Omega Announces Reproduction Of Classic 321 Movement

If watch fans choose to ‘resurrect’ a famous movement, then the Omega 321 movement must be one of them. This precise and elegant chronograph movement has been highly sought after since the 1940s and is still the target of many watch collectors around the world. Today, Omega announced the reproduction of the classic 321 movement, and the iconic movement was successfully ‘resurrected’ more than 50 years later.

2019 new Omega 321 movement

Original 321 movement is famous for its exquisite design. In 1957, the first Omega Speedmaster watch was equipped with movement 321. In fact, this movement was used in several Omega Seamaster watches in the early days. The 321 movement uses an integrated column wheel, which has very strict requirements for the fineness of the movement structure and the watchmaking process. Therefore, this classic design also greatly enhances the technical value of the movement, making it a favorite of watch collectors.

In addition to the exquisite movement structure, the original 321 movement also carries significant historical significance. The Omega Speedmaster ST105.003 watch is equipped with this movement and has passed the rigorous tests of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Watch ‘, and accompanied astronaut Edward White on the first US’ space walk ‘mission. The Omega’s first watch on the moon, the Speedmaster ST105.012, is also equipped with this classic movement.

Original Omega 321 movement

精准 To accurately reproduce this prestigious classic movement, Omega has established a team of experts consisting of researchers, developers, historians and skilled watchmakers. The entire project took more than two years and was kept strictly confidential. The team even named the project ‘Alaska11’, which was the code name used by Omega in the 1960s and 1970s in cooperation with NASA.

米 Omega is based on the second-generation 321 movement, and has done a lot of research on its historical data and original design to restore the movement structure as accurately as possible. In addition, Omega has also used tomography imaging technology to study the Speedmaster ST105.003 watch worn by Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene ‘Gene’ Cernan in 1972. Eugene Cernan is the last human to land on the moon, and his Speedmaster is housed in the Omega Museum in Bienne. The 321 movement in this watch provides an important technical reference for the engraving. Therefore, the new 321 movement can accurately restore the unique and iconic design of the original movement to pay tribute to the history of the Omega Speedmaster.

Omega Global President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann said: ‘We are pleased to see that the 321 movement is loved by many watch fans. In 1968, Omega produced the last batch of 321 movements, but about this The discussion of the movement has never stopped, enough to prove how special it is. Therefore, Omega has put a lot of effort into reproducing this movement. We can also satisfy the wishes of watch fans, we are also very excited. ‘

The new 321 movement will begin production at the Omega headquarters in Bill. The difference is that the entire production process of this movement will be carried out in the 321 movement workshop specially designed by Omega. The assembly of each movement, as well as the assembly of watch cases and strap accessories, will be made by the same watchmaker. In the coming months, Omega will continue to share the latest progress and information about this movement with watch fans.

Omega London Exclusive Club Shine Opening (July 30 Official Website News)

On July 28th, local time, the exclusive timepiece designated by the 2012 London Olympics and the famous Swiss watch brand Omega, located in the Soho District center of London, was officially opened to members and invited guests. International film superstar, Omega celebrity ambassador Nicole Kidman, her husband Keith Urban, and a number of sports and entertainment celebrities attended the opening party.

   Celebrities attending the event also include Kit Harrington, who has become famous for the popular drama ‘Game of Thrones’ recently, for appearing in the movie ‘A Week with Me and Monroe’ and many at the West End Theatre Eddie Redmayne, a highly regarded successful drama, and British supermodel and actor Jodie Kidd.

   The party was performed by Jarvis Cocker, the soul of the famous British rock band Pulp, as his DJ, and his selection of music made the atmosphere extraordinarily lively.

   Before the closing of the Olympic Games on August 12, a series of colorful themed events will be held in the exclusive club of Omega London. The clubhouse is located in the heart of Soho with a strong historical charm. The Georgian architecture is elegant and luxurious, and beautiful. In London, the host city of the 2012 Olympic Games, the Omega Exclusive Club will open up a luxurious and quiet place, so that guests can stay away from the noisy streets and competition venues, and feel at home.

