Chen Daoming’s Trip To Switzerland Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Watchmaking Workshop

In March 2013, La Chaux-de-Fan in Switzerland ushered in an unusual guest. He visited Switzerland several times, but he stepped into the heart of Swiss watchmaking for the first time. Watch, but for the first time assembled the movement; he loves sports cars, but for the first time in the world’s latest environmentally friendly sports car TESLA shuttle in the Swiss valley. To him, this trip to Switzerland was like a shuttle journey, traveling between ancient watchmaking technology and modern avant-garde technology. One will visit the ancient watch museum, one will visit the modern movement workshop, one will He will listen to more than eighty elderly tell stories of the family’s watches and clocks, and imagine the future with the passionate president. He is Chen Daoming, China’s premier performing artist, and TAG Heuer’s global image ambassador.

Proud of the Calibre 1887

 The first stop of Chen Daoming’s trip was the TAG Heuer watchmaking workshop in La Chaux-de-Fin. Entering the workshop, the first thing that catches the eye is the car map of the Carrera Pan American Mexico Road Race. This year is the brand Carrera series. On the 50th anniversary of the birth, as a loyal supporter of the Calera series, Chen Daoming spent a long time in the R & D, design and manufacturing department of TAG Heuer’s self-made Calibre 1887 movement. Calibre 1887, a self-made movement is a symbol of strength for a professional watchmaking brand, and now he is very fortunate to be able to see the production process of this movement with his own eyes. While surprised, he is also interested in assembling the movement. Eager to try. So under the guidance of a professional watchmaker, Chen Daoming put on a professional magnifying glass and carefully assembled small parts with tweezers. He said afterwards: the assembly of the movement is really a complicated and tedious process. The first is assembly, because The parts are very small, and it is easy to miss them if they are not careful, and each part has its inherent position, and a small position shift will cause the entire movement to not work. The second is testing. After assembly, he visited the entire watch testing process, from compression resistance, shock resistance, water resistance to buckle opening. He originally heard about the finished watch test, but really saw him step by step. The completion of the ground is still a bit shocking, he said that the watch is really a masterpiece of human handicraft, and the Swiss have taken this craft to the extreme.

 Chen Daoming visited the TAG Heuer watchmaking workshop and tried to assemble Calibre 1887

TAG Heuer 360 Museum-a pioneering work of time and space art

 After the tour of the movement factory, the second stop came to the heart of TAG Heuer-360 Museum, in order to better tell the 153-year history of TAG Heuer TAG Heuer, the fourth generation of TAG Heuer TAG Heuer, Jack Heuer Mr. Chen Daoming was accompanied by Mr. Chen Daoming to visit, and with the antique watch in front of him, Mr. Jack Heuer told the story of the family.

 The TAG Heuer 360 Museum was designed and constructed by Eric Carison at the Paris Carbondale Architects, UCKSSCENO, which specializes in screen and museum design, and the TAG Heuer internal team. The inspiration of this extraordinary design comes from the magical and inaccessible space between the dial and the mirror. The hands of time are driven by the mysterious power inside. This space contains mysterious colors and the mystery of science. It is integrated into one of the three major architectural elements and constitutes a wonderful space of 200 square meters in the museum.

 Chen Daoming visited the 360 ​​Museum under the leadership of TAG Heuer’s fourth-generation heir Jack TAG Heuer

 At the end of this journey, TAG Heuer prepared a special gift for Mr. Chen Daoming-Monaco V4 platinum fine watchmaking, and engraved the phonetic alphabet of his name on the dial to thank him for his continued support for the brand. Monaco V4 is a fine watch made entirely by hand, selling only 150 pieces worldwide. Drow’s extraordinary appearance complements its innovative revolutionary internal movement. Each complex surface and double-sided corners are finely polished to meet the highest standards of high-end watchmaking, showing a unique luxury. Through this trip to the watchmaking workshop, the friendship between Chen Daoming and the brand has further sublimated, and he has fully understood the watchmaking technology and rapid development of the TAG Heuer brand over the past 153 years. Chen Daoming said that he would like TAG Heuer ‘Innovation and avant-garde’ is passed on to those who are brave enough to challenge the limits, possess unique tastes and continue to climb the pinnacle of success, encouraging more elites in the new era to create myths belonging to this era with their faith and never giving up.