Black Elegant Temperament Stainless Steel Diamond Watch

As a well-known Swiss watchmaking brand, Baume & Mercier promotes the beauty of balance. In the 1960s, the Greek letter ‘phi’ was selected as the brand emblem, which symbolized the ‘golden section’ and represented a perfect proportion. In the early 1970s, Baume & Mercier began to explore the field of design to redefine women’s watches, to develop a unique and innovative timepiece appearance with a steady stream of inspiration.

  Baume & Mercier’s new appointment series is a collection of Baume & Mercier watches exclusively for women, inspired by the Baume & Mercier Museum’s 1970s collection. The appointment series breaks through the traditional watch shape concept, presenting the unique appearance of a circle embedded in an oval shape, which sets off the softness and gentleness of the watch. Today, the watch home will bring you a Baume & Mercier appointment series, the official model is: PROMESSE-10166.

  This Baume & Mercier watch is a 34 mm round stainless steel case set with 61 diamonds for a total of 0.65 carats of sparkling diamonds. The oval bezel and the deep black mother-of-pearl complement each other, giving this model the most exquisite appearance, showing noble elegance. This model is equipped with a quartz movement, which is accurate and stable.

  The steel screw-in gear crown has a soft feel and is deeply embedded in the side case, integrating with the case. The polished top is engraved with the Baume & Mercier logo to represent its noble brand identity, looking classic and elegant.

  Bright black crocodile leather strap with fine workmanship and well-balanced texture. With a stainless steel pin buckle, the order is simple and convenient. The buckle is polished and engraved with the famous brand logo. The details show the brand’s intentions.

  The 8.16 mm-thick case has a moderate thickness, smooth edges, and a contoured design that expresses classic luxury and fine polishing. It also shows Baume & Mercier’s superb design skills.

  The lugs are smooth, small and exquisite, exquisitely pleasing. Also polished and polished, for women, short lugs fit better into their slender wrists.

  Guilloche black dial with Roman numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, and 8 0.03 carats of fine diamonds at the other, with polished rhodium-plated princess-style hands , At a glance when reading. The black dial is more solemn, while the diamond adds a noble and elegant look to the watch.

  The watch has a dense bottom design, and 4 screw bottom cases are firmly fixed on the case. The polished watch cover, engraved with the English logo of Baume & Mercier and the English logo of the appointment series, symbolizes the high quality of the watch. Equipped with a quartz movement, the movement is accurate and stable.

  Summary: As a brand new watch for Baume & Mercier, the round case perfectly blends with the oval bezel, and the diamonds around the case are exquisite and elegant. The black dial decorated with guilloché pattern, decorated with Roman numerals and diamonds engraved, is rich in the traditional traditional decoration style of the agreed series. The style of the theme black series is more solemn and capable, wearing the elegance of the wrist.