Aquatimer Flyback Dive Watch

Manufactured in 2008, Aquatimer, flyback function, 18K rose gold case, C.79320 movement, case diameter 46 mm.
Estimated price: 40,000-55,000 HKD
Commission price included: 93750 HKD
    There are not too many watch factories that can combine diving watch and chronograph technology. One of the important reasons is that the buttons used to start and stop the timing are very strict for sealing. The chronograph also missed the list of diving watches. So even the inventors of Oyster cases like Rolex have so far not produced chronographs on their Rogue series.
    However, IWC has such a product, and its design is quite special. The two dials are nested with the functions of the previous three dials, and the dial near the 12 o’clock position is one to two. The identity of its diving watch, you can notice the black rubber part outside the timing start and stop buttons, this is the part used to complete the seal. The timing function of the Cal 79320 movement is not a traditional 30-minute and 12-hour accumulation, but a combination of 60 minutes and 12 hours. The 18K red gold case really makes me doubt that IWC is indeed provided to customers who often dive Is this a watch?
    For many watch additional functions, timekeeping is the closest representative of the function of the watch itself. Because from the perspective of its mission, clocks are used to display time, and recording time is a link that is closest to the important function of the watch itself. The chronograph movement uses a chronograph structure based on a cylindrical wheel system. Of course, since major manufacturers specializing in the development of movements such as FP and ETA have introduced simple chronograph movement structures 1185 and 7750, many small manufacturers These cores can be purchased and then modified and used on their own chronograph.
    For modern chronograph technology, such as single-button, flyback, double-tracing hands, etc. are all derived from the basic chronograph movement. Among them, the double chasing hand technology is relatively the most complicated. It realizes the function of iterative timing of two periods by two overlapping central chronograph seconds hands. On the basis of this, Lange has developed a 30-minute cumulative chronograph dial with the same double-track function, which once again pushes the complexity of timing to a higher level.