Precise Moments Come First, Tasting The Special Tissot 2014 World Cup Special Watch

If you recently saw someone online talking openly about ‘WC’, maybe they are not talking about toilets, but they are probably referring to ‘WorldCup’. Yes, this summer is destined to be occupied by the ubiquitous World Cup. Once upon a time, the World Cup was just a topic for men to talk about. Marginal pseudo-fans who only recognize a few football babies like me can pretend to know the ball in front of girls, but nowadays, with the emergence of female men, More and more soft girls are beginning to realize that it is a pleasure to watch a group of handsome guys sweaty in the green field. If you do n’t smoke or drink like me, then the girls will look at you with disdain. what? You say you like basketball? Stop struggling, this is not a season to discuss basketball, let alone with girls. At this time, in addition to listening quietly while maintaining an elegant smile, you can also choose to cleverly guide the topic on the watch through the following watches.

Tissot, a well-known Swiss watch brand born in 1853, has been manufacturing professional timers for sports events since 1883. For more than 100 years, Tissot has successfully provided accurate timing services for many of the world’s top sports events. On this occasion, Tissot specially launched the ‘Special Edition of the 2014 Series of the World Cup in 2014’. Its design inspiration is inspired by the theme colors of the national teams of the World Cup.

King of Samba-Brazil
Speaking of this World Cup, how can we not mention the host Brazil? Brazil’s football and samba dance have occupied a brilliant page in junior high school geography textbooks. As a veritable strong football team, the Samba Legion has contributed superstars such as Bailey and Ronaldo to the world football. As Brazil is a melting pot of nations, hot models and handsome guys abound. The hottest nature of this year’s World Cup is Neymar, which is called ‘Brazil He Rundong’ by the girls.

This watch representing the Brazilian national team is particularly eye-catching in this series. The special Brazilian team of the Tissot Porsche World Cup 2014 World Cup boldly uses the highly saturated yellow-green tone, and the yellow silicone strap wraps Brazil’s passion. The green aluminum bezel is full of vitality, and the dial is embellished with yellow and green colors. Three chronograph discs stand on top of each other, reaching a visual balance with the proportion of gold, showing the passion and dream of this football empire.

German tanks-Germany
The German team is one of the oldest and most brilliant teams in Europe. With a solid football foundation, advanced technical play, strict tactical discipline, and German-born steel will, the German team has achieved outstanding results in Europe and the world. The German team opened and closed without losing the fine style of play, destroying the dilapidated offensive style. Of course, the handsome appearance of the players also attracted a large number of fans around the world, and gained the reputation of ‘German chariot’.

If you like this watch with red and black as the main color and white as the embellishment, then you are probably a fan of the German team! Tissot’s special series of the 2014 World Cup Germany team uses a stylish retro black and red tone. The black silicone strap symbolizes the rigorous and reliable style of the German team. The red aluminum bezel brings a strong visual impact. It is embellished with eye-catching and neat red and white. The color of this watch is simple and clear, exuding the strong will of the German team.

Blue Team-Italy
Deep pure blue is always for Italy. Italy is also one of the world football kingdoms. It has won four World Cup championships. The traditional jersey of the Italian national team is blue shirts, white pants and blue socks. Therefore, it has the nickname of the Blue Team in China. The Italian team of the Blue Team never lacks female fans. Under the influence of the culture full of art and culture in Italy, each Italian player has both strength and charm. The blue shirt is fluttering and handsome, and countless young girls are excited.

This watch representing the Italian national team brought a refreshing sea breeze to this hot World Cup. The special model of the Tissot 2014 World Cup Italian Team adopted a Mediterranean-style blue and white tone. The blue silicone strap is like The blue sea, the blue aluminum bezel with white dial and scales are like the soft white sandy beaches on the coast. The pins on the strap and the red on the dial add a little enthusiasm to this watch. This watch shows the romantic feelings of the Italian team in simple and bright natural colors.

Matador Legion-Spain
In addition to Italy, the most handsome guys are also Spain. Hey … Of course, if anyone asks, you have to say that you like the offensive style of Spanish football. As the defending champion, Spain is also the most attractive team in this World Cup. In addition to the host Brazil, players from Real Madrid and Barcelona account for half of the Matador Corps. However, in the early morning of June 19, Beijing time At 3 o’clock in the Group B match against Chile, the defending champion was eliminated 2-0 ahead of schedule, and Chile was out ahead of schedule. I look forward to reviving the matador legion in 4 years!

Bullfighting is the national essence of Spain. It is popular all over the country and is well-known in the world. This watch representing the Spanish national team also has a sharp breath like a sharp sword. The special model of the Spanish team of the 2014 World Cup in Tissot uses the classic wild black and white Grey tones, white silicone straps are reminiscent of Madrid’s sunny weather, silver-gray aluminum bezels with matte black dials are low-key yet elegant. This watch combines European low-key elegance and exudes a sharp sense of technology, just like the Spanish team’s offensive style with gorgeous technology.

Timing experts experience speed and energy
As early as 1976, Tissot launched its first game timer specially designed for football referees. Through colorful pointers and scales, it clearly and accurately timed the first and second half of a football match, helping referees to be more accurate. Control the game time. In order to improve the on-site experience of football lovers, Tissot has developed a special movement that enables it to have both the function of half time and overtime of football matches. Today, the Tissot series of watches equipped with this special movement not only satisfies the fans’ immersive viewing pleasure, but also brings an exciting timekeeping experience.

The special Tissot 2014 World Cup watch is 42 mm in diameter and the mirror is made of sapphire crystal. The colorful fixed bezel is printed with a scale of 0 ~ 60, so that you can always grasp the time clearly.

The crown of the gear-shaped crown is printed with a ‘T’ logo symbolizing its brand identity. The top and bottom of the crown are the start / pause button of the timer and the reset button of the timer.

The silicone strap is bright and bright, waterproof and sweat-proof, and has no irritation to the skin.

The thickness of the watch is about 10.72 millimeters, and the weight is about 77 grams. The polished steel case is naturally beautiful.

The buckle uses a simple steel needle port for easy wearing.

The small seconds dial is set at the 6 o’clock position of the dial. The 10 o’clock position of the dial can independently record 60 minutes of travel time, and the small window at 4 o’clock position can display the date.

The special function of the 2 o’clock chronograph disc makes it stand out from ordinary chronographs-the white sectors labeled 1, 2 each represent 45 minutes in the first and second half of a football match. Colors 1, 2 are the same as the strap color Sectors are used to record the first and second half of overtime, and you can also become a timing expert in the event.

This watch uses a precise quartz movement, water-resistant to 100 meters, and the back cover is more beautifully carved with a football, highlighting the special significance of this watch.

Getting started

Summary: As a low-key pseudo-fan, if everyone finds the right time to show this watch when talking about the World Cup, presumably someone else will look at you and the next topic you can naturally lead football to On the watch, in this way, no one will treat you as a pseudo fan, at least a professional pseudo fan, the watch house can only help you to this. Of course, football is the number one sport in the world. When you decide to watch it, you may also turn from a fake fan into a genuine fan. Tissot’s 2014 World Cup Special Edition watches are limited to 270 each. At present, the domestic public price is only 3,050 yuan. Whether you are a real fan or a fake fan, you can choose to bring it into this World Cup carnival! (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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