Rado Light Ceramic Intimate Your Favorite

At the beginning of summer every year, it will become more warm with the coming of this festival. This festival belongs to every father. They may not smile, but silently prop up a sky for the family with broad shoulders. Father’s love is deep and low-key. Only the precipitation of time can explain this deep and silent feeling. On the occasion of Father’s Day, RADO presented the HyperChrome UTC two time watches in a special way, so that gratitude lingered on the wrist, always remember those tender years, feeling like father’s love.
 The HyperChrome UTC two-time timepiece created by RADO Swiss Rado watch uses a high-tech ceramic single structure case, which is comfortable and light to wear, and has the characteristics of not being easy to wear. With its simple and elegant design and convenient functions Won numerous praises. What’s more worth mentioning is that this watch’s convenient dual time function makes it an essential choice for dads who often travel between the two places for work.

Elegant and calm, low-key and simple
 The HyperChrome series of UTC dual time watches is a bold attempt on the complex functions of the Rado Swiss radar. In addition to the three-pin calendar display, the dial is also equipped with a striking red second time zone hand. This watch is low-key and simple in design, showing elegance and calmness. The plasma high-tech ceramic case has a metallic luster and a dark brown leather strap, making this watch a perfect fusion of modern and retro. The entire watch is resolute without losing its temperament, but it is simple but steady, just like his father is serious but warm, ordinary but humorous, every bit is touching.

 RADOHyperChrome series of UTC uses ion high-tech ceramics in both places, handsome appearance and practical comfort.

 Whether it is home life, business banquets, or traveling abroad, the HyperChrome UTC two time watches can perfectly meet the needs of dads, making dads calm and walk with love.