Tissot Men’s Watch Series # 3 # —-

Model of the watch: T038.430.11.057.00
Price: 4650 yuan
表 When watch buyers buy the first love watch, the most common choice is usually a brand of Swiss origin, such as Tissot, and the price is quite approachable. The men’s watch of the series of watch series has its own unique features. The silver-white steel case is matched with the black dial. The vertical stripes in the center of the dial make the watch more stable and stable. It fits exactly what a simple junior watch should contain. At the same time, designing the display window of the week at 12 o’clock is another unique design that makes people look bright.
初期 In the early 18th century, the first time the second hand device was set on a series of precision marine clocks, people’s control of time became more precise, and the era of ‘race against time’ came. Because the second hand runs very fast and requires much more power than the hour and minute hands, the second hand is initially set to the position closest to the escape wheel group, while also reducing its volume as much as possible. The watch that came into being under the design is the current small three-pin style.
Of course, not all design ideas will be constrained by technology. The ‘big eight’ pocket watches that are more popular in the collectors industry are junior styles. When such styles were not mainstream at the time. The popularity of the small three hands continued until the appearance of watches. As the dial became more and more compact, some problems that did not exist on the large dial began to appear. For example, the watch was not easy to read because the dial was too small. People began to realize that Now, we should invent a larger second hand to replace the small second hand currently used. In the 1920s and 1930s, many pilots’ watches and clocks have begun to change the small third hand of the pocket watch to the large third hand for easy reading. Such situations have become more common with time.
The application of micro-hole penetration technology makes it possible to add a second hand shaft to the middle of the watch, and the junior hand watch also frequently appears in people’s field of vision. This trend of replacing small three-hands with large three-hands spread rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s. Major watch brands have developed or improved their second hand timekeeping systems. Mechanical power is transferred to the second hand in the center of the watch.
After the big three hands came into being, the slender hands not only improved the readability of the watch, but also made these watches give people a very different feeling from the small three hands and other models: the big hands will show the watch The atmosphere and stability are perfect for formal wear. For men, whether it is a large dial or a large scale, something larger in size always evokes the unbridled publicity and domineering in people’s hearts. This is also the junior needle that is still popular today. The motivation is.

What Brand Of Iwc Watch Is It?

Watches are a must-have tool for many people now. One of them, the watch named ‘IWC’, often appears on the wearer’s wrist. If you are not a friend who likes watches, few people know this brand. What brand of IWC watch is this question? In fact, IWC is a high-end watch brand from Switzerland. The Chinese name is ‘Wanguo’. Next, the watch house will introduce it to friends who do not know this brand!

   IWC is one of the Swiss luxury luxury watch brands, and its founder is Florentine Jones, an engineer based in Boston, USA.
Jones). Founded in 1868 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Today, it has a history of 148 years. Schaffhausen is located in the northernmost part of the canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland. The history of watchmaking here can be traced back to the 15th century. Against this background, IWC is also deeply affected. Engineer Florentine Jones is the director and advocates time accuracy. The products are more sophisticated and more and more loved by people, and they are firmly in their hands.

   IWC has never pursued mass production, and even to this day, it has faithfully adhered to its inherent philosophy-IWC makes a small number of watches with outstanding quality. Therefore, every watch made by IWC is perfectly processed even the most subtle, can be used for decades under good care, and is widely sought by collectors. IWC has created timeless classics, and its design and technology lead in the same industry has always been the driving force for IWC to create many brilliant achievements. The extraordinary technology and exquisite craftsmanship derived from IWC are not only a sign of Schaffhausen’s excellent and pure craftsmanship, but also the IWC’s consistent adherence to its purpose. The high-end watch assembled in Schaffhausen combines precision technical performance with outstanding design.

   Since the establishment of the brand, every watch produced by IWC has been recorded in the watch factory record book. For more than a century, these record books have been integrated into several large volumes, and such record books are the only in the world. The old version records the contract number, the case number, the material used, the weight of the watch, the name of the watchmaker, the date of completion, and the name of the watchmaker or purchaser. From Russian Tsar Ferdinand I, Pope Pierre IX, to British Prime Minister Churchill. They are all IWC users, and they have more than one IWC product.

