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In 2006, Blancpain launched the new BLANCPAIN WOMEN series mechanical watch, which perfectly combines the jewelry aesthetics with the charm of architectural art. In addition to exuding the unique temperament of Gothic style, it brings more to your wrist Exclusive to Gothic charm. The watch is inspired by the Amiens Cathedral built at the peak of Gothic architecture, which perfectly reflects the grand and magnificent characteristics of Gothic architecture. Today I will bring you this beautiful architectural watch.
  Blancpain ultra-thin movement series 3300A-3728-52B watch

  The Gothic church shows the most glorious glory in the history of architecture. Gothic architecture was developed from Romanesque architecture and was inherited by Renaissance architecture. Gothic architecture is mainly found in Catholic churches, and it has also affected other areas of architecture in the world. The overall style of Gothic architecture is towering and thin, towering tops, pointed arches, and huge stained glass windows on the windows. In the structural system, the use of sharp ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, and slender beam columns creates a light and slender flying feel.

  The Amiens Cathedral is located on the banks of the Somme in the city of Amiens in Somme. It was built in 1220. It is the largest church in France and one of the most beautiful churches in France. The Blancpain WOMEN series mechanical watches are associated with feminine perspectives and perspectives, incorporating Gothic architectural style into feminine characteristics. The diamonds on the dial are just like the carved sculptures in the Amiens Cathedral. The decorative patterns and the special Arabic numeral time scales that are also radiant in shape match the decorative decoration of the flowers and leaves between the arches and arcades of the Amiens Cathedral, which is magnificent and magnificent.
  Summary: Blancpain women’s ultra-thin watch, 220 diamonds on the dial make the dial shine bright and dazzling, representing a strong love. The white dial is dotted with red gold hour markers, which are bold and eye-catching. With a case diameter of 34 mm and a case thickness of only 9.50 mm, it is an extraordinary choice for ultra-thin watches.
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