Chanel Chanel Coco Crush New High-end Jewellery Diamond Pattern More Colorful

‘Matelassé’ diamond pattern is a classic design element of Chanel, and also an important element for the success of the COCO CRUSH series of jewelry. The legendary diamond pattern design is transformed into K gold jewelry works, deducing attractive rings and bracelets. , Achieve luxury, moving, timeless masterpiece, very modern.

   This time, Chanel once again created the new COCO CRUSH series of jewellery with rhombus elements. Each precious metal is carved with elegant craftsmanship, delicate and gentle rhombus patterns on the precious metal.

CHANEL High Jewelry ‘Coco Crush’ Ring, 18K White Gold with Diamonds, Exquisite: RMB73000

CHANEL High Jewelry ‘Coco Crush’ Series Ring, 18K White Gold with Diamonds, Standard Model: RMB129500

   Different from last year, the new products launched this year, there are two white gold set diamond styles, compared with the previous design, more luxurious and refined. Beige K gold models and diamond styles are available in different sizes.

CHANEL High Jewelry ‘Coco Crush’ Ring, Beige (Beige) 18K Gold, Standard RMB22800

CHANEL high jewelry “Coco Crush” ring, Beige (beige) 18K gold, delicate RMB16500

   Chanel fine jewelry has always been known for its modern spirit and delicate texture. The ‘COCO CRUSH’ series is unique, with its simplicity, elegance and absolute modernity, it highlights the extraordinary characteristics of Chanel’s fine jewelry.