   Today, IWC continues to maintain and inherit a culture of precision, reliability and long-term watchmaking. And was awarded the infinite glory of certification of the highest craft reputation of Schaffhausen. Its watch products have won the love of European royalty, nobles, politicians, celebrities and religious figures and elites in various industries. IWC has also become a model for watch manufacturing in Europe and the world by virtue of its supreme quality commitment!
   Finally, some people may ask, what grade does IWC belong to? IWC is a luxury watch brand, and it is the same watch as Rolex, which is well-known in China. But the difference between the two is that Rolex rarely makes complex-function watches, but its products are durable and accurate. Although IWC is also exquisite in the production of basic watches, it pays more attention to the manufacture of complex watches, which can be weaker than Rolex in domestic popularity!
IWC Classic Watches Introduction
Portugal Series

   With the theme of ‘nautical’, the Portuguese series embodies men’s desire for adventure and excitement. The entire series of watches are simple and atmospheric, with strong lines, emphasizing the watch’s nautical characteristics-precision, complexity and elegance. Among them, Portugal’s 7th and Portuguese timekeeping are the most famous.
Pilot series

   The pilot series of IWC, which enjoys the title of ‘watch industry engineer’, has been favored by the air forces of various countries since 1930 because of its excellent and precise characteristics.
16. Large pilots, Spitfires, and other small series. Among them, Mark 16 has the lowest price and the best market.
Portofino series

   The style of the Portofino series is simple to elegant, and it has always played an important role in the IWC series. The watches in this collection are elegant, restrained, understated and classic. It is this style of restrained modeling that surpasses those fashion watches that are fleeting and enduring.
Ocean Series

   The Wanchao Diving Watch Series was first launched in 1967 under the name ‘Ocean Chronometer’. This series of watches is still the best choice for sports watches due to its reliable quality. The new Marine watch has a built-in chronograph bezel, as well as the pedigree and characteristics of diving and sports watches.
   The above is the ‘what brand of IWC watch’ is introduced by the Watch House. If you didn’t know IWC before, I believe you should be familiar with this brand after reading it. As a high-end luxury watch, of course, its price is also very expensive, the cheapest one is also more than 20,000 yuan. Although the price is unacceptable to the average person, its excellent quality will definitely not disappoint those who buy it!

Roger Dubuis2018 Roger Dubuis Speeding

Roger Dubuis Roar Dubuis has a long roar in the depths of the Creative Lab-This brand that has always adhered to the ‘Creation of extraordinary’ is ready to launch, ready to launch two grandly in 2018 A fascinating and spectacular timepiece, presenting a new interpretation of its Excalibur King series. Both of these watches were born with the help of partners: Pirelli, which embodies a ‘perfect fit’, and Lamborghini Squadra Corse, the sports department that bears ‘excellent machinery and gallop’.
Create a new world
   Roger Dubuis is constantly pursuing original technological developments and extraordinary aesthetic designs, and is therefore known internationally as a ‘continuous innovator’. With the support of the internal R & D department, Roger Dubuis’s annual innovation technology innovation was announced, showing the brand’s current “systematic” results in the field of R & D through a variety of innovative channels.
   In this superior environment, Roger Dubuis constantly surpasses the technological limits and embodies a firm commitment: To move into unknown areas where no one has traveled, to create new horizons; to make the most of the creativity and uniqueness in the brand’s genes The quality of service will push the quality of services to a higher level.
   Pirelli and Lamborghini Squadra Corse are both iconic brands with bold vision, disruptive design and extreme research and development strategies. In 2017, Roger Dubuis and Roger Dubuis created two successful timepiece releases together. Now they are eager to join hands again. These passionate watches bear a strong testimony: When the extraordinary vision of the engineer meets the extraordinary creativity of the watchmaker, the achievements they achieve often exceed expectations.
The enthusiasm of ‘Gold’ for ‘Zhuo Ju Machinery, Galloping’
   The motorsports and watchmaking industry has long established various cooperation tacit understandings, and Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Squadra Corse Lamborghini sports department mutual appreciation and affirmation of the alliance relationship, also started from the beginning with great passion.
   This powerful cooperation alliance has witnessed the development of new milestones and value concepts of the two major brands: the creation of extraordinary technology and a bold and extraordinary experience. As a result, the exquisite Italian aesthetics and mechanical engineering, combined with perfect Swiss fine watchmaking skills, have become a brand new watch movement emulating the Aventador S supercar engine.

   In 2018, the excitement and extraordinary power of this outstanding timepiece will be released in the Excalibur Aventador S series rose gold watch with a rose gold bezel and elegant black Alcantara® strap. Excalibur Aventador S series rose gold watch is the same as the previous timepieces of this series, not only following Lamborghini’s proud car tradition, but also Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis’s enthusiasm for sophisticated machinery has been given life, exudes The vibrant vitality of motorsport also shows the remarkable design aesthetics of supercars.

