Innovative Fusion Of Ceramics And Titanium-omega Releases A New Masterpiece Of The 300-meter Diving Watch For The Hippocampus

Omega’s iconic 300-meter diving watch from the hippocampus series returned last year. It has achieved comprehensive innovation by incorporating many innovative materials and watchmaking technologies from the brand. In 2019, the brand once again released a new 300-meter diving watch for the hippocampus series, creatively made of black ceramic and titanium. This combination of materials gives the watch an exquisite appearance and hard quality, which will surely become the favorite choice of many watch lovers.

  The watch has a diameter of 43.5 mm and is made of black ceramic, polished and brushed. The bezel is made of grade 5 titanium, and the black ceramic scale ring is decorated with white enamel diving scales. The back of the case also uses grade 5 titanium, which is distinctive.

  The watch is fitted with a black frosted ceramic dial and laser engraving presents the popular wave pattern in the collection. Unlike the 300-meter seahorse diving watch launched last year, the new watch’s wave pattern uses relief technology to present a more three-dimensional wave effect. The hands and hour markers are made of PVD titanium and are coated with white Super-LumiNova.

  The new hippocampus 300m diving watch features an integrated black rubber strap with a black ceramic buckle. The titanium case back has a corrugated edge design and uses Omega NAIAD lock technology to ensure that the lettering is kept neat and elegant. Through the sapphire glass case back, the movement beauty of the Omega 8806 Zhenzhen Observatory is clearly visible. The entire watch and movement have passed the rigorous approval by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) to the Astronomical Observatory certification test, which meets the higher standards of watchmaking in terms of accuracy, anti-magnetism and overall performance.

Introduction To Radar True Thinline

Rado The success of the True Thinline is a testament to the determination of the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch to surpass all inherent technological possibilities. Years of leadership in materials technology have helped Rado achieve its ambitions shaped by high-tech ceramic watches, creating a weight of only 35 grams, a case thickness of only 4.9 mm, and a movement thickness of only 1 mm ultra-thin watch. When Rado’s True Thinline ultra-thin watch is smoothly wrapped around the wrist, the unimaginable fit makes people almost forget its existence, leaving only the envious eyes of others, and always following the time Footsteps, unparalleled accuracy.

RADO TRUE THINLINE Real Series Ultra-thin White Diamond Watch Recommended Price RMB23,200

Closely fit your love temperature

 Rado first introduced high-tech ceramic materials for the watch industry and was originally used in F1 & trade; racing cars and thermal shields to help spacecraft return to the earth’s atmosphere. The low thermal conductivity of high-tech ceramics can help the watch quickly adapt to body temperature, eliminating all the discomfort of the skin when it is extremely cold or hot. High Vickers hardness values ​​of up to 1250 ensure that the watch is robust and durable. At the same time, the smooth, shiny watch surface also exhibits superior characteristics that are not easy to wear. Rado True Thinline is a successful interpretation of the watch design concept that fits life.

RADO TRUE THINLINE Real Series Ultra-thin Black Diamond Watch Recommended Price RMB23,200

Casio Oceanus Series Bold Show The Vitality Of The Ocean

Blue is the most important marine color in summer. CASIO OCEANUS launched a new ultra-thin Manta series watch in the summer of 2009. The brand’s main color is marine blue and white, which is the new summer color, as in summer. The blue ocean embraced by the sun presents the ultimate taste of low-key elegant sports style, interpreting the leisurely summer style of a metropolis. The name of OCEANUS is derived from Greek mythology, the god of the sea. The ocean flavor created on the wrist easily expresses the blue of the sea world. OCW-S1200P and OCW-S1300P use mother-of-pearl panels. The scale, hands and minute hands are in blue, and the OCEANUS brand logo on the button is also designed with OCEANUS brand color-marine blue.

Material: titanium alloy strap material
Movement: MOVEMENT automatic movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / world time display
Water resistance: 50 meters
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
 OCEANUS S1200P and S1300 are made of titanium alloy case and bracelet. The H-shaped bracelet shows a keen brilliance with mirror-finished parts. It not only presents a three-dimensional layering, but also fits the wrist, increasing wearing comfort. The surface of the sapphire crystal is filtered to reduce reflections. The OCEANUS series is of pure Japanese descent. It is also hand-polished with a special ザ ラ 面 (matte surface). Japanese watchmakers are specially polished at a specific angle on the side of the watch body to complete smooth, arc-shaped, transparent products. The outer circle of the dial is designed for the tachymeter, adding detail and personality to the watch.

