Hundred Years Of Classics Rongcheng, Hamilton Hamilton Opens Together

Hamilton Hamilton has recently ushered in its grand opening in Chengdu Henderly Chunxi Store and Kaidan Store. At the opening ceremony, Hamilton Watch China Vice President Ms. Song Jianhui and Mr. Zhong Hanliang, a well-known film and television artist, appeared together to witness the wonderful moment of the opening.

The two newly opened stores are located in the Hengdeli store in Chengdu. As a classic and well-known historical store, Chunxi Road store has always been a popular place for people in Rongcheng to purchase, exchange and exchange their love for watches; Kadan Plaza Store It is the first branch of Chengdu Hengdeli. It is believed that the addition of Hamilton will also bring more communication experience for Han watch fans in Rongcheng.

At the Chunxi store scene, many models also performed Hamilton watches from six different themes: ‘Jazz, Timeless Classic, Adventure, Sea, Land and Air’. These six themes cover Hamilton’s most important watches This series, either classic elegance or toughness, perfectly shows Hamilton’s unique style. In the speech, Ms. Song Jianhui, Vice President of Hamilton Watch China, said that the spirit of the brand is carefully and courageously. It represents the pioneering spirit of pursuing freedom and daring to innovate, just like Chengdu, which brings people fresh Similarly, Hamilton hopes that the two stores can continue to make breakthroughs for the development of Hamilton in Chengdu.

‘Dare to act carefully’ is a brand new watch concept brought to consumers by HAMITLON, a famous watch brand with a history of more than 120 years. In 2014, the brand launched a new advertising image: feeling the world through orange squares; Hamilton wanted to present not only a carefully crafted watch, but also a life attitude that transcends emotions and regions; creating precision with top Swiss craftsmanship Reliable watches expressing boldness and freedom with American watch culture. As an authentic American brand, Hamilton has witnessed the splendor of American culture for more than 120 years. He has also done his best to seek development and break through himself, casting the American spirit into one watch after another. With Swiss high-tech, inherited the classics, and also created a wonderful future only belongs to Hamilton.

On the day of the event, Mr. Zhong Hanliang was wearing a blue minimalist suit and wearing the latest watch of the Hamilton Freedom Series. Upon his appearance, he would perfectly show the retro elegance and countless on-site films. Accompanied by Ms. Song Jianhui, Vice President of Brand China, Mr. Zhong Hanliang visited Hamilton Chengdu Hengdeli Chunxi Store and Kaidan Store, and visited the brand representative models. He personally expressed that he likes the Hamilton brand very much. From the first cooperation to now he is also paying attention to the brand’s dynamics. The spirit of ‘freedom’ and ‘enthusiasm’ conveyed by the brand is also highly respected by himself. Mrs. Song Jianhui, the vice president of the brand, personally presented Mr. Zhong Hanliang with a ‘dual identity’ jazz face 2 face watch. Pioneer and classic two distinct and different styles meet face to face in the same watch, ensuring precision and comfort beyond the wonderful change.

At the scene, two core models using the brand’s own movement were introduced. The ‘free spirit’ watch worn by Zhong Hanliang is the best example of the American spirit that the brand upholds, and it is the epitome of Hamilton’s century-long history. ‘Without liberty, life is a misery, it is sad to live without freedom’, beautifully engraved on the leather strap of a free watch Recalling the end of the 19th century, Mr. Andrew Hamilton, a spokesman for the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania and one of the founders of Lancaster, called out to the world this quest for freedom. In honor of him, the Lancaster watch factory was named Hamill Dayton Watches, from the very beginning, established the brand’s watchmaking philosophy of pursuing freedom and innovation. The simple dial of the Liberty automatic mechanical watch with willow-shaped hands and slender drop-shaped scales perfectly blends nostalgic atmosphere with contemporary craftsmanship, and is a timeless masterpiece. The free-spirited automatic chronograph style worn by Mr. Zhong Hanliang adopts the Hamilton H21 self-mainframe, which can complete the timing function, and has a power reserve of up to 60 hours. The movement is decorated with tough brushed sanding and Hamilton H pattern. The automatic mechanical model, which will be launched in May 2014, is equipped with the new H10 Hamilton self-calibration and has a power reserve of more than 3 days, allowing the watch to spend the weekend in an idle state.

On the spot, there was also a jazz full skeleton, which was independently developed by the brand. The fully skeletonized movement was under the same hollow dial, revealing the looming mechanical art like hide and seek. The two watches are equipped with the same movement but different designs, interpreting women’s delicateness and men’s toughness from completely different perspectives, and they are constantly awakening the wearer’s pursuit of exquisite shapes and beautiful hearts.