Iwc Iwc Portuguese Series 75th Anniversary New Product Debut In Beijing Watchmaking Class Sharing Legendary Watchmaking Process

On August 14, 2015, the Swiss watch brand IWC presented the “IWC IWC Masterpiece New Series Exhibition and Watchmaking Class” at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Beijing China World Trade Center. It has been 147 years since the brand was founded in 1868. Adhering to the tenet of pioneering technology, perfect craftsmanship, superior quality and extraordinary design, the brand has established its position in the field of luxury watches. This year, at the 75th anniversary of the brand’s most prestigious Portuguese series, the brand launched a number of outstanding new Portuguese series with ‘Legends, Classics’.

   At the beginning of the year, the new Portuguese series released at the Geneva International High-level Watch and Clock Exhibition collectively made their debut in Beijing, including: Portuguese series calendar watch, Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch, Portuguese series automatic watch, Portuguese series tourbillon retrograde watch, Portuguese series Nautical Elite Chrono Watch, Portuguese Elite World Time Watch, and two special edition watches created for the 75th anniversary of the Portuguese series, the Portuguese series Perpetual Calendar Digital Date and Month special edition ’75th Anniversary’ and the Portuguese manual A special edition of the 75th anniversary of the eight-day winding power reserve watch. Presents a time feast belonging to the Portuguese series for watch fans.

Portuguese Series Calendar

   The first annual calendar watch of the Portuguese series, the annual calendar display is set at 12 o’clock on the dial, and three independent semi-circular windows show the month, date and week. This ‘American style’ date arrangement is not only related to technology and design, but also to honor the founder of the brand, Mr. F. A. Jones from the United States.
   Equipped with the newly developed Cal.52850 movement, equipped with two barrels, it can provide enough energy for the watch’s power reserve of up to seven days. This annual calendar movement took nearly five years, and its switching mechanism has automatically taken into account the different days of each month, and only needs to be manually adjusted at the end of February every year.
   Almanac watches are available in different styles: 18k red gold models with silver-plated dials (model: IW503504); stainless steel models with silver-plated dials (model: IW503501) or night blue dials (model: IW503502).

Portuguese Perpetual Calendar
   Mirror symmetry to show the change of the moon phase profit and loss in the northern and southern hemispheres. This is also the first initiative by IWC engineers to allow the wearers of the southern hemisphere to also watch the correct moon phase position on the dial. Equipped with a new Cal.52615 homemade movement.
   The North and South hemisphere dual moon phase display models are available in 18k white gold (model: IW503401) and 18k red gold (model: IW503404). The white gold version has a night blue dial, and the red gold version has a rock gray dial.

Portuguese Series Single Moon Phase Perpetual Calendar Watch
   With the exception of a few minor design adjustments, the single moon phase model has no obvious changes in appearance. Only the new arched edge glass watch has visually reduced the thickness of the watch. Equipped with the newly developed Cal.52610 homemade movement. Integrating the power of two barrels, the movement provides a power reserve of up to seven days and drives nine functions and displays. The Bieleton winding system with two-way winding is equipped with newly developed ceramic pawls to ensure the highest performance.
   There are two different models of the single moon phase display: the 18k white gold model (model: IW503301) with a rock gray dial and the 18k red gold model (model: IW503302) with a silver-plated dial, the moon in the latter is plated Red gold, suspended in the night blue moon phase window.

Portuguese Series Perpetual Calendar Digital Date Month Watch ’75th Anniversary’ Special Edition

Portuguese series new ‘seven-day chain’

Portuguese Elite Chronograph

   The watchmaker from IWC headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland made a special trip to Beijing this time, and did not attend the media to open a watchmaking class. Pointing watch fans to explore the mystery of the movement, experience the rigor and precision of watchmaking art, and share the legendary system of the brand Table craft.

   The installed movement is a manual winding movement dedicated to IWC Watches. The brand has not invested this movement in the watch.
   Summary: The highlight of this year’s IWC is undoubtedly the Portuguese series that is on its ’75th anniversary’. A number of new watches are equipped with a variety of new homemade movements. The new self-made movement is more refined in terms of functions, appearance, polishing and decoration, and the models have also made better fit designs for the self-made movement. For the first time, the Portuguese series of annual calendar watches, with practical functions and a lower price / performance ratio than the perpetual calendar, is a very competitive and practical business watch for the mass consumer group. I believe it will be very good. Market performance.