    This Lamborghini exclusive timepiece, born with the spirit of “excellent machinery and galloping”, came out in 8 limited editions, equipped with a multi-layer carbon fiber hollow case, and was developed by a carefully developed Powered by the outstanding ‘Engine’ Duotor movement.
Interpretation of ‘perfect fit’
   The perfect fit between Roger Dubuis and legendary racing tire brand Pirelli is based on a firm common philosophy: Exclusive service for those who want to leave a lasting imprint on the racing track . Therefore, the works created by both parties will have superb originality, invigorating vitality, and will bring customers a timeless and priceless experience.

   The Excalibur Spider Pirelli watch launched in 2018 will use elegant and bright black titanium alloy and pure and simple white embellishment elements to interpret the series’ prominent modeling features and color logos. The image of the asphalt road hidden between black and white is a tribute to Pirelli Pirelli, a classic tire brand, is on the stage. This unique Pirelli model is equipped with the very popular 820SQ movement. Its titanium black DLC-coated skeleton bezel is matched with a white rubber-coated crown and a white stitching strap. Enhance color effects.

   In order to pay tribute to the ‘heroic achievement’ characteristic deeply rooted in the genes of two extraordinary brands, the strap of the Excalibur Spider Pirelli watch is made of Pirelli tire skins that have won in the race, and the interior is decorated with unique Tread texture.
   In 2018, the originality of Roger Dubuis’ timepieces reached a new peak. A series of special limited editions made for customers with unique tastes, like a never-ending, forward-thinking whirlwind that swept the world of clocks and watches.

Lange Datograph Perpetual Perpetual Calendar Flyback Chronograph

Lange DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL combines chronograph and perpetual calendar, the noble contrast between white 18K gold and gray. This masterpiece combining flyback chronograph and perpetual calendar, with solid white 18K gold case and gray dial, is accurate and Elegant coexistence.

  For André Gide, a French writer of the Nobel Prize in Literature, gray is the hue of truth, which has nothing to do with its balance and charming glory. In DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL, the white 18K gold case and gray dial reflect these two qualities. Since 2006, the name of this watch has been ingeniously linked to the flyback chronograph and perpetual calendar. This watch is equipped with three extremely sophisticated cutting-edge technology devices, which give full play to the accurate performance of short-term timing: the column wheel helps to reliably control all timing functions, the precise jumping minute indicator can always display a clear stop time, and the flyback system is Can quickly and accurately measure time periods for different projects.

   The perpetual calendar combined with the Lange large calendar, day of the week, month and leap year is very accurate, and it is not necessary to adjust the day until 2100. Convenient quick correction buttons allow all perpetual calendar displays to advance simultaneously. As for the three hidden correctors, each display can be adjusted individually.

Lange watch factory homemade L952.1 movement

   The dial’s dark gray tone accentuates the display, contrasting strongly with the dark blue moon phase dial with gold stars. Since the first introduction of 18K rose gold in 2010, the contrasting design has been one of the characteristics of DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL, this time with 18K yellow gold rhodium-plated rod-shaped hour markers, hours and minutes. The chronograph hands show stop times accurate to one-fifth of a second and are made of blue steel. The integrating dial and second hand are also made of the same material, which is particularly striking on the silver-grey background of the small dial. The movement, composed of 556 fine parts, further confirms the exquisite skills of the Lange watch factory in Saxony in the field of complex watchmaking devices.

The Lange watch factory manufactures its own L952.1 movement; it is wound by hand to meet the strictest quality standards of Lange, and it is carefully modified and assembled by hand; it is precisely adjusted in five directions; the plywood and bridge are made of untreated German silver; Hand carved balance wheel splint
Movement parts
Jewel bearing
Screwed gold sleeve
Escapement system
Lever escapement
Oscillating system
Anti-vibration balance wheel with eccentric weight; watch factory-made balance spring, vibrating frequency up to 18,000 times per hour, precision horizontal adjustment system combined with lateral fixing screws and gooseneck lever
Power reserve
Provides a 36-hour power reserve when fully wound
Hour and minute display, small seconds dial with stop-seconds device; flyback chronograph with precise jumping minute dial; speed scale; perpetual calendar with date, week, month, moon phase and leap year display; day / night display
Operating element
The crown is used for winding and setting the time, two buttons are used to operate the chronograph, the quick correction button is used to advance all calendar displays at the same time, and the hidden correction device adjusts the day, month and moon phase display respectively.
Case size
Diameter: 41.0 mm; thickness: 13.5 mm
Movement size
Diameter: 32.0 mm; thickness: 8.0 mm
18K white gold
Solid silver, gray; silver-gray small dial
18K yellow gold rhodium-plated hour and minute hands with luminous function; 18K yellow gold rhodium-plated week, month and four-year hands; blue steel chronograph sweep seconds, small seconds and integrating dial hands
Crystal and case back
Sapphire crystal (Mohs hardness 9)
Hand-stitched crocodile skin, black

