Luxury Royal Casino Bell & Ross Aviation Watch Br 01 Casino Pink Gold & Carbon

Bell & Ross participated in the auction with a limited edition of only one full rose gold model BR01-92CasinoPinkGold in the 4th OnlyWatch charity auction in 2011. The design is stunning and impressive. Bellows is now well-received for its wide range of rose gold and black stainless steel watches. Today’s watch home brings you a rose gold watch. The reference model is: BR01CASINOPINKGOLD & CARBON.

The dial of this watch almost completely miniatures the design of the casino roulette and has a strong visual entertainment effect. The time display uses a turntable display system developed by Bell & Ross. To replace the pointer rotation with a disc, we must first avoid the accuracy of power reserve and travel time due to the weight of the disc. However, while using ultra-light materials, the disc also needs to have sufficient strength, and its assembly needs to be precise. Down to the micron level. This watch highlights the powerful innovation and profound watchmaking technology of the Bell & Ross brand.

The sapphire crystal mirror is anti-glare treated for clear display. The four corners of the case are designed with the classic locking screws of the Bell & Ross AVIATION series. The classic colors of rose gold and matte black are luxurious and noble, yet elegant.

The screw-down crown enhances the watch’s water resistance. The top of the crown is engraved with the ‘&’ logo symbolizing its brand identity. The sand-blasted black carbon-coated stainless steel case has an introverted gloss and a delicate texture.

This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. The case back has a dense bottom design made of stainless steel with a sandblasted black carbon coating. The indication at the bottom of the table indicates that its waterproof depth is 100 meters, which can meet most of the daily waterproofing needs in life such as car washing and showering.

This watch is paired with a large black check crocodile leather strap, which has a clear pattern and is comfortable to wear, making it even more aggressive.

The diameter of the case is 46mm. The stainless steel case is large and square, which highlights the charm of men. The sandblasted black carbon coating makes the case appear matte, low-key without losing its content.

The buckle is made of 18K rose gold pin buckle, with sharp and angular shapes, simple and generous, which is easy to use and meets the luxurious and luxurious overall design of this watch.

This watch abandons the traditional time display method, replacing the hands with a disc, and the diamond-shaped black scale is printed on the bezel of rose gold. On the outermost circle, the number zero is used as a mark instead of the hour hand to indicate the hour; on the middle roulette, a white dot representing the ball in the roulette game is used as the minute hand; the center of the disc is paced with time Rotate every second.

Summary: If you want to see the glamour of the casino, why do you need to go across the ocean and make a lot of money? This watch restores the height of the entire casino roulette to a 46mm dial. The luxurious and elegant black gold color scheme allows you to easily become the focus of the crowd whether you are attending a party or wearing it everyday. It is a watch with a focus on entertainment and practicality. Its global limit is only 99, which is not to be missed by watch collectors. The current domestic price of this watch is 94,300 yuan. (Picture / Text Watch House Xie Xin)

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