Material: titanium alloy strap material
Movement: TOUGH MOVEMENT automatic movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / world time display
Water resistance: 100 meters
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
 All watches are equipped with a TOUGH MOVEMENT movement, which can receive 6 radio waves of the world with high sensitivity, including standard radio waves from China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and North America, and automatically correct the time and date. No matter when and where Able to accurately time. In addition, the composite mosaic structure can improve the durability of the MOVEMENT, and with the automatic correction function of the hands, it automatically detects errors at 55 minutes and 00 seconds per hour, and automatically corrects the position of the hours, minutes, and seconds, which is never biased.

Material: titanium alloy strap material
Movement: TOUGH MOVEMENT automatic movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / world time display
Water resistance: 100 meters
Mirror: sapphire crystal

Ocean Chronograph Chronograph ‘jacques-yves Cousteau Adventure’ Special Edition Real Shot

In order to shoot the documentary ‘The Dragons of Galapagos’, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a famous pioneer in marine research, set out on an adventure in 1971. Pilot a research vessel towards the remote Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Not only did he capture the stunning underwater footage of the Galapagos iguanas, but he also observed their habits closely. The special edition of the Jacques-Yves Cousteau Adventure Journey is a special edition of the Schaffhausen IWC in honor of this fruitful research trip.

   Calypso rides through the Pacific Ocean. The oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910-1997) leaned on the railing, covering his forehead with a red hat that never left, and watched the opposite coast intently. On black volcanic rocks, the Galapagos iguana lazily basks in the sun, absorbing heat for diving into the sea for food. Prior to this, no one had systematically observed their actions underwater. This page of history was opened in 1971. At that time, the scientific investigation of the oceans by human beings had just begun. Cousteau has long been a legend as a diving explorer, an active environmentalist, and an award-winning underwater filmmaker. For the television documentary ‘The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau’, he and his like-minded embarked on an expedition to the remote Galapagos Islands to study these living fossils State of survival.

   The marine iguana can dive to a depth of 15 meters and stay for 30 minutes in the snorkeling. It deeply attracted the diving pioneer of Cousteau. ‘There are special reasons why the members of the Calipso are interested in marine iguanas,’ Cousteau revealed in his film ‘Dragon of Galapagos.’ ‘Because We are always looking for new possibilities to improve people’s diving ability. ‘As one of the inventors of the first submersible, this engineer and technical fan has contributed greatly to the popularity of diving. IWC set its sights on the ever-expanding diver’s watch market in the mid-1960s, and in 1967 created the first sensational 200-meter water-resistant marine timepiece-perhaps due to Cousteau. Like the Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the Schaffhausen watch factory not only possesses a pioneering spirit of technology and pursues perfection, but also strives for a healthy and vibrant environment. As a result, the brand has launched six special edition watches to pay tribute to the visionary ‘Guardian of the Sea’. 2014 is the year of IWC marine timepieces. The marine chronograph ‘Jacques-Yves Cousteau Adventure’ Special Edition (model IW376805) is reminiscent of the great scientific journey of the Calipso towards the Galapagos Islands.
    The Cousteau feature of IWC’s new special edition watch can be seen at a glance: the marine blue dial with rotating inner ring and the small coral red second hand on the chronograph dial at 9 o’clock are a tribute to Cousteau It cleverly reflects his lifelong love for coral reefs. This stainless steel case chronograph has the same construction as the marine chronograph and has all the features of a diver’s watch for adventure. The innovatively developed inner and outer rotating bezels are equipped with the IWC SafeDive system, which can prevent accidental misadjustment of the diving time, thereby improving the practicality of this diver’s watch, and the water resistance is also improved from 12 to 30 .