Lange white 18K gold pin buckle

Tissot Le Locle Series Small Seconds Watch Continues The Retro Legend

161 years ago, Tissot was born in the small Swiss town of Rock. Since then, the abstract time has been recorded in the name of Tissot by concrete clocks. Inspired by this charming town in northwestern Switzerland, the Tissot Rock series was launched for the first time on the brand’s 150th birthday, and presented an extraordinary gift to history with elegance. More than ten years later, Lilok has long been synonymous with Tissot’s classic series, standing on top of the classics with its high-quality bloodlines. Just like the ‘innovation, originating from tradition’ brand concept, every new appearance of the Leloc series is the crystallization of innovation and spark collision. Today, Tissot continues its legend with the Leroc series of small seconds watches. Like the world-renowned fashion designers’ ultimate pursuit of high-quality fabrics and perfect tailoring, the sophisticated design and materials selection of the Leroc series of small seconds watches can reach the peak. It uses the ETA2825-2 small seconds movement, which separates the seconds from the hour / minute dial, perfectly interpreting the symmetrical aesthetics. Along with the town’s sixteenth-century watchtower and white-walled green grass, the Tissot-Loclock small seconds watch is passing vintage whispers to modern watchmaking.

Tissot Rocklock Small Seconds
Ingenious vision 饕餮
   The Tissot Le Locle series of small seconds watch reinterprets the three elements of timekeeping: hours, minutes and seconds. It uses the ETA2825-2 small seconds movement to make the seconds hand independent from the hour / minute dial, creating ‘big beads.’ The structure and literary beauty of the ‘beads and jade plate’ make the entire watch a visual encounter that perfectly blends time and style. Just like a unique high-end ready-to-wear, the Tissot Rock’s small seconds watch is neatly designed with smooth lines, which is fully reflected on the dial with a diameter of 39.3 mm.
   Through the sapphire crystal glass, you can watch the hands move across the elegant rhythm of the dial, flip the dial, and you can enjoy a sincere Swiss core working endlessly through its transparent back cover. With the technical configuration of high-end products, this watch has a larger rear window than ordinary watches, and the Geneva ripple on the automatic rotor is clearly visible, just like the sparkling Lake Geneva. The rose gold PVD-coated watch with case and dial embellishes the retro whispers to the modern watchmaking process with low-key and gorgeous colors. Above the dial, a concise and clear Roman numeral scale is the footnote of the brand’s more than 160 years of history; the guilloche-like decorative shading is dotted with the dial, with a relief version of beauty; at the 3 o’clock position of the dial, it is painted with retro handwritten italics With the English name of the Leloc series, it adds classic charm. On the right side of the English name, the calendar window is displayed small to remind the wearer of every important day. The unique small seconds dial at 6 o’clock positions the finishing touch with complex production techniques and makeup. Point at every moment that time passes. This is the small second hand of the Tissot Rock series, a delicate and exquisite art palace.
Retro Legends

Front view of Tissot Rock’s small seconds
   On the 150th anniversary of Tissot’s birth in 2003, the LILOC series, which was born in the name of Tissot, was launched in homage to the long-established tradition of Swiss watchmaking and the continuous innovation of modern and top-notch watchmaking techniques. Starring, Stark has already become synonymous with Tissot’s excellent series. Just like the brand concept of ‘innovation and tradition’, every new appearance of Stark series is the collision of technology, fashion and tradition. Today, a new member of the Leloc family is welcoming the Tissot Leloc small seconds watch with the revolutionary ETA2825-2 movement to pay tribute to the brand with classics.
   In order to meet the multiple needs of modern tasters who are pursuing fashion, the Tissot Le Locle series of small seconds introduces four brilliant designs. Under the guidance of the design principle of the ‘Engraving Time’ of Le Locle series, it highlights the eclectic personality of the wearer. Or use gold to highlight the extraordinary taste, or talk about the simple and low-key life philosophy in stainless steel. Among the other two watches with leather straps, the rose gold model creates elegant nostalgia, while the black model promotes A noble and noble temperament. The time jumping on the hands is no longer cumbersome and complicated, and the years flowing between the wrists are no longer frantic. The small seconds of the Tissot Rock series invites you to travel together.
Technical Parameters:
-Automatic winding mechanical movement ETA 2825-2
-316L stainless steel case with transparent carved back
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
-316L stainless steel strap with push button butterfly clasp
-Leather strap with butterfly buckle
-Gold models with PVD coating
-Rose gold with PVD coating
Suggested retail price: RMB 6,350

