Classic 2012 Panerai Transatlantic (June Official Website Dynamics)

The classic nautical world is preparing to usher in this year’s most remarkable event for the first time in the league this season. OFFICINE Panerai, the Italian sports haute horlogerie brand and the long-time classic sailing boat passed the challenge of the Panerai classic yacht, at the Atlantic Yacht Club, Panerai Transatlantic Classique 2012, 1 sailing competition, you will see Dozens of stunning classic fleet new partners sailing yachts cast their way across the Atlantic on December 2.

   The yacht will get rid of Cascais. In Portugal, the famous Clube Navy’s Cascais will definitely be a Caribbean paradise in Barbados. Sailing 4000 miles: Ladies of the sea can also accumulate the final process of the order. Ranking two preliminary matches, this is optional participation. Starting with the latter Douarnenez in Brittany (July 22, 2012) and Saint-Tropez (October 25, 2012), Cascais set across the Atlantic in front of the entire team.
   Nearly 40 yachts have entered the Panerai Transatlantic Classique and some of them have some of the most famous names in sailing history, including Duick’s second, Yingyue Fourth, Marianna and Blue Peter. The winner will be engraved with the Panerai Special Edition Watch (500 pieces), Panerai’s Transatlantic Classique at the end of 2012.