Omega Series Theme Hall

   The design of the Omega Exclusive Club in London aims to truly reflect the taste life advocated by Omega through multiple angles, while presenting the brand’s important watch series. For example, the Ladymatic Room named after the Omega watch series designed specifically for women, its subtle decoration is based on elegant classic style. The Hour Vision Room is a tribute to the Omega Flying Dust watch series, and the interior is reminiscent of luxurious high-end clubs-this has been part of London’s elite social life for decades. The Speedmaster Hall, named after the first watch to go to the moon, is designed with space in mind, highlighting Omega’s deep relationship with NASA for nearly half a century. The Secret Garden is equipped with a giant screen TV for the enthusiastic Olympic fans. After the day of work, guests can relax on the comfortable outdoor seats while watching the wonderful performance of their favorite team, listening to it Cheers and cheers.

Omega London Exclusive Club

   Omega, the 25th Olympic Games designated timekeeper, understands the importance of creating a luxurious leisure environment away from the Olympic venues. Here, guests can personally understand and appreciate the glorious history and core values ​​of the brand. Okawa, Omega Global President, said: ‘On this opening night, we are very pleased to see our guests’ enthusiasm and love for the Omega London exclusive club. Every Omega person is looking forward to this night, and it is so wonderful Far beyond our expectations. ‘

   Omega has undergone a series of restorations and refurbishments based on the original building of the House of Santa Barnabas, and these alterations will be permanently retained as part of the building and its exterior landscape. These include the decoration, flower gardens and furnishings that Omega has placed in the garden. Inside the building, new floors are laid and the walls are repainted in traditional British colours. The redesigned bar counter perfectly blends with the style of the building itself and will continue to be used after the Olympics. Other improvements include the redesign of all non-historic rooms, the construction of new washrooms throughout the building, the posting of new wallpaper, and the repainting of railings, exterior walls and front doors. ‘We are very honored to have this opportunity to restore and refurbish such an important historic building in one of London’s most historic areas. It can be a great home for St. Barnabas.’ We are very proud to provide support for our work, and help them repair and rebuild this building to make this landmark more attractive. This can be said to serve two purposes .

Ambassador Chopard Wins The 2015 Endurance Championship

On Saturday, November 21, 2015, Porsche drivers Roman Dumas, Neil Jani and Mark Lieppo won the first victory of the season in a 919 Hybrid and took part in the six-hour race in Bahrain. Tim Bernhard, Brandon Hartley and Mark Webber only need a fifth place to take the annual driver’s world championship into their arms.
   In the end, three Porsche drivers won the championship with 166 points, leading the Audi # 1 car group (161 points) and the Porsche LMP1 car group (138.5 points). This season, the Porsche team has further expanded their lead over Audi and Toyota on the endurance track.
Mark Webb, Brandon Hartley, and Tim Bernhard on the podium
   German car manufacturer Porsche and official timing partner won the manufacturer’s annual championship in advance in Shanghai, and the driver’s annual championship in Bahrain. The two championships set a new history for the two manufacturers.
Chopard Superfast Chrono Porsche 919

   At the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship, Chopard and Porsche will work together for the third consecutive year.

Romantic And Affectionate, Gentle And Bright, Oris Selected Artist Watches, Affectionate Valentine’s Day

The melting snow in the New Year has ushered in a romantic Valentine’s Day, and the warmer air is melting between the intimate whispers of lovers. Love is a bit of joy and sweetness of life, and it is also a quiet stream of years. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Swiss independent watchmaking brand Oris selects the watch series of the artist to present gifts to the lovers of the world who work hand in hand in the journey of time.

Romantic burgundy-Oris Artist 112 Self-Movement Watch and Artist Diamond Calendar Women’s Watch

Oris has regained its brand tradition over the past three years and launched the excellent Oris Artist 112 self-calibre watch from the beginning of 2016. There are two choices of leather strap and stainless steel strap in the 112 series. The burgundy belt model reveals intoxicating love and echoes the elegant dial design, which outlines a romantic and elegant gentleman image. The hours and minutes of the second time zone are independently displayed on the small dial of the watch at 12 o’clock, and two windows above and below are used to distinguish day and night in the second time zone. During the day, the upper sun window is white and the lower moon window is dark; at night, the opposite is true. The change of day and night is manifested between the square inches of the dial, and the romantic love is in the timepiece on the wrist.

