Fang Inch Qiaosi Wuc Wrist Watch Jewelry Launched Chinese Limited Edition U-play Watch

There is a saying in the old saying: everything is coming from the sun, the sun is burning, and its color is red. Red, because of its wonderful and vivid cultural meaning, makes Chinese people have a soft spot for reunions and festive occasions. Coincidentally, the Swiss outside the oceans lit a fire at home at the beginning of the new year, hoping that this tinder from the sun can bring infinite luck to the family in the new year. Today, GUCCI watch jewelry uniquely captures the blazing red of the tinder. It has been crafted and forged by Swiss handicrafts. It presents the Spring Festival in the square inch, and records every precious private time with an exclusive red fun timepiece.
   As the most interesting watch series of Gucci watch jewelry, U-Play has extended new special models and sold them exclusively in China. U-Play’s iconic round bezel is covered in eye-catching burgundy leather and a Guccissima leather strap complements the GG logo. The GG pattern echoes the silver sunburst surface, highlighting Gucci’s signature interlocking double G pattern.
   The unique and unique Chinese version of the U-Play watch strap is equipped with a dog tag charm (removable for other bracelet decoration), adding a touch of fashion to the watch. As with all U-Play series watches, the bezel and strap of the Chinese version of the U-Play watch can also be replaced. All collections are interchangeable, thus making the collection of watches in this collection fresh and interesting.