   The timing function can achieve up to 12 hours of segmented and cumulative timing, and the underwater timing is equally important. This makes the watch fully capable of playing the role of an important backup system when diving, such as measuring the decompression time. Super-LumiNova® * luminous coating ensures clear reading in water even in dark or poor visibility conditions. In order to avoid any form of misreading, the corresponding hands and time scales are displayed in two colors: green for diving-related information and blue for hours.

   The small second hand is coral red in the dark and can be used at any time to check whether the watch is working properly. The watch also has a date and day display. The engraved pattern on the bottom of the table reproduces the face of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who is known as the ‘captain’, and of course his iconic sheep hat. The watch is equipped with a black rubber strap and a new IWC bracelet quick-change system, allowing easy interchange between a rubber strap and a stainless steel bracelet (optional) without leaving the house.
   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang)

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

Citizen Lady Crystal Inlaid Pretty Orchid Fashion Watch

‘Fashion watches’, instant-wear brands launching their own brands of watches, is undoubtedly the embodiment of this wave of diversified management in recent years. One thing we have to admit is that the impact of watches on people in social situations is not to say that ‘watching is too superficial’, but that a truly classic watch will make you look at it and become the front Another business card. In spring, it is a great time to wear a watch. Choose a fashionable and beautiful watch and boldly show your sexy and beautiful wrist! Is this luxury watch Citizen ladies crystal inlaid pretty orchid fashion watch you want? Citizen ladies crystal-embellished pretty orchid fashion watch
     Solar-powered watch is a mature high-tech product developed by Citizen for 30 years. It has all the functions of quartz watch, and also has unique new functions of solar-powered watch. This Citizen Ms. Lobella series pretty orchid fashion watch is infused with unique fashion design inspiration to bring you the most comfortable enjoyment. Style: Fashion, Specifications: Ladies, Dial: Stainless Steel, Dial Color: Blue Mother-of-Pearl, Scale: Blue, Strap: Stainless Steel, Buckle: Button Butterfly Buckle, Power: Eco-Drive Optical Power Movement, Mirror: Hard Mineral crystal, waterproof: 30m, case back: Swarovski crystal inlay, bead decoration.

Introduction To Omega Schumacher Special Edition

Omega Speedmaster Chronometer Special Edition
Estimated price: 5000-7000 USD
Including commission price: 11250 USD (about 73125 RMB)
Overall description:
Speedmaster Observatory, special edition of Schumacher, limited to 555 pieces, manufactured in 2003, in memory of Schumacher’s fifth World Championship title.
附件 [Accessories] Original watch box and certificate.
[Diameter] 40 mm.
[Condition] 18K rose gold, three-piece set, harp-type lugs, engraved with the words of Schumacher and Speedmaster and the five years they won the World Championship: 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002 Cal.3303 movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), rhodium-plated, 33 rubies, lever escapement, single metal balance wheel, dial, case and movement are all signed.
评论 [Review]
Omega Speed-master Professional was born in the 1950s. On March 1, 1965, the Omega Speedmaster series of chronometers successfully passed NASA testing and was approved to participate in all manned space flight missions. In the past ten years, the market price of all-gold (golden shell, gold chain) professional supercars has skyrocketed, from an average price of more than 3,000 US dollars in 2002 to 5,000 US dollars a few years later, and now basically remains at about 8,000 US dollars.

Entry-level Luxury Tissot Excellence Watch

The luxury looming from the cuffs is an attitude, and a wrist-finished product shining with a golden luster is the best representative of an elegant brand. In 2018, TISSOT added a touch of brilliance to the brand’s gold watch family with the elegant elegance of the Excel series.

Excellence adopts K gold case, the simple and thin shape fully interprets the elegant character of the dress watch.

This series of watches can be worn by both men and women. It inherits the design of the Excel series men’s watches. The case is exquisite and pure. The lines of the watch are simple and clear, the curves are smooth and smooth, and the appearance is truly timeless, which undoubtedly adds a unique luxury for the wearer.

In addition to rose gold or gold materials, the dial color of the watch is also a lot of yuan, both basic white, gradient gray, gradient blue and other options, and even the size is also 40mm or 31.8mm size, Elegant for both men and women

The Tissot Excellence series offers a variety of styles and colors. Classic and modern gold watches make luxury shine on the wrist. From simple and delicate dials to shining natural gem crowns, every detail reflects the brand’s delicate Craftsmanship and exclusive charm, different colors also meet the needs of couples. This extraordinary gold watch has a slim but dazzling appearance, and whether it is hidden under the gentleman’s cuffs or paired with elegant skirts, you can indulge in stunning charms casually.