One of Oris’s most popular collections, the Oris Artist Watch was born in 2003. In 2016, while adhering to Oris’s exquisite aesthetics, this brand new artist diamond calendar ladies watch presented a new design, and the details of the craftsmanship are even more exquisite. Between the 28mm exquisite dials, the slim design and stretched streamlines follow the simple style, while the silver-gray or smoke-gray dials are decorated with delicate guilloche patterns, which is quite Art Deco retro art style; the bezel The 52 beautiful diamonds echo the 11 diamonds set on the scale, intertwining with the bright and gentle romantic encounter.

Reproduction of classics-Oris Artist Observatory Watch and Artist Diamond Calendar Watch

As a classic model of Oris, the Oris Artist series launched a new Oris Artist Observatory in 2016, reshaping the brand’s iconic classic models with contemporary design concepts to pay tribute to the enduring value of Swiss watchmaking. The new model has a diameter of 40mm and the case is made of stainless steel. The slim and streamlined shape shows a classic fashion style. The traditional guilloche decoration makes the simple and exquisite modern sense. Art Deco art deco style Between the square inches, the silver-white plate with rose-gold hands and retro-style scales seems to be a breeze, like a couple whisper blowing romantic ripples.

    The 28mm Oris Artist Diamond Calendar Watch also exudes a charming and classic temperament. The 11 diamonds on the scale reflect the silver dial, reflecting the gentle and elegant mature charm. Valentine’s Day is a romantic snuggle and a long-lasting confession. Oris Artist Series watches will innovate and design the traditional craftsmanship. With the long-term value of Swiss watchmaking, they will express their affection to the lovers of the world. Warmth Shaoguang stayed in the wrist forever.

Lange Guomao Store Was Unveiled Grandly, New Place To Buy Watches In Beijing

On May 17, Lange (A. Lange & Söhne) unveiled a brand image store in Beijing at the China World Shopping Mall. Lange Global President Wilhelm Schmid also came to the store to participate in the ribbon-cutting event. After re-planning and brand entry, the watch and clock district of Beijing International Trade Center has become a new place for Beijing to buy watches. Lange’s new store design in China World Mall is the design element that is closest to the German headquarters. What are the highlights of the new store? We then look down.

Lange Beijing International Trade Flagship Store

 A. Lange & Söhne is no stranger to many people. As a model of German watchmaking, Lange has always given people a guarantee of reliable quality. Lange Beijing International Trade Store adopts a brand-new store design. As an image store in Beijing, it is more detailed in the decoration and details of the store. The elements of Lange blue and Lange grey are implemented in the design of the entire store.

Lange Beijing International Trade Flagship Store

 In addition to displaying Lange watches, the store also has a dedicated area for customers to better understand the details of Lange watches and Lange timepieces. Important ornaments in Lange’s history, such as the Berlin Wall fragments.

Lange’s new products this year are displayed in the store

Includes the new Lange 1 (first from right)

    Lange1 has always been a trademark of the brand. On this 25th anniversary, Lange presents the Lange 125th Anniversary Platinum Edition. The silver-white dial is printed with dark blue numerals and hour markers, and is decorated with blue date numerals.


The staff are introducing us to the features of the new Lange product

Lange Beijing International Trade Mall Store Window

Mr. Wilhelm Schmid, President of Lange Global, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of Beijing Guomao Store

Opening ceremony of Lange Beijing International Trade Mall
    This year marks the 25th anniversary of Lange’s return to the international stage of precision watchmaking in 1994. In line with the anniversary of this historical moment, the brand presents a series of different watches in 2019 to pay tribute to this important milestone. Each piece of work incorporates iconic elements. It is also on this special day that the Lange store of Beijing International Trade Center opened grandly. Friends who are interested in fine watchmaking and Lange may wish to experience the mechanical charm from Germany at Lange Guomao Mall.
   Store location: Lange Beijing International Trade Mall store (Shop SL2034, South International Trade Mall, No. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

Hi-tech Art On Your Wrist: Swatch 51 (Sistem51) Five New Brand New!

