Hermès H-our Watch Tenth Anniversary

For fashion fans longing for Hermès, perfume is the entry product into Hermès’s top garden, and ‘H-our watch’ is arguably the most worthy classic collection. This was published in 1996. The fashion watch of the year is still new today and has become one of the important totems in the brand’s history.
In 1996, the H-our watch designed by Mr. Philippe Mouquet inherited the spirit of Hermes for 160 years, and accumulated nearly 70 years of watchmaking craftsmanship and experience. The Hermes symbolic totem was transformed into a specific time machine, creating a Hermes exclusive Time connects the glorious traditions of the past and opens the door to future classics.
Today, H-our is already the largest collection of Hermès watches, including five sizes and four materials, decorated with different gemstones, and matched with a variety of Hermès leather straps or straps. It has a rich selection to meet different types. Tasters.
Designer Philippe Mouquet has a sleek and slightly slender appearance. Born in France in 1966, he graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des arts appliqués et métiers d`Art. In 1987 and 1988, he won the Hermès Award from Comité Colbert, so his work also attracted the attention of Jean-Louis Dumas, and in 1989 invited him to be a designer of Hermès.
This year, to celebrate the 10th birthday of the H-our watch, Mr. Mouquet has reinterpreted a completely different H-our-H-our Round round style. Rich and thick appearance, with exquisite texture, the dial is carved with sunlight-like decorative patterns, spanning a Decade, the process of transformation from square to circle is like the change of Yin and Yang in Chinese ancient books, and Fang Yuan is two sides of one body In order to pursue the harmony of the world, it is indispensable.
Some people say that ‘H-our is Hermes Logo’, but under the dazzling H frame, it actually respects the design spirit of art: keep the classic, join the contemporary, and focus on every detail … these are the things that can last forever s reason.