Breitling Created Another Cloud Sensation

Breitling Global shows Lingyun’s ambition
 Breitling, a famous Swiss watch brand, has been rooted in the sky since its birth in 1884. It adheres to the mission of ‘manufacturing the most precise timepieces’, constantly challenges itself, breaks through innovation, and deeply imprints courage and passion in the brand DNA. Breathtaking golden autumn, Breitling has participated in watch exhibitions, air shows, flight shows, sponsorships and other events around the world to convey the brand’s unique flying culture and timepiece spirit to watch fans around the world and share Breitling’s ambitions.

Breitling Global shows Lingyun ambition
Breitling Shines at Belles Montres Shanghai Luxury Show
 From October 27th to 30th, 2011, the famous Swiss watch brand Breitling will bring a number of new 2011 models to the Belles Montres inaugural luxury watch Shanghai exhibition. Beginning in 1884, Breitling enjoys the reputation of being a pioneer of chronograph watches and ‘the official official supplier of the world aviation industry’. At the Belles Montres luxury watch exhibition, visitors will appreciate three Breitling carefully crafted flagship watches: Naivtimer 01, Chronomat 44 and Transocean Watch ( Transocean Chronograph), derived from three of the most legendary classic models in the history of Breitling, are equipped with 100% self-developed automatic chronograph chronograph 01 movement, to bring legendary watches to a new look with extraordinary performance. In addition, there are a number of new 2011 Breitling watches shining together, full of flying elements, distinctive personality, cool and dynamic booth, I believe you will definitely stop and forget.
 Belles Montres means ‘beautiful watch’. This time is the Belles Montres luxury watch exhibition-this international luxury watch feast originated in Paris, France, debuted in China for the first time. More than 30 of the world’s top watch brands will gather at the Shanghai Exhibition Center to enjoy timepieces with Chinese watch enthusiasts. I believe this will be the largest watch event ever held in mainland China and will be completely open to the public.

Breitling Global shows Lingyun ambition
Breitling Witnesses 2011 Hong Kong Aircraft Competition
 Breitling, a well-known Swiss watch brand, has been hailed as the ‘Official Official Supplier of the World Aviation Industry’. It has for many years witnessed the history of human struggle to conquer the sky and has always been flying side by side with the world aviation industry. This year, Breitling participated in supporting a series of ‘100th Anniversary of Hong Kong Powered Flight’ activities to ignite the enthusiasm of Hong Kong citizens for the local aviation industry and further popularize aviation knowledge. On September 17, the ‘Hong Kong Aircraft Contest’, one of a series of events, was held at the seaside of Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. As the designated timing of the conference, Breitling witnessed the moment when the team of HKU SPACE ‘PASSER’ won the championship, and supported the flight dream of Hong Kong aviation fans with action.
 On the day of the event, 15 flight teams composed of professionals and students from different fields displayed their self-made aircraft. After the countdown of the take-off in 2 minutes, each team launched their human-powered aircraft in turn, successfully led the aircraft for take-off within a limited time, and then rushed straight into the sea about 4 meters deep. Breitling continued to shoulder its accurate and reliable timing tasks, and specially customized two accurate large outdoor timers to witness the moment when the human-powered aircraft rushed into the skies, and also presented multiple Breitling aircraft models to the contest winners. The pilot’s spirit of fearlessness, courage and challenge is in line with Breitling’s brand spirit of continuous innovation and breakthrough of limits. The event attracted hundreds of flying fans. Mr. Lo Chongwen, Director of the Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong, representatives of the Hong Kong General Aviation Association and Hong Kong Airlines also attended the event to kick off the event and serve as awards guests.
Breitling joins hands with the French Patrol to dance in the sky of Saint-Tropez
 Breitling, a well-known Swiss watch brand, made another cloud sensation. On August 15, at the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the Second World War in Saint-Tropez, a French city, the Breitling Jet Team joined the famous French Air Force aerobatic team ‘The French Patrol’ ( Patrouille de France), the formation flew over Saint Tropez to pay tribute to this city of luxury and glory. The Breitling Jet Aerobatic Team is the only private civil jet aerobatic team in the world. It demonstrates courage, speed and precision and reliability with thrilling aerial ballet. Its pilots are highly experienced professionals, mostly from the French Air Force. Or ‘French patrol.’ After the flight show and celebrations, the pilots visited the Breitling store just completed in Saint-Tropez.
 Saint Tropez is located on the French Côte d’Azur. It has the most beautiful beaches in France and enjoys the reputation of ‘City of the Sun’. In the 1960s, as the inimitable Brigitte Bardot settled here, the city gradually became a place of celebrities, wealthy and celebrities. Fashion and luxury gathered together to shine in France. Breitling opened its first French franchise store in Saint-Tropez in June this year. This store continues the style, art and passion of Breitling’s flagship store in New York, and is more romantic in France. It shares Breitling’s excellence with Saint-Tropez. Table with flying legend.