SWATCH 51 (SISTEM51) series is an innovative mechanical watch that subverts the traditional watch field. Today’s most unique mechanical watch, designed for connoisseurs who love traditional watchmaking. However, the Planet 51 series is a mechanical watch for all the general public. It is not made by hand, but is produced under a fully automatic mechanized production line.
   This invention by SWATCH not only created a marvel of watchmaking technology, but also provided a new ‘canvas’ for creative artists and designers: each surface is a perfect interpretation of color, shape and structure stage. With the ring-shaped automatic disc-driven automatic refining system, every design on the surface is instantly energized, becoming a fascinating dynamic art work. Made in Switzerland 100%, Planet 51 is an art-like technological innovation.
   SISTEM GREEN Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: Sunburst dark green chassis, engraved with orange and red patterns / Case: Translucent dark green plastic / Bezel: Pure dark green plastic, orange pattern / Bracelet: Pure dark green silicone , Orange stitching and translucent dark green plastic buckle ring
SISTEM GREEN case back
   Five new debuts of this series debut: SISTEM PINK (SUTR401) showcases a space blue dial with a colorful and cosmic atomic design and a blue bezel, a translucent pink case and a pink silicone strap; SISTEM GREEN (SUTG400) The sunburst tattooed green dial, dark green bezel and translucent dark green case draw a contrasting orange hue, highlighting the dazzling orange and dark green sunrise design on the back; SISTEM CHIC (SUTB402) is based on the classic black bezel , Case and strap highlight the classic black and white dial visual design, and the back uses the outstanding pop art visual art design to tell the fascinating story; SISTEM CLASS (SUTS402) shows time in elegant black and white Charm, black bezel intersects with translucent blue case and black silicone strap; SISTEM CREAM (SUTM400) with black and white dial and bezel, beige case and white dot pattern on the back, beige rubber touch leather The strap makes it attractive.
   SISTEM CLASS Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: Black chassis with white and red markings. Case: Translucent blue plastic / bezel: Pure black plastic with white and gray patterns. Strap: Pure black silicone with blue stitching. , Translucent blue plastic buckle and blue silicone buckle ring
   SISTEM CREAM Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: Black chassis with white and red markings / Case: Beige plastic / Bezel: Black plastic, white pattern / Bracelet: Beige rubber touch leather strap and buckle, Beige plastic Buckle ring
   SISTEM CHIC Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: White chassis with black and red markings / Case: Pure black plastic / Bezel: Pure black plastic / Bracelet: Black silicone, black stitching, black plastic buckle and black silicone watch Buckle
   SISTEM PINK Model: SISTEM51 / Dial: Blue and pink chassis, engraved with yellow and white patterns / Case: Translucent pink plastic / Bezel: Blue plastic, white pattern / Bracelet: Pink silicone, pure blue Plastic buckle and pure blue silicone buckle ring
SISTEM PINK case back

   Since it is not a quartz watch, the Planet 51 series does not require batteries to provide kinetic energy-the source of its kinetic energy is the wearer of the watch itself. Each movement of the wrist will drive the ring-shaped automatic dial to automatically refine the watch and store kinetic energy, so Planet 51 is equipped with an automatic winding system and a ring-shaped automatic disk mechanical movement. Even if it is left for a period of time, it can keep operating for 90 hours amazingly.

Richard Miller Launches New Chain Watch

Received a large number of suggestions from customers, RichardMille explained the brand’s first gold bracelet for two women’s watches last year: RM07-01 and RM037. For the fans of RichardMille in the original Some leather, silk satin, rubber and crocodile leather straps offer a new option.

In 2015, Richard Mille made persistent efforts to continue this gorgeous design concept. A new chain watch was launched, with a more delicate and delicate all-gold link in appearance.

