Creative Pioneer Zenith Prestige Columbus Hurricane Watch

Since the birth of Leroc in 1865, Zenith has continuously launched outstanding creations. The prestigious Columbus Hurricane watch not only combines the El Primero movement and the gravity control system, but also has a third outstanding device to eliminate it. Isochronous error. This design is equipped with a sesame chain transmission system, which can keep the swing amplitude stable during the power reserve period, and then ensure that the watch transmits power steadily.

 A fusion of bold creativity and time-honored craftsmanship

 When Georges. When Georges Favre-Jacot gathered all watchmaking under the same roof in 1865, he had thought that the brand he founded would stand up in the tide of time, faithfully upholding his philosophy, A perfect balance between watchmaking tradition and bold creativity. However, for almost 150 years, the brand has continued to carry forward the founder’s pioneering spirit with a rare determination. Zenith has been deeply rooted in its birthplace and continues to explore new breakthroughs in the field of watchmaking. To date, this star-branded brand has enjoyed more than 300 patents, witnessing the excellence of Zenith. From marine astronomical clocks, pocket watches to wristwatches, Zenith has developed and produced more than 600 movements, setting a new milestone in its history. If Zenith displays its exquisite craftsmanship with its complex performance, then the chronograph field is the best use of its craftsmanship. So far, the brand has won 2,333 awards, setting a record unparalleled. Since its inception, the pursuit of high accuracy has been the ultimate goal of brand timepieces. In 1969, Zenith launched the El Primero movement, creating an epoch-making achievement in the field of timekeeping. The El Primero movement is not only the first integrated self-winding chronograph movement in the history, the most important thing is its unparalleled high frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour, with an accuracy of one tenth of a second. Since then, this legendary movement has continued to evolve and continue in all series.

 Three rules

 If Christopher. When Christophe Columbus discovered a new world full of possibilities, the Academy Hurricane watch, which is famous for its name, unlocks the triple equation of watch accuracy: time is divided into equal sections by high vibration frequency, and eliminated by the gravity control system. Affects the precise gravity attraction of the travel time, and eliminates the isochronous gap with the sesame chain transmission. In other words, Zenith is not only related to the wearing of the watch (gravity) and the operation of the watch (the watch’s power reserve and isochronism). Over time, the isochronism of the watch may be affected.) Find out countermeasures to related issues, and also give the watch unparalleled high accuracy by improving the swing speed of the balance wheel.

 The sesame chain transmission system gives the watch a stable driving force

 During the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, most timepieces were equipped with sesame chains to regulate the power transmitted to the gear set. But with the changing times, only a handful of watch factories can put this device into the square inch space of the watch. With the launch of the Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch, Zenith has risen to the ranks of the elite. Zenith is currently the only watch factory capable of mastering the gravity control system. In 2011, Zenith was awarded the Grand Prix for Best Complex Watches in Geneva. However, the gravity control system is the research result of the brand lasting five years. Since then, Zenith has invested two years to develop the sesame chain transmission system. The Hurricane watch draws its inspiration from a marine astronomical clock, but how to put the huge structure of a marine astronomical clock into a watch with a diameter of only 45 mm? Zenith achieved this impossible task with its diligent hard work. In the previous centuries, it was necessary to insert the winding key into the hole of the dial to wind the watch, but Zenith was never able to use this mechanism, because the brand aims to make sealed waterproof watches. Therefore, a winding crown is used to solve this problem.

 When the power of a mechanical watch weakens, the vibration swing of its movement will become smaller, which will affect the accuracy of the watch. In contrast, with the sesame chain drive system, the power of the watch will remain stable during the power reserve. The operating principle of the sesame chain transmission system is as follows: the movement of the movement transmits its power to the barrel, after which the spiral structure of the pagoda wheel will offset the gradual change in power generated by the barrel. The spiral structure of the pagoda wheel is specially designed for clockwork and is the result of complex calculations. In the Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch, the transmission system between the barrel and the pagoda wheel consists of 585 parts of a sesame chain and is 18 cm long. The structure of the sesame chain is very complex, consisting of alternating double-links and intermediate links. The size of the rivets has been carefully calculated to reduce the impact of dynamic changes on the movement. The manufacture and operation of sesame chain requires meticulous care and ingenious craftsmanship. Once the assembly is completed, its tensile strength can reach more than 3 kg.

