Meet You At This Moment Tissot Watch New Video Advertising Released

Time to write, you can carefully describe the perfect encounter of the real moment. The famous Swiss watch brand Tissot joined hands with Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei to cooperate again a few years later to perform a new video advertisement for Tissot, showing a romantic chasing game between red and blue light in the dark. She believes in love and freedom, and he always follows the inner guidance, loyal to herself, but also follow each other because of love. Tissot’s new video ad has been officially launched, and he was pleasantly surprised to unlock his and her destiny codes.
Prelude to Time World Premiere at this Moment
   Love is a sweet game of encounters. The new Tissot watch video advertisement is 30 seconds long. The brand’s global spokespersons Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei, this screen couple surprise hand in hand, to interpret the sweet moments of hiding and hiding in love. This video ad is creative, produced and edited by a romantic and professional French production team, which expresses the moving emotion in the blood. In the new video commercial, under the romantic and mysterious night, the red and blue light shadows and the passionate music are perfectly blended, creating a unique romantic atmosphere in the busy night city.

Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei gathered again for the new video advertising of Tissot watches

Looking forward to the magic of time
   In the new video ads of Tissot watches, they are transformed into urban men and women, performing a love story of a pair of red men and green women in the beautiful night. This time, he was chasing domineeringly, and she was naughty and hiding. He co-operates with her hide-and-seek game, pampers her little taste, but is determined to win her. And she brought the delicate and careful thoughts of the urban woman, waiting for him to find himself away from the heavy mist. Their shadows and footsteps alternate between red and blue light shadows, and they finally meet at a moment of love.

Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei in the intersection of red and blue light

   You and me in the world, walking and chasing in their respective trajectories, looking for the Ta that completes their soul. Every person, like every watch, is a distinct individual, but because of the perfect fit of the other half, flowers bloom in the heart. Through the perfect interpretation of Liu Yifei and Huang Xiaoming, Tissot watches depict to the world a dream encounter that everyone deserves. After that, you will be accompanied by Ta to create the next chapter in your life.

Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei wear Baohuan watches and look forward to every next moment

Record the traces of time
   Meeting again, Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei’s pair of ‘classic CP’ faded a little bit of greenness, precipitated a little growth, but did not wash away the tacit understanding. It is like the mechanical power 80 movement in the wrist Tissot Baohuan series watch. The silicon spring with high magnetic resistance is introduced to resist external interference. With precise and harmonious cooperation, it records the passage of time without forgetting the original intention.

Liu Yifei’s interpretation of the Tissot ring

   And Liu Yifei is still the humble, independent and beautiful woman. She uses her own persistence to protect her inner softness. It is also like the precious ring watch on her wrist, equipped with a silicon hairspring mechanical power 80 movement. It also conveys the belief of accurate time recording. The watch’s sapphire glass has extremely high abrasion resistance and protects the mother-of-pearl dial under the mirror. The gentle charm of time is revealed by mother of pearl under the care of Zhuo Ju.

Huang Xiaoming’s Interpretation of Tissot

   Huang Xiaoming, who has added multiple identities, is also like the precious ring watch on his wrist. The same design with different straps is multifaceted and exciting. The firm movement performance is as impressive as every moment he has come along. The toffee-like hands on the dial represent his wisdom and decisiveness. The Paris studs on the bezel round the time, He also wrote the gentleman’s elegant style learned from the years calendar into his daily life.

Tissot treasure ring series watch the time to protect the beauty of every moment