K gold material / Quartz movement / Hour, minute, and second display / Sapphire crystal mirror / Water-resistant 30 meters / Diameter 40mm


K gold material / Quartz movement / Hour, minute, and second display / Sapphire crystal mirror / Water-resistant 30 meters / Diameter 31.8mm

Swiss Christmas Presents Romantic Moments

The transmission of emotions will make you feel unexpectedly moved at each festival; but the pursuit of emotions will make things last for centuries. The Swiss Ebolus watch records the beauty with time and witnesses every wonderful journey with you. Merry Christmas!

160th Anniversary Zuls Collection Watch for Christmas Jules Borel Collection – Limited Edition
Only one in 160 years, limited to 888 in the world

 As Christmas approaches, it is also time to prepare gifts for your loved ones. The Swiss watch brand Ernest Borel, which enjoys the reputation of “Swiss Couple Watch Model”, prepares your Christmas and New Year with a series of gift-giving watches, and presents it as the 160th anniversary of the brand approaches. Limited to 888 pieces of the 160th anniversary of the Jules Borel Collection, you will be able to relax your wrists and enjoy the romantic moments of the holiday season.

Jules Borel Collection GGR9160P-221BR

‘160 Anniversery’ commemorative words on the surface and bottom


See-through back cover etched into the Swiss watchmaking factory

 Ebolu, a Swiss watch brand that has always enjoyed the reputation of ‘Swiss Couple Watch Model’, is about to enter its 160th year in 2016. In commemoration of this historic glory, Ebolu is based on the theme of ‘Romantic Moments‧160 Years’, romantic Presenting a unique century masterpiece-160th Anniversary Zuls series limited edition commemorative watch. In the name of the founder of Ebolu, the watch has written a century-old brand’s immortal romantic legend, 160 years of history, and the hard work of countless watchmakers. It is limited to 888 pieces worldwide.
160th Anniversary Zuls Collection Limited Edition Commemorative Watch Introduction
 The treasures of the century condensing the wisdom and painstaking efforts of watchmakers of the Ebolus era are shining with a glorious 160-year-old gold history. At this festival, it is like a wishing star dotted on the crown of a tree.

 Fully automatic mechanical movement structure with precise layout. The calendar, weekly calendar and power reserve function are embedded in the dial with separate windows of circular and fan shape, and the hollow-shaped spear-shaped hour and minute hands pass lightly through the three instrument windows. The complex multi-layered space architecture, six needles follow each path, the pointer runs in a circle (weekly calendar), the pointer reverses the movement (calendar), and the pointer energy senses the left and right swing movement (42H power reserve), fully showing the beauty of mechanical rhythm.

 The layered lines with beautiful arcs are like a gorgeous camellia, and the petals are a portrait of the wonderful journey of life. The 6H position on the surface and the case back feature ‘160th Anniversary’ commemorative words, a crocodile leather strap, 12 square base natural diamonds, and a lustrous rose gold case, shining bright light. The see-through back cover etches the appearance pattern of the Swiss watchmaking factory in Ebolu. The case is uniquely coded and attached with an exclusive limited edition certificate. It is of extraordinary significance to commemorate and inherit the glory of the family.

Swiss made 9094 high-end automatic movement
Six-pin multi-dial function indication
Fine polished / rhodium plated / blue steel screws
Geneva stripes
3H retrograde pointer calendar
6H power reserve (42H) display
9H-bit circular pointer week calendar
12 Brilliant Natural Diamond Charms
316L stainless steel case
Crocodile leather strap
Ion plating rose gold
Sapphire crystal glass
50 meters waterproof
Case size: diameter Ф40.00 mm, thickness 11.40 mm
‘160th Anniversary’ commemorative words on the surface and bottom
Etching on the bottom and back of the watch
Case uniquely coded with exclusive limited edition certificate
Limited edition of 888
Brand Founder-About Zuls

In 1856, Mr. Jules Borel, a young and ambitious watchmaker, chose to establish his first watchmaking company Borel and Courvoisier (the predecessor of Époro) in Neuchâtel, the “Swiss Watch Kingdom”. , It means that he must have a skill, wisdom and courage different from ordinary people in order to gain a foothold in the watchmaking world such as Lin.