 For the duration of the power reserve, the barrel will transmit power to the pagoda wheel through the surrounding sesame chain. The pagoda wheel can transmit its stable power to the gear set by adjusting the tension, and the gear set transmits the power to the silicon escape gear in the gyroscope frame. It takes more than 50 hours (power reserve time) for the sesame chain to wind around the barrel, while the lever winding shows the beauty of exciting craftsmanship. Within seconds of winding, the pagoda wheel and the barrel are rotated in opposite directions, so that the sesame chain can be re-wound on the pagoda wheel, thereby winding the mainspring.

 The shape of the pagoda wheel of the Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch was carefully designed by Zenith watchmakers to provide maximum power to the barrel. The teeth design of the pagoda wheel has a conical structure, and its size has been carefully calculated. The theoretical power and power reserve time are taken as the reference. The structure of the pagoda wheel has seven layers, and the shape of each layer is the result of precise calculations. Without the cooperation of all the processes in the Zenith watch factory, especially the movement part and the complex assembly process, the pagoda wheel would not be born. The close cooperation between different professions is another winning ace of the brand. By bringing together all the crafts related to watchmaking under the same roof, the brand can achieve extraordinary achievements.

 Gravity Control System: Challenging the Law of Gravity

 In addition to offsetting the isochronous gap with the sesame chain drive system, the Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watch can eliminate another factor that affects the mechanical movement of the watch-gravity. Keeping the adjustment device in a horizontal position allows the balance wheel to have the best swing amplitude, thus bringing the best travel time accuracy. Zenith developed a gravity control system based on this principle and applied for a patent for this revolutionary innovation. The gravity control system keeps the adjustment and escapement in a horizontal position forever. This invention not only shows the brand’s bold ideas, but also pays tribute to the brand’s history. It was inspired by the nautical astronomical clock that Zenith produced in the past.

 The power control system adopts the principle of the cardan-type suspension device of the legendary marine instrument. This type of suspension device was introduced in the sixteenth century with a universal hinge bracket, which is installed on the same shaft and used on a marine compass to keep it It is in a horizontal position and rotated in a horizontal direction, which can maintain balance even when the ship is bumpy. Later, pocket watches came out, because the cardan-type suspension device was as large as 50 mm in diameter and was not suitable for putting in a pocket, so the watchmaker at that time had to find another way, so the tourbillon device was born. Since the pocket watch is in a vertical position in the pocket, the left and right swing of the chain shaft on the tourbillon device can correct the travel time error caused by the gravity of the pocket watch parts.

 Today, the traditional tourbillon device equipped with the watch can balance the position deviation on the four vertical axes and adjust the watch’s accuracy by the same principle. In addition, the tilting tourbillon and multi-axis tourbillon, although they stay in the horizontal position for a short time, and the adjustment error is the sum of the multiple offsets caused by many wrist movements, but its operating principle and traditional tourbillon Similar, mainly to offset the errors caused by gravity. The gravity control system is equipped with a self-adjusting gyroscope mechanism. This design can keep the escapement in a horizontal position forever, no matter how the wrist swings. It is a masterpiece evolved from the marine astronomical clock.

 A treasure of outstanding machinery

 Zenith is a fusion of bold creativity, unique design and pleasing three qualities. With this in mind, Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane watches not only create outstanding achievements never before seen in the field of precision, but also provide viewers with endless visual enjoyment. Under the clear view of sapphire crystal glass, the sesame chain transmission system embodies ingenious mechanical technology, showing how the sesame chain rotates around the barrel and the pagoda wheel. The gyro frame at 6 o’clock is made up of 173 parts. It is a veritable watchmaking gem, and it is dazzling with its light and sharp rotation. The arched structure of the protective cover perfectly complements the beauty of the frame and echoes the hour-cut skeleton dial at 12 o’clock. Both the small gold seconds and the power reserve display are decorated with hand-engraved ‘guilloche’ patterns, both of which are round and balanced. Viewed from the side, under the sapphire crystal glass, a world map decorated with laser engravings is displayed on the bottom of the gyroscope, paying high respects to Columbus’s adventurous spirit. What better symbol of the spirit of this watch than the limited edition of 25 pieces?