel case is large and square, which highlights the charm of men. The sandblasted black carbon coating makes the case appear matte, low-key without losing its content.

The buckle is made of 18K rose gold pin buckle, with sharp and angular shapes, simple and generous, which is easy to use and meets the luxurious and luxurious overall design of this watch.

This watch abandons the traditional time display method, replacing the hands with a disc, and the diamond-shaped black scale is printed on the bezel of rose gold. On the outermost circle, the number zero is used as a mark instead of the hour hand to indicate the hour; on the middle roulette, a white dot representing the ball in the roulette game is used as the minute hand; the center of the disc is paced with time Rotate every second.

Summary: If you want to see the glamour of the casino, why do you need to go across the ocean and make a lot of money? This watch restores the height of the entire casino roulette to a 46mm dial. The luxurious and elegant black gold color scheme allows you to easily become the focus of the crowd whether you are attending a party or wearing it everyday. It is a watch with a focus on entertainment and practicality. Its global limit is only 99, which is not to be missed by watch collectors. The current domestic price of this watch is 94,300 yuan. (Picture / Text Watch House Xie Xin)

For more watch details, please click: bellross / 33180 /

Multicolored Watch With Three Different Colors Recommended

This accessory is the most important accessory for men, and it can also accompany men to attend any occasion, so men must make multiple considerations when choosing a watch. Accuracy of travel time is a necessary condition. Although it is not required to be as accurate as a quartz watch, at least the accuracy of the watch must be controlled within a certain error range. When selecting this condition, it is actually the watch movement It is also the most important factor. Another factor to consider is the personality of the appearance. The watch is a man’s accessory to show the personality of the man. If all your friends you know and those you do n’t know wear the same watch or similar watches, it’s boring. I think this is another factor besides the public relations factor that Panerai has been popular for in recent years. It is personality. It is very individual. You can see at a glance that this is Panerai. Today, the Watch House recommends several watches with excellent movements and different colors, that is, not only precise but also individual.
Emilion Challenger 08.1169.G.6.AW.98.6 watch

Watch Series: Challenger Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 11200
Watch details: gte vml 1]>
Watch Series: Jun Xun Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K yellow gold-stainless steel
Strap Material: 18K Yellow Gold-Stainless Steel
Case diameter: 36 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 19100
Watch details: style = ‘line-height: 1.5;’> Omega Speedmaster 326.

Watch Series: Speedmaster Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Rubber
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 34600
Watch details: de Paris) pattern. The 40 mm stainless steel case features a bezel with a matte black aluminum tachometer ring and a black rubber strap. This timepiece is equipped with a 3330 coaxial movement.

Summary: In the case of similar brand positioning and price factors, the two selection conditions mentioned at the beginning can be used as the basic conditions for your watch selection. However, in addition to the personality of the watch, the issue of personality also has the personality of the person. People can only choose a watch based on their own eyes and appearances. (Picture / Text Watch House Chen Zhongyun)