In 1860, this galloping and powerful black horse won the championship in the watch competition hosted by the Neuchâtel Observatory. The escapement mechanism pocket watch also won the first prize in the competition. Then in the London Watch Show in 1862, 1876 The Philadelphia Watch and Clock Fair in 1878 and the Paris Watch and Clock Fair in 1878 repeatedly made great achievements and won gold awards to Swiss watch exhibitors.

The honor brought more and more attention to Borel and Courvoisier, and also brought more and more challenges to watchmakers, including Mr. Jules Borel, to continuously introduce various craftsmanship and beautifully designed clocks. At the same time as the product, the use of high-end artificial intelligence to promote the development of watchmaking skills, such as the transformation of the ring clockwork system, through a booster or the lock of the clock technology research and development, has become this generation of watchmakers Often faced with problems, they have demonstrated by example and worked hard to make a significant contribution to the rise, growth and continuation of the family business.

Rado Light Ceramic Intimate Your Favorite

At the beginning of summer every year, it will become more warm with the coming of this festival. This festival belongs to every father. They may not smile, but silently prop up a sky for the family with broad shoulders. Father’s love is deep and low-key. Only the precipitation of time can explain this deep and silent feeling. On the occasion of Father’s Day, RADO presented the HyperChrome UTC two time watches in a special way, so that gratitude lingered on the wrist, always remember those tender years, feeling like father’s love.
 The HyperChrome UTC two-time timepiece created by RADO Swiss Rado watch uses a high-tech ceramic single structure case, which is comfortable and light to wear, and has the characteristics of not being easy to wear. With its simple and elegant design and convenient functions Won numerous praises. What’s more worth mentioning is that this watch’s convenient dual time function makes it an essential choice for dads who often travel between the two places for work.

Elegant and calm, low-key and simple
 The HyperChrome series of UTC dual time watches is a bold attempt on the complex functions of the Rado Swiss radar. In addition to the three-pin calendar display, the dial is also equipped with a striking red second time zone hand. This watch is low-key and simple in design, showing elegance and calmness. The plasma high-tech ceramic case has a metallic luster and a dark brown leather strap, making this watch a perfect fusion of modern and retro. The entire watch is resolute without losing its temperament, but it is simple but steady, just like his father is serious but warm, ordinary but humorous, every bit is touching.

 RADOHyperChrome series of UTC uses ion high-tech ceramics in both places, handsome appearance and practical comfort.

 Whether it is home life, business banquets, or traveling abroad, the HyperChrome UTC two time watches can perfectly meet the needs of dads, making dads calm and walk with love.

Bulgari’s Three Classic Models Have Evolved And Set New Benchmarks In Watchmaking Technology (Below) — Serpenti Series

Bulgari has a history of more than 130 years. After years of maturity, Bulgari has absolute self-confidence in front of aesthetics. The brand also has a young and keen sense of smell, and has the courage to try innovation. Elements. Serpenti, which combines jewellery design and timepiece functions, has always been favored by elegant and decisive women. Since the 1950s, this famous snake model has won the hearts of representative figures such as Elizabeth Taylor in different times. Today, Roman jewelry artisans inject new ideas into this legendary dream product.

Serpenti Spiga’s trendy black interpretation of the trendy snake pattern
   The new snake-shaped timepiece offers two interpretations of the beauty of black: the all-black bezel version and the 18K rose gold bezel version. Interestingly, this time Spiga freed herself from the jewelry setting. Bvlgari observes that modern women who are active in the city have different desires for jewellery watches. With a smooth and elegant black high-tech ceramic bracelet, Bvlgari reshapes this classic snake-like code, adding casual and fashionable charm to the irresistible beauty temptation. It can stand out anytime and anywhere. Serpenti Spiga is a classic work known for its serpentine elements and their mythical origins. The new products subtly blend the high-tech materials’ fashion and sexy, showing the brand’s high originality and contemporary creativity. The design that advances with the times gives this precious watch model, which reflects only the essence of the brand, a constant rebirth.

