Dior’s Largest Flagship Store In The World: House Of Dior Blooms In Seoul Qingtan-dong

Although the current MERS epidemic in South Korea is in flames, many global travelers are discouraged from travelling to South Korea. French boutique Christian Dior Christine Dior is still on the itinerary. Store — The new boutique flagship store, House of Dior, is located in Qingtan-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul’s city center, and is expected to become a distinctive local landmark. If you have the opportunity to travel to Qingtan Cave, you might as well pilgrimage and appreciate the essence of this beautiful Dior building.
   The House of Dior’s unique flagship store in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul looks dreamy and elegant like white petals on the front, and Dior’s signature stars and rattan pattern on the side. This was won by the Pritzker Architecture Award in 1994. The award-winning French architect Christian de Portzamparc and Peter Marino, an architect, landscape designer and painter, together create a dream-like six-story building Floor high-end custom building.
Dior Qingtan-dong interior elegant furnishings latest boutique

   Debao Sambalk and Marino are inspired by the tailoring process and haute couture lines of the Haute Couture Workshop at 30 Montaign Avenue, Paris, to create a pleated, soft, round three-dimensional building structure line that combines light and transparency The interior design, for Dior to create a revolutionary building with perfect coordination and integration of three-dimensional geometric structures in the Cheongdam-dong area of ​​Seoul, is a representative of abundant creativity and a symbol of technological achievement.
Dior Cafe

   Dior’s new flagship store has a total of six floors. From the first floor underground, it is the Dior Homme boutique. Each floor carefully displays the latest products of Dior’s full range, and VIP rooms and galleries are set up on the fourth floor. Cafe open-air cafe, opened to the public on June 20, provides a brand new shopping experience for all consumers.
Esprit Dior spirit brand art exhibition invites Korean contemporary art creators to participate in this artistic creative release

   To celebrate the opening of a brand new exclusive boutique in Asia, Dior has launched a limited edition collection of exclusive limited edition bags and accessories that are only sold in Seoul, Korea. All limited edition works will be engraved with ‘limited edition’ handwriting and independent numbers.

Esprit Dior Art Show

   In addition, to celebrate the opening of the House of Dior flagship store, from now until August 25, Dior will also display the “Esprit Dior Spirit Brand Art Exhibition” at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). Exploring the brand’s art field extended from high-end custom uniforms, thematic performances gradually explored the fantastic essence of high-end custom, and invited six contemporary art creators from South Korea to participate in this artistic creation.