Omega 8500 Watch Introduction

Omega Disc Flying Series 1999 The first Omega watch with a coaxial movement
米 Omega Disc Flying Hour Vision Watch
At the same time, Calibre 8500 released a disc flying Hour Vision series watch. The user can turn the crown (the first gear) to adjust the hour hand forward and backward, and change the time zone without affecting the minutes and seconds. The coaxial escapement used in the movement can reduce the friction and energy loss between the components of the escapement system, and cooperate with the balanceless balance spring to maintain the accuracy and stability of the movement for a long time. Because the mechanism has excellent friction resistance, watches with coaxial escapement mechanisms basically do not need to add lubricant during use.
米 Omega 8500 movement
Coaxial escapement, 202 parts, dual-winding automatic rotor, dual barrel, 60-hour power reserve, 39 rubies, hour hand can be adjusted independently, obtained Swiss official astronomy (COSC) certification, rhodium-plated movement, horizontal Straddle pendulum, spring without card, four-arm weight pendulum, screws, barrel and balance wheel are blackened, splint and rotor are polished by Geneva stripes, and the rotor is made of brass and tungsten bimetal.
大 6500 technical characteristics of the movement:
1. Two-way automatic winding rotor;
2. Double barrel, power reserve up to 60 hours;
3. Co-Axial
4. Balanceless balance spring;
5.Hour Vision hour hand independent adjustment system;
6. Blackened screw, barrel and balance wheel;
8500 Siblings
Compared with the first 2500 movement with coaxial escapement, the 8500 has been updated in the escapement wheel, that is, the original dual-function wheel is changed to a three-function wheel, saving about 13% of space for the movement , Conducive to the further improvement of the movement. Although the escapement wheel has been updated, the 8500 wobble frequency still adheres to 25200 times per hour. This wobble frequency is considered to be the most suitable for the coaxial escapement. For the new 8601/8611 movement, which incorporates the calendar function, a silicon spring is used. At the same time, the silicon hairspring is also used in smaller women’s watch movements such as 8520/8521, 8421. Omega will popularize silicon springs in the entire 8500 brand new movement.

Coaxial escapement is a great gift Omega contributed to the watch. Although there were many controversies at the beginning, it is undeniable that Omega is the first brand in modern watchmaking history to dare to eat crabs on the escapement. With this alone, Omega can be proud of its heroes. The advent of the 8500 is a self-transcendence completed by Omega, and it also marks the true ‘Return of the King’.
The blackening treatment used in the 8500 movement is a high-tech diamond-like (DLC) vacuum coating film. It has extremely high hardness and a low coefficient of friction. The landscaping effect is also very obvious.
There is a reason why I chose such a slightly ‘tragic’ color as the title. If it can be said that the self-produced movement has always been considered as the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the brand watchmaking, then Omega has been a well-deserved leader in the industry shortly after its establishment. Whether it is the “Omega” movement with the same name as the “Omega” 19-ring movement (launched in 1894) or the “5 Series” copper-copper movement (launched in 1958), it has made all senior watch fans enthusiastic. Happy. Subsequently, under the influence of the quartz crisis of the 1970s and 1980s, Omega ignored the development of exclusive self-produced movements because it began to modify and improve the ETA movement that has been widely recognized for its performance and performance.
Omega first introduced the 8500 movement during Basel 2007. This is the first self-produced basic automatic movement in 30 years. Its launch marks Omega’s return to the field of fine watchmaking and its strength, and also highlights Omega’s firm determination to reposition the brand. In the past few years, the 8500 caliber showed so much strength that it was regarded by many as a powerful competitor to the Rolex 3135. The barrel of the 8500 movement is vacuum-coated with DLC (DIAMOND-LIKE-CARBON). Diamond-like carbon coating is an amorphous carbon film containing a diamond structure. It has similar properties to diamond, has a low specific gravity and high elasticity. It is an ideal high-frequency diaphragm material and is widely used in high-end audio. The balance wheel is still made of beryllium bronze, coating and curved arms. The purpose is to increase the specific gravity of the unit area, thereby enhancing the moment of inertia.
As one of Omega’s historical “five-year plans” test products, the 8500 will also officially pass the “trial period” next year. We will wait and see for its final performance.