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HUBLOT China’s largest store in Xiamen

 HUBLOT Hublot China Marketing Director Hu Ke introduced Hublot

 On July 27, 2013, the top Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot in China’s largest store in Xiamen was unveiled from the professional watchmaking academy from the factory headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The organizers described it as ‘a feast of movement aesthetics that combines traditional Swiss watchmaking art with contemporary technology.’

 On the day of the event, Hu Ke, Marketing Director of Hublot China, introduced the Unico chronograph movement, which was completely independently developed and produced by Hublot. And Hublot’s leading material carbon fiber, can be called the world’s highest hardness patented gold alloy ‘magic gold’.

 Hublot watchmaking institute

 On-site guests experience the watchmaking academy

 Hublot, which has strong independent research and development capabilities, invites the guests present to experience the Hublot Professional Watchmaking Academy, to explore the wonderful core of the watchmaking industry, and to experience the unforgettable experience of disassembling the watch in person. With the assistance of professionals, invited guests are seated in front of a specially customized workbench for this event. According to reports, this workbench can be attached and detached, and is equipped with a miniature battery. Once installed, its screen and lighting functions can operate independently. The operating instructions will be displayed on the workbench’s embedded display. As in the course, each step of assembly and disassembly will be shown in turn, explaining the specific operations that need to be performed.

 Live Hublot Products

 On the day of the event, the on-site staff specially introduced Hublot’s self-produced movement. It is understood that Hublot’s UNICO column wheel chronograph movement has a unique characteristic structure and aesthetic value, which is exclusive to Hublot. It took 3 million Swiss francs to develop this Zhenpin. Every link of the UNICO movement from research and development to manufacturing is completed in the Hublot factory building. The launch of Hublot’s ultra-thin skeleton movement means that Hublot once challenged the ‘thin’ limit. The self-made ultra-thin movement with a thickness of only 2.90 mm, the completely hollow design concept shows the watch’s internal structure more clearly and intuitively under professional eyes.

 Mr. Loic Biver, brand director of HUBLOT China

 Hublot’s legendary success and development begins at the Hublot factory. Whether it is the independent research and development of a movement that fully demonstrates its creativity, or the newly launched professional watchmaking academy course in 2013, Hublot has always made a sound Show the charm of integration and the success of individuality. Mr. Loic Biver, brand director of Hublot China, said in an interview: ‘The success of Hublot is because Hublot has been doing something unique and unique.’ Hublot’s Xiamen store less than a year old has once again become the focus of Hublot’s Chinese market.