Hi-tech Art On Your Wrist: Swatch 51 (Sistem51) Five New Brand New!

SWATCH 51 (SISTEM51) series is an innovative mechanical watch that subverts the traditional watch field. Today’s most unique mechanical watch, designed for connoisseurs who love traditional watchmaking. However, the Planet 51 series is a mechanical watch for all the general public. It is not made by hand, but is produced under a fully automatic mechanized production line.
   This invention by SWATCH not only created a marvel of watchmaking technology, but also provided a new ‘canvas’ for creative artists and designers: each surface is a perfect interpretation of color, shape and structure stage. With the ring-shaped automatic disc-driven automatic refining system, every design on the surface is instantly energized, becoming a fascinating dynamic art work. Made in Switzerland 100%, Planet 51 is an art-like technological innovation.
   SISTEM GREEN Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: Sunburst dark green chassis, engraved with orange and red patterns / Case: Translucent dark green plastic / Bezel: Pure dark green plastic, orange pattern / Bracelet: Pure dark green silicone , Orange stitching and translucent dark green plastic buckle ring
SISTEM GREEN case back
   Five new debuts of this series debut: SISTEM PINK (SUTR401) showcases a space blue dial with a colorful and cosmic atomic design and a blue bezel, a translucent pink case and a pink silicone strap; SISTEM GREEN (SUTG400) The sunburst tattooed green dial, dark green bezel and translucent dark green case draw a contrasting orange hue, highlighting the dazzling orange and dark green sunrise design on the back; SISTEM CHIC (SUTB402) is based on the classic black bezel , Case and strap highlight the classic black and white dial visual design, and the back uses the outstanding pop art visual art design to tell the fascinating story; SISTEM CLASS (SUTS402) shows time in elegant black and white Charm, black bezel intersects with translucent blue case and black silicone strap; SISTEM CREAM (SUTM400) with black and white dial and bezel, beige case and white dot pattern on the back, beige rubber touch leather The strap makes it attractive.
   SISTEM CLASS Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: Black chassis with white and red markings. Case: Translucent blue plastic / bezel: Pure black plastic with white and gray patterns. Strap: Pure black silicone with blue stitching. , Translucent blue plastic buckle and blue silicone buckle ring
   SISTEM CREAM Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: Black chassis with white and red markings / Case: Beige plastic / Bezel: Black plastic, white pattern / Bracelet: Beige rubber touch leather strap and buckle, Beige plastic Buckle ring
   SISTEM CHIC Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: White chassis with black and red markings / Case: Pure black plastic / Bezel: Pure black plastic / Bracelet: Black silicone, black stitching, black plastic buckle and black silicone watch Buckle
   SISTEM PINK Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: Blue and pink chassis, engraved with yellow and white patterns / Case: Translucent pink plastic / Bezel: Blue plastic, white pattern / Bracelet: Pink silicone, pure blue Plastic buckle and pure blue silicone buckle ring
SISTEM PINK case back

   Since it is not a quartz watch, the Planet 51 series does not require batteries to provide kinetic energy-the source of its kinetic energy is the wearer of the watch itself. Each movement of the wrist will drive the ring-shaped automatic dial to automatically refine the watch and store kinetic energy, so Planet 51 is equipped with an automatic winding system and a ring-shaped automatic disk mechanical movement. Even if it is left for a period of time, it can keep operating for 90 hours amazingly.