Athens: The Taste Of The Sea, I Know

The 29th Geneva Watch & Clock Fair is being held in Geneva, Switzerland’s second largest city, and each of the watch brands exhibiting their new models this year. Jaeger-LeCoultre released the ultra-complex ‘Minster Minster Minute Repeater + Stereo Tourbillon + Perpetual Calendar’ watch, TAG Heuer unveiled an innovative carbon fiber hairspring, and Vacheron Constantin also unveiled its perpetual calendar with its 65-day standby … .. It can be said that there are too many new models to watch. But among so many new models, the set of collaboration between Ulysse Nardin and Italian artist Milo Manara is memorable and even memorable. Watch brand Ulysse Nardin is known for its chronographs and enamels, so when it first got the press release issued by the brand, it didn’t look closely. I thought it was a ‘conventional’ operation. After all, the brand introduced enamel paintings every year. But when @Glbrunner released more photos of real hands-on, many table friends were ‘boiling.’ Although the official of Athens has named these watches ‘CLASSICO MANARA’, watch friends still gave it a new name ‘Taste of the Sea’. Italian artist Milo Manara actually prepared a total of ten illustrations this time, which can form palindromes and allow each illustration to exist independently of each other. It tells the love story between a woman on earth and a supernatural aquatic creature. This relationship happens at the bottom of the sea, a place without time. However, this batch of watches is not made of enamel, but acrylic micro-painting. From the deep blue sea to the orange coral reefs, from the slightest wave surface to lips and mermaid jewelry, the work is entirely handmade with eyelash brushes. It is reported that these special Milo Manara versions will be divided into stainless steel and rose gold versions. For each of the ten drawings, ten pieces will be made of stainless steel and ten pieces will be made of rose gold. The limited edition is only 200 copies. The steel model is priced at approximately RMB 200,000, and the rose gold model is priced at approximately RMB 260,000. —END —