New Hermes Apple Watch Series 5 Series Release

Cupertino and Paris, September 10, 2019
   Adhering to a common vision and values, Hermes and Apple will continue their wonderful cooperation this fall to jointly launch the new Hermes Apple Watch Series 5 masterpiece.
   The new Hermès Apple Watch Series 5 illustrates each other’s pursuit of superior quality, attention to detail, and high respect for know-how and craftsmanship.
   Dark Art, black shine

    Hermès Apple Watch Series 5, the new dial is in pure black color, and the black strap and buckle show the topic. Light and shadow are wonderful, innovation reveals time, and dazzles the wrist.
   Della Cavalleria, walking monochrome and printed leather

    The Hermès Apple Watch Series 5 is paired with a new strap that graces your wrist. Three monochrome colors-dark blue, brick red and tin gray, match the Della Cavalleria print. The dial is fused with innovation to extend color brightness.

   The new Hermès Apple Watch Series 5 will be available for pre-orders through hermes.com and apple.com starting September 10, 2019, and will be available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Available at designated Hermès and Apple stores in Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.

The Taste Of Fashion And Simplicity Nomos Tangente Series 169 Watches

Germany is a big country in watchmaking. Because of the war, the German watchmaking industry has been hit hard. Otherwise, it may not be the Swiss watchmaking industry that has taken the top spot in the world. NOMOS is a watch brand from Germany, and its movements have been uniquely designed, developed, and manufactured in the world. NOMOS watches are hand-made mechanical watches with outstanding quality and unique design. German rigorous attitude is known all over the world. NOMOS watches also have won its quality and do not allow defective products. Today we come to appreciate this Tangente series 169 watch.
 The NOMOS Tangente 169 watch uses a stainless steel case. The entire case is full of modernist style. Compared to other brands’ cases, NOMOS is thinner, which also leaves more space for the dial. Following the brand’s consistent simple style and German meticulous thinking, there will be no bloated design anywhere, from its hands, time scales, lugs, movements, etc., all reflect the uniqueness of the brand DNA.
The 35 mm diameter, on the basis of the thinner case, appears to be more spacious than a normal 35 mm diameter watch. Nevertheless, 35mm is not a big size for any man, but it is actually too small for most people.

Of course, in addition to these external designs, another note of the NOMOS brand is its strap. Unlike most brands, its leather strap uses horse leather. The choice of strap is very important for watches. A good watchband needs to be carefully selected. The steel band will wear a black ring for a long time. Ordinary leather watchbands will have an odor when worn for a long time, while horse skin will make up for the shortcomings of both. It is soft and comfortable to wear for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about odor due to sweat erosion.
In addition, the biggest feature of this NOMOS watch is its eccentric design of the power reserve display at 12 o’clock, which is relatively rare for the brand, and it can also be regarded as a highlight of this watch.
NOMOS has always brought a low-key elegance with a simple style. This elegance comes from the color difference between its blue steel hands and white dial, from the delicate scale, and this low-key comes from its simple design. Because it uses the most common material. However, the combination of low-key and elegant, makes NOMOS glow with a distinctive charm. It has never had too much tilt in function, so it is difficult for its watch to have any complicated functions.
This watch is considered to have more functional elements under the brand. The calendar display at 6 o’clock, the small seconds dial under the dial center, and the power reserve display at 1 o’clock.
The calendar function is the most common function, and it is also the most practical and considered as a basic function of a mechanical structure. It rotates the calendar wheel through the rotation of the wheel train, but its calendar is not an ordinary small calendar, but A calendar dial that surrounds the entire dial, so driving it also requires more energy. In addition, it can’t recognize the size of the month. It can only move from 1st to 31st in a mechanized manner. This is the case in January and the same in February. Therefore, the calendar needs to be adjusted multiple times during the year. Although it is practical, it is not perfect.