SERPENTI SPIGA watch with black ceramic case or black ceramic case with 18K rose gold bezel, black dial with black ceramic bracelet and 18K rose gold inlay; water resistance to 30 meters, Calibre B033, exclusive quartz movement , 102734 black ceramic; 102735 black ceramic and rose gold.
Serpenti Tubogas’ continuous innovation
   In the calm and calm world of watchmaking and jewelry, Bulgari’s Roman workshops always ignite the spark of technological innovation with boldness and elegance, and the latest Serpenti Tubogas is no exception. To play the trend, nothing more than to stay ahead of the trend. In response to the love of many female admirers, Bulgari has once again transformed the brand’s most popular Serpenti series. This most popular snake-shaped watch in the history of women’s watchmaking does contain a lot of feminine watch fans who haven’t seen it yet, and is now ready to perform new charming magic.
   Bulgari is like a snake-dancing magician, knowing how to attract everyone’s attention. Beauty is not just enthusiasm, it is the mission of people. Bringing pleasing and satisfying sensory joy through colorful jewellery inlays has always been Bulgari’s strength. Such achievements are nothing more than superb skills accompanied by extreme aesthetic pursuits. The glorious Tubogas is the best example.
   Bulgari’s first Tubogas bracelet was born during the Art Deco movement. In order to make it cleverly integrate into life and become art, it uses a high degree of contemporary craftsmanship and also adds many modern elements. Tubogas not only reflects the trend-setting characteristics of Bulgari, but also shows the bold shape that can only be achieved with high-quality jewelry craftsmanship. If you want to create an elastic bracelet, you must try to master the specific expression of metal materials. Bvlgari jewellery craftsmen are inspired by the flexible exhaust pipe of sports cars, and the series is named after its modern industrial aesthetic.

SERPENTI TUBOGAS watch (stainless steel) (102680) Stainless steel double-ring bracelet. Stainless steel case with burgundy dial. Water-resistant to 30 meters; (102681) Five-lap stainless steel watch. Stainless steel case with black dial. Water-resistant to 30 meters, Bvlgari’s exclusive Calibre B033, 102682 double-circle model; 102736 five-circle model.
   A soft strap around the wrist is the theme of this classic masterpiece. This series fully interprets Bulgari’s unique craftsmanship. It surrounds the core spring with a neat curved strap without any welding. It is combined with gold or stainless steel and is a flexible bracelet like a ribbon; each The bracelet needs at least five meters of metal ribbon to maintain its flexibility and elasticity while showing an unrivalled shine with polished mirrors. After its official listing in 1932, the Tubogas bracelet has become an important fashion accessory, and its influence has not fallen. In 1962, a scene from the filming of Cleopatra showed that Elizabeth Taylor wore a Serpenti gold watch with diamonds on its snake head and snake tail. In 1975, an advertising project focused on colorful and enamel bracelets; Diana Vreeland, the most influential editor of Vogue Magazine in the United States, focused the spotlight on Bulgari’s work, and even matched it with a necklace chain. Snake is a popular pattern in the jewellery world … no one will get tired of it, ‘the authoritative person with a well-respected taste wrote.

SERPENTI TUBOGAS watch (rose gold) stainless steel and 18K rose gold case, grey dial with single or double ring bracelet in stainless steel and 18K rose gold; water resistance to 30 meters, Calibre Calibre Calibre B033, 102680 double-circle models; 102681 single-circle models.
   In 2017, Serpenti Tubogas added more new changes. The first is material. The reinterpreted snake-shaped chain strap offers two options, stainless steel, or stainless steel and 18K gold, with new style design. The double-circle stainless steel version is equipped with a new burgundy dial; the stainless steel and 18K gold versions are distinguished by elegant dark blue gray dials, both single and double laps. The biggest surprise was the new design of the five-lap Serpenti Tubogas.
   Bulgari’s five-circle design around the wrist exudes extreme sensuality, impressive modern craftsmanship, and outstanding creative jewellery creations, which have become a unique contemporary fashion statement. The five-circle stainless steel model is dazzled by the outstanding black dial, which undoubtedly establishes Serpenti Tubogas’s position as a leading fashion watch.