Introduction To Radar True Thinline

Rado The success of the True Thinline is a testament to the determination of the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch to surpass all inherent technological possibilities. Years of leadership in materials technology have helped Rado achieve its ambitions shaped by high-tech ceramic watches, creating a weight of only 35 grams, a case thickness of only 4.9 mm, and a movement thickness of only 1 mm ultra-thin watch. When Rado’s True Thinline ultra-thin watch is smoothly wrapped around the wrist, the unimaginable fit makes people almost forget its existence, leaving only the envious eyes of others, and always following the time Footsteps, unparalleled accuracy.

RADO TRUE THINLINE Real Series Ultra-thin White Diamond Watch Recommended Price RMB23,200

Closely fit your love temperature

 Rado first introduced high-tech ceramic materials for the watch industry and was originally used in F1 & trade; racing cars and thermal shields to help spacecraft return to the earth’s atmosphere. The low thermal conductivity of high-tech ceramics can help the watch quickly adapt to body temperature, eliminating all the discomfort of the skin when it is extremely cold or hot. High Vickers hardness values ​​of up to 1250 ensure that the watch is robust and durable. At the same time, the smooth, shiny watch surface also exhibits superior characteristics that are not easy to wear. Rado True Thinline is a successful interpretation of the watch design concept that fits life.

RADO TRUE THINLINE Real Series Ultra-thin Black Diamond Watch Recommended Price RMB23,200