The power reserve display function is a function that displays the power status of the movement. Unlike the ordinary power reserve display, its power reserve disk is assisted by two disks. The upper disk can rotate and there is a gap at the same time. The disk does not rotate, but it is marked with different colors. When the notch is rotated, different colors are displayed to indicate the power reserve status.
The small seconds dial is actually not a function, but it does have a certain degree of ornamentality and can give the watch a different feel, so it can be considered an interesting element.
 Although the NOMOS brand adhering to the German watchmaking tradition and the essence of watchmaking, due to the slow growth of technology, despite the homemade movement, it also lacks innovation and breakthroughs. Its advantage is that it has continued the original simplicity of the brand. Watchmaking skills have become a model for German watchmaking in high-end watch brands.
The appearance of the NOMOS 169 watch is extremely simple. The slender rod-shaped hands clearly indicate each scale. The elegant blue steel design has a strong gentleman character. In the more spacious dial, the watch is equipped with a calendar display function and a power reserve display function, which has high practicality, and its power reserve display function uses a clever and simple design to make the function stand out different. This watch uses the brand’s homemade manual winding movement, after the exquisite treatment of the brand’s craftsmanship, is still very visually impactful.
In short, NOMOS’s 169 watch is a microcosm of the brand style, from which you can experience the distinctive classic, stylish and simple taste of the brand.
Watch details: nomos / 24353 /

Dreaming “Material” Three Special Material Watch Recommendations

In the history of the development of watches, from the very first use of steel, silver, copper and other materials, to later use of various lightweight, rare and other high-tech materials, has gone a long history Finally, it was recognized by the masses and the market. The high-tech materials that have been inherited so far are most widely used in ceramics, titanium, and gold. Some of them are highly wear-resistant, some are lightweight, and some are highly valued by watch lovers from all walks of life. Today, the Watch House recommends three watches made of these three special high-tech materials.
Rado Star Series R32525152

Model: R32525152
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel-ceramic
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 45 mm
Domestic public price: 36200
Watch details: 2894-2 self-winding movement, vibrating 28,800 times per hour, providing 42 hours of power reserve.
Panerai LUMINOR 1950 Collection PAM 00351

Model: PAM 00351
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: titanium alloy
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: 56900
Details of the model: 1950 series PAM 00351, the case is made of titanium alloy, making this tough watch lighter, with a brown alligator strap and a titanium pin buckle. The round brown dial adopts Panerai’s classic “small three-hand” layout, with a date window at 3 o’clock and a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. On the right side of the case, a unique crown protection bridge is used to ensure that the case is safe and secure and provides 300 meters of water resistance. This watch is equipped with a Panerai Cal.P.9000 movement, which vibrates 28,800 times per hour and provides a 72-hour power reserve.
Baume & Mercier Clifton MOA10059 watch

Model: MOA10059
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 38.8 mm
Domestic public price: 47500
Watch details: baume / 27562 /
Watch Reviews: Watches made of 18K rose gold are characterized by high hardness, high ductility, resistance to deformation, scratches and exquisiteness. This Baume & Mercier Clifton series MOA10059 watch is made of 18K rose gold, with a brown alligator strap and an 18K rose gold pin buckle. The round brown dial is decorated with a sun pattern and set at 3 o’clock The date window complements each other as a whole. The crown is also made of 18K rose gold and is waterproof to 50 meters.
Summary: The historical evolution of watch materials has incorporated the wisdom of several generations of watchmaking masters. With the development of the times and the infinite ingenuity of watchmaking masters, many more peculiar and novel watch materials will definitely emerge. The emergence of many watch materials will not conceal the changes and innovation achievements of the three high-tech materials of ceramics, titanium and gold to the watch era. The three watches recommended for everyone today belong to these three materials.

Citizen Launches New Vagary Series Diving Watch

According to the watch, Citizen, a famous Japanese watchmaker, recently launched a new Vagary series diving watch. The new stainless steel case has a dark gray under the cover of the special coating. The water-resistant depth of this watch is 100 meters, which can meet the requirements of superficials.

 There are two colors to choose from, one is bright yellow and the other is black, but some people may have doubts. Would it be better if the color is not brighter in the deep sea? This actually depends on the contrast of the tones. Do you remember the Black Sea in Athens, which is also a whole body black, but just worked hard on the time scale?

 The time scales have been selected for large size and have a luminous coating, which is one of the necessary conditions for diving watches. There is also a date and day display window at three o’clock.

 According to the watch house, this watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, which provides a 45-hour power reserve, and if someone who has obtained the relevant diving qualification certificate purchases this watch, there will be unexpected surprises.