Limited12/30 Platinum Watch Collection Story

On January 12, 2007, at the Days Inn Chang’an, Beijing, a Chinese tourbillon platinum watch numbered LIMITED 12/30 at the ‘Charity Auction of Famous Love’ held by Fashion Time Magazine. After intense bidding, it was auctioned by bidder No. 12 for 7.2 (0.6 X 12) yuan. What is the story behind this watch with multiple coincidences with 12?
The story begins in March 2005. In March 2005, ‘Fashion Time’ magazine reported the process of independent research and development and production of Chinese tourbillon watches by Beijing Watch Factory under the title of ‘China has a tourbillon’ with a 22-page title. The magazine attracted widespread readers’ attention as soon as it was published, and the current issue was sold out quickly. Soon, Wu Hong, president of the fashion magazine, visited Beibei, expressing his support for the development of national industry and encouraging Beibei to establish well-known national brands. These have greatly inspired Beibei’s confidence in creating high-end watches in the world, and enhanced the reputation of Chinese tourbillon watches. Since then, ‘Fashion Time’, a well-known watch magazine with the largest circulation in China, has a lot of happy cooperation with Beijing Watch Factory, a brand with a long history and leading the trend of high-end watch production in China.
August 8th is the 12th birthday of Fashion Media Group. In order to congratulate, Beijing Watch Factory specially presented the limited edition Chinese tourbillon platinum watch LIMITED12 / 30 to the fashion group. In order to present this watch at the 12th Anniversary Celebration Party of the Fashion Group, the masters of the North Watch Group kept improving and worked day and night. The Chinese tourbillon platinum watch is the first time that a Chinese brand has used platinum to make a case, crown, and buckle. In order to make a watch case, the general manager of North Watch Miao Hongbo went south to Shenzhen six times. The factory that made the case for the North Watch did not have Pt900 platinum processing experience. After many failures, it finally trial-produced a set of cases. On the evening of August 8, this platinum watch, which represents China’s highest watchmaking technology, was finally presented to President Wu Hong by Beibei Miao Hongbo at the 12th anniversary celebration party of the Fashion Group.
After that, because of technical and technological reasons, Beibei was forced to choose a new case processing factory, and the material of the case was also changed to Pt950. With the release of this limited edition watch, LIMITED 12/30 became the only platinum watch made of Pt900 case.
It was already on January 12, 2007. Fashion Media Group donated this precious platinum tourbillon watch to the ‘Named Love’ charity auction, and donated the proceeds to the China Youth Foundation for the construction of Hope Primary School. This watch with the hard work of the watchmaker, the story of sincere cooperation between the media and the company, and the love of the lonely watch will be carefully collected by this mysterious new owner.