Like all other handmade and delicately decorated parts, each link is carefully sandblasted, satin-finished and polished. The design of the watch is ergonomic and comfortable to wear, which has always been the focus and insistence of the brand. After countless ideas, rigorous development and various complex and rigorous tests, the brand finally created a bracelet that can be completely integrated with the case. Not only is it stylish and lightweight, but it also brings unparalleled comfort. It is a perfect fusion of design aesthetics and ergonomics.

At present, this bracelet is limited to the RM07-01 and RM037 models, which once again underscores the brand’s diverse and unique watchmaking concept for watches and accessories, and always insists on creating the most extraordinary and outstanding watches for guests.

Ebel Ebel Appoints Its North American President-news Ebel

Alan Chinich has been appointed President of Ebel Ebel North America. Alan will be responsible for all sales and marketing activities for Ebel in the United States, the Caribbean and Canada. Allen is a practical entrepreneur with 20 years of luxury brand management experience in the high-end eyewear business. Throughout his long career in this industry, Alan has extensive experience in sales, marketing and distribution and has worked for high-end brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Montblanc, and Kenneth Cole.

Alan Chinich
In early 2005, Alan joined the Movado Group as Managing Director of Tommy Hilfiger Watches. Since joining the company, he has more than doubled his business and gained strong international experience in managing all aspects of this global watch brand.
Source: Movado Group Inc.

Elegant And Beautiful, Ladies’ Moon Phase Watches From The Clésmer Collection

The annual Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair has entered its second day. The reporting team in front of the Watch House brought us the latest, fastest and most comprehensive watch fair report from distant Geneva. The following are the real pictures of Baume & Mercier’s new Chrysmer Moon Phase Watch, please follow the editor to enjoy it.

Watch diameter 36.5 mm
   This new stainless steel watch is novel and exquisite, with a diameter of 36.5 mm. Its simple lines perfectly show the unique elegance of women. At 12 o’clock, there is a large moon phase display window, and the blue mother-of-pearl dial constitutes a starry deep night sky. The watch is full of intriguing femininity. It is equipped with a Swiss-made quartz movement. The dial is set with 8 diamond engravings, which sparkles the charming starry sky. The watch is paired with a bright blue alligator leather strap, which perfectly witnesses the wearer’s achievement and joy.

Case made of stainless steel

Watches are new and delicate, with simple lines

With bright blue alligator strap

The simple lines of the watch show the elegance of women

Mother-of-pearl dial highlights luxury

Moon phases at 12 o’clock on the dial are elegant and refined

Inside the watch is a quartz movement

Summary: The 2015 SIHH presented us with a unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Personal Choice Three Alternative Women’s Watches Recommended

Women’s watches are getting more and more attention in the field of watches, and major brands are making great efforts on women’s watches. And a personalized and stylish watch is of particular concern in this era. Many women have not pursued beauty and elegance, but have pursued hearty, handsome and vigorous personality models. Today’s Watch House recommends three watches that are suitable for individual women, so that you can experience their ultimate charm in more detail.
Omega Speedmaster ‘Bright Moonlight’ Watch

Model: 311.
Movement type: automatic winding
Case material: white ceramic
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 44.25 mm
Watch price: 95,800 RMB
Watch details:
Case material: 18k yellow gold / stainless steel with diamonds
Strap material: 18k yellow gold / stainless steel
Case diameter: 31 mm
Watch details:
Case material: 18k red gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Price: RMB 127,000
Details of the model: the silver-plated dial, with the right layout, makes it clear when reading. The slim Roman numerals and stick-shaped hour markers, as well as the willow hands are made of red gold, and the blue steel seconds hand adds a different beautiful color to this watch. Equipped with a universal 35111 automatic winding movement, providing a 42-hour power reserve.
Summary: With the trend of women’s pursuit of individual fashion, women’s watches are also slowly rising. I believe that in the next few years, watches of various brands will still work hard in women’s watches. Compared with traditional elegant women’s watches, women’s watches pursuing ‘personality’ will receive more and more attention from women.